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Knotts Spooky Farm

Knotts Spooky Farm


I am so sorry to be posting this so late I did not want to write this until I had a chance to experience Knotts Spooky Farm personally.

For those of you who wanted to attend Mickey’s trick-or-treat party, this is a good alternative it’s almost Halloween so Sunday the 29th and Halloween day are the last two opportunities to experience Camp Spooky. 

Many Disneyland annual pass holders have Knotts Berry Farm passes. If you don’t have Knotts Berry Farm passes their tickets are so cheap that for what you’re paying for one or two people to go to Mickeys trick-or-treat party the whole family can go to Knotts.

 I will do a separate post later on about the differences between Disneyland and Knotts.

So for the price of admission, your children can go and trick-or-treat in Ghost Town.

Ghost Town is full of Ghosts during Knott's Spooky Farm.  Halloween decor is all over the park. My husband likes the decorations here better than Disneyland mainly because they're going more along the traditional Halloween route with skeletons and pumpkins a little spooky and not too scary.

The only problem is they have Knotts Scary Farm most nights, so you have to leave at 4 o’clock but because it’s so cheap and it’s a smaller theme park it isn’t that hard to get everything done before 4 o’clock.

They also sell Fast Lane Passes which means you go straight to the front of the lines.

IMG_0407 2.JPG

They offer pumpkin decorating for a fee and the chance to see and pet snakes (free) and other animals for the kids as well.

Camp Snoopy has a Halloween show, but I wasn’t able to attend it. I only had a few short hours, and I wanted to experience the trick-or-treating options, and I wanted to walk the park and check out all the decorations.

The Timber Mountain log ride is also Halloween themed. I was not able to ride that either, but I’ve heard it’s a little bit more fun than it usually is.

So I just wanted to write up on Camp Spooky and just let you know that it’s worth a try. If you wanted to do something fun on Halloween, that’s not traditional trick-or-treating, or you feel left out because you couldn’t get Mickey Mouse Halloween party tickets.

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Stop Spring Cleaning! Clean Before The Holidays Instead.

Stop Spring Cleaning! Clean Before The Holidays Instead.

Halloween Is Not Fun Anymore

Halloween Is Not Fun Anymore