Why You Have No Followers On Instagram

I am active in blogging groups on Facebook. I see bloggers ask about buying an ad on Instagram because their engagement is going down.

Spending money to fix your Instagram account will not help. Ads will not help you.

Ads may work for the accounts with thousands of followers. Unless the ad is for tutorials or contests, forget about it. If you want followers, click bait will not help. Once the contest is over many unfollow.

You want followers who engage with your account. You can stand on the street corner and wave at every car hoping to meet new people. People may wave back but that’s about it.

I am the Queen of analogies. Do you understand what I’m saying? You can stand and wave but you won't get very far because you are standing in one place.

Chances are you are making huge mistakes with Instagram. Stop joining engagement pods most are a waste of your time. Most pod members are not even following you. So are pods helping your account if a non-follower keeps liking your pictures?

Engagement Pods are a massive waste of time. Not to mention you will get a lot of lame comments. Pod leaders make rules, but in large pods, rules are hard to enforce. A random non-follower posting great shot will not help you grow. You may get five or twenty comments, but a few comments will cost you the time you take to post five or twenty comments.

If you have the like it all extension large and strict monitored like only pods may work for more likes. Remember not everyone reciprocates. Also consider brands will scrutinize who liked your posts. More seasoned social media managers from brands can tell if you use a pod. Some will hold pods against you.

Click bait, excessive selfies, and sexy photos are a colossal waste of time. Paid likes and comments. Or posting in blog groups for likes and comments for pictures like this is common. Someone I am acquainted with published a picture of her butt in tight pants hoping to get more attention. She is doing everything wrong trying to get attention for her website. She is not a fitness blogger so her behind is irrelevant to her niche. You can tell she bought comments because someone comments that her shoes are great. In the photo I mentioned her shoes are not visible.

Those pictures get views but you will not get quality comments. This is also not the best way to get women to follow your blog. You're attracting perverts not quality followers.

If you are a female blogger in your 20s to 40s remember who you are trying to attract. Consider the impression that makes on brands. Most do not desire shots of someone’s butt or someone with their tongue sticking out? If you post a ton of pictures of yourself that can be an issue. If you are a fashion blogger and you’re taking pictures of your clothing most people get that. A beauty, influencer posting selfie of new makeup looks that's appropriate too.

Daily selfies are not always well received. Kids are cute but unless you're a mom blogger with moms following you, no one wants dozens of posts about your kids. Whining about your personal life or ranting is terrible too. That will get you unfollowed. Your followers are not your friends. Remember this is a professional account for you. Run your Instagram like you would run a business. If a photo could get your fired or upset your mother do not post it.

I want to see good pictures. Show me things I want to buy. Places I want to go. Things that make me smile. Instagram is all about the pictures. If your images are poor quality or you post at random and post whatever you want, you're hurting yourself. Successful Instagram accounts are consistent.

If you want to improve the quality of your pictures purchase a lens for your phone. They’re cheap on Amazon you can get more wide-angle shots, and you can get better clear shots that way. Research how take better pictures with your phone.

You can work hard to get more followers but if you're posting inconsistent or poor content, it won't help.

Get an app to help you unfollow users who are not following you back. Confirm someone is not a follower on Instagram. Some Instagram tracking apps are not that accurate. Only follow accounts you care about or like. Don’t follow people because you think they will follow you. The more people you follow, the less likely you will engage with the people who follow you.

My method may be unusual to you, but if you want positive engagement and growth, work for it. My approach can be confusing. The gist is if you give you shall receive.

For example, I am a Disney Instagrammer. My goal is to check out my competition. I check out accounts that have over 5,000 followers and high engagement. I scroll through their pictures. I observe who is commenting on photos and liking pictures. Those are the profiles to look at.

Now if this person has Disney pictures and posts content, I enjoy I follow them. If they are posting pictures, I find offensive/in poor taste I leave. If the posts are political; we have nothing in common I hit the back button right away. I follow the accounts I like and engage with them right away if possible.

Remember this is a real person not a number. Treat the people you follow like a new friend. You cannot make friends if you cannot say hello and engage with them.

That’s all you do. If a user doesn't follow you back, give it time. The follow unfollow thing is for amateurs and climbers. The more you engage with people, the more likely you are to show up on their radar. People are more likely to follow you if you follow them.

Some feel it is tacky to follow a lot of accounts. Successful Instagram accounts do not buy followers and are following tons of people. Unless you are already famous, you will follow many people in the beginning. Accounts that have over ten thousand followers and is following 200 bought followers. Or followed and unfollowed. With millions of pictures posted many accounts use a gimmick.

People get upset if you stop following them. Do not unfollow accounts you are following because you gain more followers. I suggest you keep a separate personal account to keep up with friends.

People place too much value on comments. Many popular Instagram accounts the comments are full of drama. Or people are tagging friends. This is not genuine engagement with the blogger or their Instagram account itself. Comment's are not everything.

Also, stop taking part in follow loops those are for people like you who care about numbers. Your followers may see a follow loop as a sign of desperation plus they are annoying.

The same goes for contests. Re-posting contests or tagging random followers for entries is annoying. Keep that on Facebook where contests seem to bother fewer people.

Instagram is where you may make the most money for sponsored posts as a social media influencer. Twitters 280 character policy is restrictive. Instagram has become the place to promote any and everything.

Bloggers and Influencers live and die by social media. If we don’t receive traffic from social media, we will not get to succeed. If I want people to find me, I won't hope people will find me if I write quality content.

Keep everything rated PG-13 at the most anytime you post on social media. Your account must be drama free. If you do not you risk offending your followers. If your numbers are decreasing it is a sign, you did something wrong. Go over your posts and archive the ones with low engagement.

If you want Instagram to be your showcase for sponsorships, imagine the big picture.

I’m a Disney Fan account, and I do not let my niche limit me. I did a sponsored post from Evian via Brand Backer which means I got the facial spray for free for a picture. I made a pitch that would integrate the product with my account.

I took the Evian Facial Mist to Disneyland and shot the product in several spots. When I posted, I talked about how I used the facial mist when it's hot. I also added it kept my makeup looking fresh. I can't do that on Twitter with 140 characters, and I don't want to lose my followers by making bad choices.

I do not have a beauty account but I made the post fit and did not confuse my followers or make it seem like spam. The post also helped me gain new followers that may not have noticed me otherwise. I imagine the people who followed me because of that post like makeup and Disney. That person may like Disney but follow beauty accounts.

If you lost followers but did a sponsored post that may be why. A lifestyle blogger that never posts food posts cans of beans may lose followers. Many brands ask you to do an Instagram post. Some people hate ads.

A picture of canned beans may scare people off. But a bowl of chili with cans of beans in the picture may work. A caption like I make a mean bowl of chili with the Hashtag #ad and #sponsored is more personal and ethical.

Sponsored posts can hurt your brand if you do not know how to market them to your established audience.

Most followers and readers don't realize how much time and money we put into our blogs and accounts. When an offer that may pay or give you a freebie you want or need comes along, it may be hard to say no. So make sure if you decide to collab make sure you have control over what you post and make the post fit.

A friend of mine who works hard on her blog agreed to do a post that did not fit because she needed money. The company she worked with allowed her to delete it after a few weeks. She worried she would lose followers, and she did. In the end she lost about thirty, and she won't get them back. She can't caption the post hey I'm starving, and I need $10.

One lousy post even a misspelling can damage your account. If you keep shelling out money for ads and they never work, there is a reason. Ads don't work. You are at fault if people are not interacting with your account. You cannot publish a social media post and expect magic.

Instagram has hundreds if not thousands of accounts like yours. You must work hard. Sure some generic tips like use the right hash tags help but you can't rely on hash tags alone.

Bloggers who blog about blogging and social media make money from your clicks. They sell courses and e-books. They may not be giving you bunk advice but they sure as heck will not tell you what you need to hear. Stop reading guides and engage if you want the engagement. Keep your posts drama free and never go too far outside the box.

Before you take someone's social media advice, I recommend you check their account. If they have fewer followers than you and are selling e-books be wary. Someone who gives free advice who has fewer followers than me I will read their post. That is someone sharing what has worked for them so far. Not someone who wants to make a quick buck. I think many books and courses are helpful but similar if not identical advice is available elsewhere for free. I hope this helped you. 

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