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Welcome my name is Megan. 

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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

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Disney Resellers Are Ripping You Off And You're Letting Them!

Disney Resellers Are Ripping You Off And You're Letting Them!

It hits home when I go to the parks every week, and I see people creating a demand for something there’s no need to demand.

Please stop buying from Disney resellers. 

Stop paying people who sell Disney pins and merchandise for ridiculous amounts of money.

Stop standing in long lines. You're hyping up stuff that is not even that hard to find. 

Now, why is there a long line? Your willing to stand in it that is why.

The line tells people to look this must be important if people are willing to wait that long. 

Do you know why Disney had sold out of the Rosegold ears?
Impatient people who give into the hype and are willing to pay $50-70 for them and resellers with their hand out ready to dupe you.

If something is sold out, it’s the fault of all of the Disney fans that pay inflated prices.  If everyone just chilled out and were patient, we would get what we want. 

The Beauty and the Beast tumblers are a great example of this. People were lining up for two hours to get those. People were paying $75 on eBay and guess what weeks later they had so many and they added another version to the line of cups sold in the gift shops.

Guess what there would have been more than enough cups if people had bought how many they needed. Refused to pay resellers $75 for a plastic cup. Patience plays a prominent role too. 

If you wait for it to restock and refuse to pay $75 for a cup, then resellers won't snatch them up. They cannot sell it for that much if no one is willing to pay. Supply and demand. If you don't oblige, they won't have a reason to buy them all. 

People are waiting for 45 minutes and up to 2 hours to get an Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket, and you could go to a different popcorn vendor and not stand in a long line. Why is a $15 plastic bucket worth two hours of your life? Seriously. Even if they run out, they will get more. I can assure you that several cast member sources have told me there are more than enough Oogie Boogie buckets to go around. 

People are posting about this in Disney groups. It's funny when someone goes hey I was there when you were, and the Popcorn carts in DCA have tons of them and no lines. People are so determined to own the merchandise they just queue up and wait. Instead of asking one of the Plaids at one of the Kiosks all over the parks where can I get the Oogie Boogie Bucket and not wait in that line. Ask them they know. 


You’re paying $50-75 for ears that would cost and $25. Sold by a greedy eBay seller who is lining up to enter the parks on restocking days going store to store snatching the ears up so that other people cant get them. They buy a few from each store that has them going home with a haul of at least  3-4 dozen of ears. If they purchase 2-3 pairs per shop that is a lot. There are nearly thirty gift shops, and that does not count the merchandise stands that carry the ears. 

Look at that screenshot one seller sold 68 pairs. No way this person is purchasing these ethically. By the way, resellers recruit people to buy these items for them as well for a small fee. Its twisted Disney reseller version of the black market. 


I have heard of families and partnerships of people going in splitting up and buying merchandise up to resell it. Is it illegal? Probably not. Is it ethical? That's questionable. Does it drive up demand and inflate the values on eBay, yes it does. 

It is not fair you can't get your ears or bucket. So why not pay a little more for less hassle right? It's not hurting anyone. That is where you are wrong. That mentality is why people who are on vacation and want a memento or a pass holder who could not make it to the park until after work cant get one.

It was not fair they charged you so much and then a week later you found a rack full of them? I see this all of the time yet no one forced you to pay that much. 

Good things come to those who wait. I suggest the next time you have to have something, and they sell out wait. You will get it eventually.

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