Exuviance Best-Sellers for Summer Skincare

This post is powered by BrandBacker. Exuviance sent me these wonderful products to review.

I partnered with BrandBacker to review three products of my choosing from Exuviance. Now I am in my late 30s my main concern right now halting the aging process. My expression lines bother me and I have been trying to get rid of them. I have a staunch nighttime routine. Using products containing AHA's and BHA's are important. I have not found a neck cream or an eye cream I like. So this opportunity was perfect for me.

I knew what three products I had to test. The toning neck cream appealed because the neck is an area that many people overlook. As you get older, your neck can give away your age more than your face. It is important to protect yourself from UV rays. I picked the triple microdermabrasion because was a smart choice. Everyone needs to exfoliate to keep skin youthful and smooth. I needed the eye contour because who likes those little lines from squinting?

I’ve had these products for 2 weeks. If you’re familiar with skin care, you know it takes more than a few weeks of using a product before you see results. Most skin care products need to be used for weeks if not months before you will see any results. That is not unusual. Your skin did not develop its issues overnight and it will resolve overnight in most cases.

When you’re choosing a skin care product, always check the ingredients. The ingredients are in descending order of predominance.

Take the triple micro dermabrasion face polish is a great example. The main ingredient is glycolic acid after water. Which if you’re not familiar with glycolic acid the cosmetic considers it to be one of the best acids? It does a great job it clears your pores and helps will texture issues. I have issues with skin texture and combination skin. If you read the directions, it says to leave it on for up to two minutes. I have sensitive skin and sometimes a peel will irritate my skin. I used this for the first when I was having a sensitive skin day. So if you're having a day where your skin is sensitive leave it on for the shortest amount of time possible. Each time you use it leave it on a little longer so your skin can kind of get used to it. The polish did a great job on a dry spot I had on my nose. My pores were smaller. Using this also helps improve makeup application.


The triple micro dermabrasion polish contains the papaya enzyme is papain. Which will remove the dead skin on the surface of your face and helps cell renewal. If you have sensitive skin, it may irritate it. This is why I recommend if you will try this polish for the first time test it on a small area. To be sure it doesn’t irritate your skin. The main reason I chose the polish is because it’s a product everyone can use and see results within one or two uses.

The age reverse neck toning cream has Lipo- amino acid and Citrafill. The lipo-amino acids will fade age spots because it’s a skin lightening ingredient. When you age freckles and brown age spots will develop. The ingredients will help remove those spots. Research on NeoGlucosamine taught me it aids pigmentation and dark spots. Apple Stem Cell extract is supposed to be one of the leading anti wrinkles on the market and helps slow aging. Shea butter accounts for this great texture it’s not a thin runny cream but not so thick you can’t rub it in. Toning Neck Cream is going to not only get rid of those age spots, but firm things up, and moisturize your neck. Use Exuviance toning neck cream on your decolletage area because we often neglect that the skin there needs help too.

Exuviance age reverse eye contour was the product I was most eager to try. The main ingredient is Caprylyl Methicone makes the cream is smoother. It also helps plump the lines under your eyes. The second ingredient is glycerin which aids in the loss of elasticity. Glycerin treats wrinkles, dryness, dark circles, and puffiness in the delicate eye area. Cyclopentasiloxane fills in fine lines and wrinkles the bonus is it plumps the under eye area which means less creasing with your concealer. Gluconolactone a polyhydroxy acid used for anti-aging but is a more gentle ingredient.

Pictures of the boxes ingredients list are above this paragraph. I am confidant these products will deliver results. Exuviance will improve my skins tone, texture, and reducing the signs of aging. I feel safe using these products on my face. I have no reservations using them in fact I think they work well. I am happy with the performance and will continue to use these. After I use up each product, I will post pictures so you can see if my fine lines have faded so check back.


Updated Review Character Dining At Ariel's Grotto

I am updating this post today February 4, 2018. I spoke with a Disney Dining cast member who told me Ariels Grotto will not be open for a few weeks in April. As you may have heard Ariels Grotto was supposed to be reopening for a brief time before closing forever.

Ariel's Grotto is the most sophisticated character dining experience. If you're eating with older children and adults, this is the character meal to choose. Your last chance will be in April.

I urge you to call Disney Dining to book your table sixty days in advance. I am confident that if you do not call, you cannot get a reservation if you wait too long.

Ariels Grotto selling point is you dine with the princesses and serves breakfast and lunch. The breakfast menu has little to offer compared to the buffets available in other restaurants. If you have a fussy eater, Ariels Grotto is not the right place to eat.

Bread and pastries come with breakfast. For what we paid we didn't get very much food, and we didn't get much of a variety either.

Ariel's Grotto offers few lunch options but the entrée choices are delicious. I like the Tri-tip, which is tender and flavorful. Steak Sauce is not available here so be forewarned if you prefer steak sauce. If you want cocktails, they are available here.

What's lovely is the princesses come to your table. If you bring your camera, you could take great photographs. 

The lighting is terrible sometimes, and it’s hard to get a good picture. When dining outside, the light will be better, but, you don't choose where you sit. 

Dim lighting can make it hard to take good cell phone pictures.

Dim lighting can make it hard to take good cell phone pictures.

Food presentation is impressive here. If you have a fussy eater, the hot dog is on top of the mac and cheese and looks like an octopus. The pasta has no sauce. 

Ariel’s Grotto has one of the most stylish bathrooms in the park. The bathroom is a mermaid theme, stop by and look.

Dessert is a sampler with three desserts. Ariel's Grotto offers three menu options for breakfast for kids and four for lunch. For adults, Ariels Grotto has five menu options for breakfast and lunch.

I would not dine at Ariel's Grotto for dinner the princesses do not make appearances at dinner. The dinner is like lunch and I feel it's expensive. I will pay more to dine with the princesses not for a fancy Tri-tip. Ariel's Grotto has a World of Color dining package that will you get priority seating.

The food is good at Ariel’s Grotto, and the atmosphere is like a fancy restaurant. Ariel's Grotto is much calmer and offers table service so you won't miss a character. It is worth every cent if this will be your only character dining experience during your visit Lunch at Ariels Grotto is the choice to make.

I would recommend coming if you never been here before. Character dining at Ariels Grotto eliminates the need to go to the Royal Hall to meet princesses.

I give breakfast three out of five stars as breakfast isn't worth the price. The pastries were a nice touch but you are only served one of each pastry; the price is not worth it for a standard breakfast.

Lunch is four out of five stars. The table service makes it worth the price. 

As of January 8th of this year, Ariel’s Grotto closed. I reiterate it will reopen in April. I recommend that you call Disney Dining and get a reservation as soon as possible. Disneyland resort has no other character dining with the princesses. This is your last chance to dine with the princesses at Disneyland.  

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