How I Earn My Disneyland Annual Pass For Free

I am the parent of a Cast Member, and my husband works at the Resort, and I still pay for admission. I am not here to spam you with affiliate links. This is not a click-bait post. I am sick of those. All the info in these get into Disney for free blogs are full of affiliate links. I will tell you what they are saying without overwhelming you with affiliate links.

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The family members of cast members don’t get in for free. They give Disney Cast Members a limited amount of comp tickets a year. My son uses his to take his Girlfriend to the park. People assume because I go to Disneyland all the time I’m getting in for free and I’m getting free stuff. That’s not the truth.

I like everyone else must buy a ticket or pass. My family and I are on a tight budget. I earn gift cards at home to pay for my pass. No one gives away free Disney tickets. If you want to get in for free and have no one to sign you in, you must earn your pass on your own.

How I earn a free Disney annual pass. #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld

I have a So Cal Select pass. I pay for mine was by using an earning site called Swagbucks and Ohm Connect to save money on my electric bill. My electric bill is one of my highest utility bills. The drawback is OHM Connect will not allow you take part in the SEC summer program. I earn back money from that saving power.

Swagbucks is easier to make money from because of Encrave videos. I run and Encrave videos when I’m at my desk eating my lunch. I shop online through Swagbucks to earn Swagbucks. It’s effortless to make money they allow you to cash out from not only PayPal but for Target gift cards. Disney tickets are offered as rewards! There is the Swaggernauts Group on Facebook full of helpful tips and people. They can help you earn more money.

Perk is another option but, I stopped using them. If you do not log in for a certain period, they will take away your earnings. I also feel the time you spend running the app is not worth it. They also offer Target and PayPal gift cards. It is worth trying if you do not mind running apps.

Target sells Disney Gift Cards and you can use Target Gift Cards you earn on earning apps to pay for them. You also get 5% off with your Red Card. Many Disney Bloggers empathize using your Red Card to buy Disney gift cards to pay for a vacation. I dislike the TOS for the debit card and do not want to accumulate more debt and rack up interest to save 5%.

If you are already an annual pass holder but cannot afford to renew clean out all your old AP buttons. Some annual pass holder gifts are worth money on eBay. By cleaning out old buttons and pins you can earn money to help pay for a pass. Old Disneyland merchandise you may not use anymore may be worth money so always check on eBay. I sold a poster once for 4 times what it cost.

If you’re on a payment plan for your annual pass, you can pay for a So Cal pass with Swagbucks.

I have heard great things about Mouse For Less group on Facebook.

Contrary to what many think it's easy to earn that money to make that dream Disney vacation or pass a reality. 

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How I earn a free Disney annual pass. #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld