Why I love PEDS

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This post is a sponsored post written on the behalf of PEDS®. If you know me, you know that PEDS® are a big part of my lifestyle. If you follow me on social media I have posted pictures of my shoes before. You never see my socks because all I wear is PEDS®.

As a busy mom, I am always on my feet. My lifestyle is hectic. I am a work at home mom who runs. Because I am a Disney blogger, I am at Disneyland every week. During a typical Disney trip I walk 5-8 miles. I am on my feet a lot. Socks are as important as the shoes you wear. I can go from wearing running shoes from one minute to Flats the next. It is important that I have socks that can transition from one shoe to another.

My personal style matters a lot. I like fitted pants. Fitted athletic pants or skinny jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. I dislike it when my sock shows. Whether I am going to the gym, running, or just hanging out at Disneyland. When I wear skinny jeans, I want to make sure there are no socks showing. During fall I am wearing boots a lot, ankle or mid-calf. I also love flats for the days where I want to dress up. Running sneakers are something I will wear when I will do a lot of walking. No matter what I do not want my socks to show. I also want them to stay put.

That is why I love PEDS®. No matter what style PEDS®, either ultra low cut or Sport cut, they do not show. I can wear them to Disneyland and walk around all day. The last time I was at Disneyland I walked almost seven miles. I was wearing my PEDS® for comfort and style.


These are my favorite sneakers but I cannot wear them without liners.

I can wear them in any shoe I own. Boots to pumps. PEDS® are a great value. I can buy one type of sock and not have to have several types of socks. This makes sorting my laundry easy too.

 If you’re a mom, your laundry always comes last. There’s nothing worse than running out of socks. Then digging through the hamper trying to find socks that match. When you wear PEDS® with all your shoes, you won’t need to sort socks.


I have had some of my PEDS® socks for so long I do not even remember when I bought them. Yet, you do not notice I owned them for quite some time. They look the same as the day I bought them. They last a long time. The quality cannot be beat. 

Loving my peds for that fall and winter flannel with skinny jeans sockless look.

With the holidays around the corner PEDS® are a great stocking stuffer. They’re perfect for someone who is on their feet all day like a teacher. I got a pair of PEDS® liners with a ball of foot cushioning. This means you can wear with flats or heels and the extra padding makes your shoes more comfortable. 

I had flats I loved but could not stand to wear them because there was no support. PEDS® changed that. I can now wear my cute flats with added comfort. I also tried wearing my PEDS® with the ball of foot cushioning with some pumps. To dress up my fall sweaters and skinny jeans for date night. PEDS® liners with cushioning made my pumps much more bearable to wear. You could not even tell I was wearing them. 

I wore my ulta low cut PEDS® while shoe shopping for date night. They worked perfectly with every shoe.

PEDS® have become an integral part of my life. I wear them everywhere I go. No matter what I am doing. They provide extra comfort so I can keep being me. I cannot imagine being able to transition from one activity to the next without them. They make my life much easier. Since I am all about sharing what makes life easier, I cannot say it enough. PEDS® are amazing.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PEDS®. My opinions are my own. I have been a PEDS® fan and loyal customer since childhood. I wanted to share how much easier they make my busy life. If you want to try PEDS® they can be found at JCP.

Why I love Peds. Practically Perfect Meg.


Giving Assistant Review

Giving Assistant is an amazing website! What giving Assistant does is turns your shopping dollars into contributions to charity. All while earning cash back. With a few clicks you can install an add on that lets you know when you are shopping on and eligible website. They offer coupon codes to you. Giving Assistant then donates a portion of your savings. Giving Assistant is a certified B corporation.

I cannot think of an easier way to save money while giving back. Signing up is easy. You can sign up with your Facebook account it takes seconds. There are many non-profits that Giving Assistant donates to. I picked St Jude Children's hospital myself. There are many worthy non-profits to choose from it is hard to pick just one.

You can install the Giving Assistant add on to your browser. This makes saving and earning money easier. Once you set up your account and choose your charity, they will earn when you shop. Because I have the ad on installed on my browser, I can go from each website and shop with ease from the comfort of my home. Giving Assistant gives me coupon codes when I go to the website by the extension. 

Now it‘s fall most of us are refreshing our wardrobes. Since its sweater weather season I use Giving Assistant to shop for a new fall and winter wardrobe. During fall I like to refresh my wardrobe. I like to update clothing that needs to be replaced or has fallen out of style.

Certain articles of clothing will always be trendy during the fall. Especially sweaters. Anything that’s new in the store usually will be stylish and you can’t go wrong with it. Staples for the wardrobe such as spaghetti strap tank tops are affordable at Walmart. I purchase mine at Walmart often for under $2 a top. Basic tees which are also great for layering. Sweaters are easy to find at Walmart and Forever 21.

Both stores have discounted clothing so using the add on saves you more. I always stop at Forever 21 and Walmart first and I pick up all the necessities for wardrobe. I am pretty impressed with Walmarts sweaters this fall. The sweaters are gorgeous and all affordable. I found several trendy ones for $12 or less. 

I shop at ModCloth to pick pieces for my wardrobe that will last throughout the year. Such as skinny jeans. I buy a printed skirt I can use for work and going out. It’s all about the styling. Add a blazer for work. A dressy blouse or tank for date night. ModCloth has some amazing slacks and printed skirts. 

If you have a few basics like solid color tops and cardigans to pair them with you can mix and match your wardrobe. That’s why I love getting print skirt and a pair of slacks. Most of own jeans already. Once you have these pieces, you can mix and match for dozens of looks.

I also like to shop at all three stores for a pair of basic flats for a more casual look. Walmart has the least expensive flats. I also picked up a pair of fall boots this fall Walmart has some amazing on trend fall boots. 

Forever 21 is my favorite place to shop for accessories. I can find great statement pieces for under $10. Forever 21 is also my choice for handbags. The Forever 21 bags are underrated. 
ModCloth is my first stop for dressy items like a little black dress and a holiday dress. 

I plan on visiting all three sites again soon via Giving Assistant. My plan is to take advantage of sales and purchasing gifts for the holidays. Most of the people on my gift list are relatives who shop at Walmart, Forever 21, and ModCloth. 

Because Giving Assistant helps me shop for a cause and their coupons save money, I am a huge fan. Updating my fall wardrobe with Giving Assistant was easy. I will use them again for my Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. I recommend you check out Giving Assistant today. 

My Top Five San Diego Destinations

This post is sponsored by Redfin. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

Most who plan a vacation in California visit either Los Angeles or Disneyland. As much as I love Disneyland California has more to offer than theme parks. This why I encourage those who are planning Disney vacations to spend an extra day and visit San Diego. This helps prevent Disney burnout which can happen pretty easily after being in the parks for days.

Believe or not even in traffic it only takes about an hour and 45 minutes to get from Disneyland to San Diego. People don’t know San Diego is close to Disneyland. San Diego is the perfect place for a family to visit. There are free and inexpensive experiences in San Diego. So here are my five favorite things to do in San Diego.

The first is to visit San Diego Zoo that houses over 3700 animals and 650 species and subspecies. Zoo tickets can get pricey but be aware discounts are available. Southern California City Pass gets you admission to Disneyland with magic morning. It will also get you into Legoland and Sea World. They offer an add on for the San Diego Zoo as part of the package.

The San Diego Zoo could be an all day adventure. It can take 4-5 hours it depends on you. If you skip the Safari Park, you can visit the zoo in a few hours if you walk fast.

The second place I love to visit is the Whaley House. We visited during the day. Then returned for the night tour. We had so much fun. A night tour is unusual and makes it more memorable. If you do not do the night, I still recommend that you visit the Whaley House. 

Admission is $10 for an adult. Children five and under are free. The Whaley House is on the national register of historic places. What makes this house so interesting is the Whaley family built their home over a graveyard. The home’s history and uses were interesting. I think this is Southern California’s alternative to the Winchester Mystery House. I enjoyed visiting and will return to the Whaley House again. Every time you visit you discover something you missed the time before.

The third place I love to visit is Mission San Diego de Alcala. Steeped with history Father Junipero Serra dedicated Mission San Diego de Alcala in 1769. Mission San Diego de Alcala the first of the 21 Spanish missions in California. Within walking distance of Old Town the mission is a wonderful place to visit. Mission San Diego de Alcala is a beautiful and understated place.

The Maritime Museum in San Diego is something you will want to check out. Adults can visit all the ships for $18. Children 3 to 12 admission is $8. There are family packages. They have many ships such as the star of India the Californian. Besides the historic ships they have a B 39 Soviet submarine. How many times can you say you have been on a de-commissioned submarine?

old town san diego sign

The final place I visit is Old Town San Diego. Walk around and enjoy the gaslight quarter of town. There is so much to do in Old Town San Diego you could spend an entire day walking exploring. Old Town has amazing restaurants you can authentic Mexican food. I love to visit El Campo Santo Cemetery. There are shops that sell handmade jewelry. With all the artisans and food Old Town is charming and family friendly.

With San Diego being so close to Disneyland and Los Angeles, you can drive here and spend a sunny day outside. San Diego is full of history and has so much to offer. That is why I recommend spending at least one day here if you are ever in California.

With San Diego being so close to Disneyland and Los Angeles, you can drive here and spend a sunny day outside. San Diego is full of history and has so much to offer. That is why I recommend spending at least one day here if you are ever in California. If you enjoyed your time in San Diego, I’d even recommend considering moving to San Diego. Then look into some San Diego real estate for a deal on a house in the area.

For more details, check with the sponsor of this post here.

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