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A Kid Destroyed a Thousand Dollars Worth of Makeup At Sephora?

A Kid Destroyed a Thousand Dollars Worth of Makeup At Sephora?

So I just heard about the incident in Georgia at Sephora where a Makeup Artist took a snapshot of a destroyed Make Up Forever display. Someone ruined dozens of pans of eyeshadow. They were claiming it was $1300 in damages, through research other media sources are claiming different values the prices are all over the place. The point is the Makeup Artist blamed a child.

The picture goes viral, and the internet parenting experts come out of the woodwork. Neglecting to mention the woman who posted the photo did not even see what happened. I am pretty sure people do not read the captions anymore. 

If a child did do that it's somewhat strange, they only destroyed that one massive display of eyeshadow. There are two palettes and plenty of colorful liners untouched lower within a child's reach. I have been to Sephora plenty of times with small children, and most little kids cannot reach that high. 



I can't imagine a small child's finger doing that much damage the purple shadow where the pan is showing. In my opinion, it looks like someone did that with something sharp like an acrylic nail.

Of course, individuals who have not raised any children say half of the ignorant things like well you should you should watch your kids. Nobody even came out to say they saw it happen. The things that people who have not raised a child sometimes say are very rude. I think someone who just has not experienced what it is like to raise children who are little human beings with minds of their own is like a backseat driver. Sure, in theory, you may think you know best, but you're not in the driver's seat, are you? 

I am not trying to be insensitive here but since when has everyone become parenting experts. Not only do people who have not raised children like to say rude and somewhat damaging things like leash the child (check the tweet a guy said that) but other parents love to slam the mother. I guess your child never once embarrassed you in public then? Perhaps broke something expensive.

I am going to just call it for what it is posting that picture got the Makeup Artist a lot of attention.  It was petty of her to take a picture and give a parenting lecture when she did not even see what happened. 

We do not know a child did that and commenting parents should not be bringing kids to inappropriate places (Sephora) is judgemental, and someone has to call people out on this. 

Since when is the mall an inappropriate place to bring kids? It was not a bar or a strip club. Malls are full of kids. If kids should not be at Sephora, then Sephora would not do well as a good portion of their customers are mothers.

No one has mentioned some of the points I will make here.

I worked retail, and there is no statement from the store or Sephora, and Allure and Teen Vogue picked this up. You would think Sephora had security cameras and would make a statement to clear this up. For all, we know they were destroying testers to replace them with new ones. Ulta and Sephora destroy these all of the time because if they do not people will dig through their dumpsters. Many stores are preparing for Black Friday. 

The fact is she was more concerned about taking a picture and posting it on Social Media. We only have one side of the story we don’t know what happened. 

Who says a kid did it? One person who openly admits she saw nothing.

I am just so tired of these bashing parents for what their kids do crap. I’ve been a parent for 21 years, and I know a secret about parenting sometimes despite your best efforts your kids will do something you find appalling. 

If a kid did this not only should we ask where was mom or dad but why the heck didn't any of the store employees stop it?

Taking a picture of a broken display at Sephora and then lecturing people about parenting without knowing what happened is as childish as anyone destroying the makeup.

You never see a Mother rushing out of a shop with a child in tow in the mall right? Maybe the kid had to go to the bathroom. She saw small glittery footprints. I'm calling her out on that too. I can't be sure, but there are not many shimmer shades there. Perhaps one in the back row. I doubt it made a big enough mess on the floor to step on it and leave a footprint. Not even that much powder fell on to the display below so I am calling BS on the whole thing. 

So what do you think? I think someone saw something and assumed a child did it and then started a sh*tstorm on Twitter. That's what I think.

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