Disney Resellers Are Ripping You Off!

Resellers are a huge problem. Even with Disney trying to curtail the issue by placing a one per person limit this issue is worse than ever. The Little Green Men and Sully Popcorn Buckets are selling for a pretty penny on eBay. Please, if you're sick of resellers buying up all the merchandise read this post. Share my post on Facebook and Twitter where a lot of pass holders are active.

How Disney Re-Sellers rip you off! #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld #DisneyParksMerchandise #Disney

Disney resellers are buying merchandise so others cannot. Resellers know what will sell out. The more resellers buy the more they can charge on eBay.

Disney pins and merchandise are not the same thing as baseball cards. Stop paying the inflated values this makes the problem worse.

Standing in lines for hours for a piece of plastic is the problem. You're hyping up stuff.

Why is the line long? You're willing to stand in a line!

A line says this must be important!

Disney sold out of the Rosegold ears because of impatient people who gave into the hype. Many paid $50-70 for them and resellers duped you. Now Disney has so many Rosegold ears Disney cannot get rid of them all.

If something sells out, it’s the fault of all the Disney fans who pay inflated prices. If everyone chilled out and waited, we would get what we want.

The Beauty and the Beast tumblers are a great example. People would wait up for two hours. People were paying $75 on eBay! Weeks later they restocked and, they added another version to the line of cups sold in the gift shops.

Disney stocked enough cups! If people bought only what they needed and refused to pay resellers $75 for a plastic cup. Patience plays a prominent role too.

If you wait for a restock and refuse to pay $75 for a cup, then resellers won't snatch them up. They cannot sell merch for that much if no one will pay. Supply and demand. If you don't oblige, they won't have a reason to buy them all.

People are waiting for 45 minutes and up to 2 hours to get a popcorn bucket. You could go to a different popcorn vendor and not stand in a long line. Why is a $15 plastic bucket worth two hours of your life? They will get more. Several cast members told me Disney had more than enough buckets. People are being greedy.

How Disney Re-Sellers rip you off! #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld #DisneyParksMerchandise #Disney

In Facebook Disney groups people will post complaining they waited in line. Someone will reply I got the Popcorn Bucket in DCA there was no line. People are so determined they queue up and wait. Ask a Plaid at one of several kiosks throughout the parks where can you get a Bucket and not wait in that line. 

You’re paying $50-75 for ears Disney sells for $25. Sold by a greedy eBay seller who lines up early to enter the parks on the days the shelves are restocked. Resellers are going store to store snatching the ears up so other people cannot get them. They buy a few from each store that has them going home with a haul of at least 36-48 ears. If they purchase 2-3 pairs per shop that is a lot. Disneyland has about thirty gift shops. Not counting the merchandise stands who carry ears.

On eBay one seller sold 68 pairs. This person is not purchasing these ethically. Resellers get people to buy Disney merchandise for them as well for a small fee. This is the Disney reseller version of the black market.

I have heard of families and partnerships exploiting this. We all know the mom with 6 alien buckets on her stroller is not using them all. Is it illegal? Is it ethical? That's questionable. Does this drive up demand and inflate the values on eBay, yes it does.

eBay means less hassle right? If I buy on eBay, I am not hurting anyone. You are wrong. Now other deserving people cannot buy what they want.

It was not fair they charged you so much and then a week later you found a rack full of them? I see this all the time. Yet no one forced you to pay so much.

Good things come to those who wait. I suggest the next time you must have something, and they sell out wait. You will get whatever you wanted soon enough. 


As of 12/07/2018 the Orange County Register is reporting Disneyland is now revoking passes of re-sellers.

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How Disney Re-Sellers rip you off! #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld #DisneyParksMerchandise #Disney