A Kid Destroyed a Thousand Dollars Worth of Makeup At Sephora?

So I heard about the incident in Georgia at Sephora. A Makeup Artist took a snapshot of a destroyed Make Up Forever display. Someone ruined dozens of pans of eyeshadow. The headlines claimed $1300 in damages. Through other media sources are claiming different values. The point is the Makeup Artist blamed a child.

A Facebook picture goes viral. Then internet parenting experts come out of the woodwork. The caption stated she witnessed nothing. She keeps editing her Facebook post to make her story more credible. Facebook edit history is public. People don't read the captions. Why are people so apt to comment on a fishy story they clearly did not read?

What is strange is they only destroyed one massive display of eyeshadow? Two palettes and plenty of colorful liners are untouched lower within a child's reach. I shop at Sephora with small children, and most little kids cannot reach the testers that high up.


A small child's finger seems too small to do so much damage the purple shadow where the pan is showing. I believe the damage is from something sharp like an acrylic nail.

Some comments are vulgar. Many made by those saying they do not have kids. Someone who has no experience raising children should not be giving parenting advice. Kids have minds of their owns. Sometimes they do bad things.

I am not trying to be insensitive here but since when has everyone become parenting experts. One person said leash the child (check Twitter) but other parents love to slam the mother. I guess your child never once embarrassed you in public then? Perhaps broke something expensive.

I will call this for what it is posting that picture got the Makeup Artist a lot of attention. We can also say perhaps how petty it is to take a picture and give a parenting lecture. Especially when you arrived after the incident took place.

We do not know a child did that. Commenting parents should not be bringing kids to inappropriate places (Sephora) is judgemental. Someone needs to call BS on this.

Since when is the mall an inappropriate place to bring kids? Last time I checked Sephora is not a bar or a strip club. Malls are full of kids. If kids should not shop with their mothers Sephora would not do well. Many of their customers are mothers.

No one has mentioned the points I will make.

I worked retail, and the fact Sephora never made a statement is strange. Even after, and Allure and Teen Vogue picked this up. One must ask does Sephora has security cameras. Another point someone should make. Stores destroy testers to replace them with new ones. Many stores are preparing for Black Friday.

The fact is Ms Nelson took a picture and posted on Social Media. Which is her side of the story? Who says a kid destroyed the makeup? One person who admits she witnessed nothing.

I am so tired of people bashing parents for what their kids do. I’ve been a parent for 21 years. Sometimes despite your best efforts your kids will do something you find appalling.

If a kid did this we should ask where was the mom or dad and why the heck didn't the store employees stop them? An unattended child could not do this in a few seconds.

The gist is if a child went on a mini rampage that took at least a few minutes. In a store that had a parent, a store manager, and sales associates? There had to be at least 3 adults and no one stopped it or spoke up to the media.

Mother's never rush with a child? Maybe the kid had to go potty. She claims there were small glittery footprints? I'm calling her out on that too. I doubt it made a big enough mess on the floor to step on it and leave a footprint. Not even that much powder fell on to the display below so I am calling BS on the whole thing. She changed her version of the story on Facebook several times.

So what do you think? I feel someone made assumptions and started a sh*tstorm on Twitter.

Update 6/27:

The Facebook For Developers Plugin no longer allows it to embed the original post. She updated her post to say you must call the press agency who now manages the image to share the image. Since when is that? Let me clarify that she means she wants control over who and how her post is now shared. My guess is she wants to be paid to use her image which she has that right. I find it fishy she waited this long though.

I am sickened by those who still leave nasty remarks about parenting and how we need to discipline or hit kids. Ms. Nelson saw nothing. Her post is sheer speculation. People cannot read captions anymore.