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Holiday Dinner Tips

Holiday Dinner Tips

It is almost Thanksgiving, and we’re down to the wire now. I posted about how to get ready, and I offered printables to prepare for Thanksgiving last month. You can also check that post for cleaning tips. They also can be used for Christmas.    

Some of us are not ready yet, and I am one of them. I got sick, and I am so grateful that I ordered my Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner from the grocery store this year because I don’t think I could’ve handled all the cleaning and the cooking. 

I keep my house pretty clean, but when you get sick, you get behind. Some of us get busy with work too. So here are some tips how to be prepared for Thanksgiving what you need to do at the last minute.

-Confirm with your guests on Monday or Tuesday. Sometimes people forget you don’t want to make food for twelve people and have only ten show up. You also should double check in case someone decides to bring a plus one. 

-  Don't turn down offers to help.  If you have a relative that offers to come over and help you get your house ready for Thanksgiving take the help. If you can’t think of something for someone to do that can help you ask them to bring an extra bottle of wine or a side dish.

-Start cooking now. Pie Crust can be frozen ahead, of time and in my experience piecrust is a pain to make from scratch. Go ahead and Google make-ahead Thanksgiving and see what you find. If you want to do homemade pies, opt for ones with Graham cracker crusts.

- Graham cracker crusts take minutes to make. I put the crackers in a Ziploc bag, and I poke a couple of holes, so it doesn’t explode, and I crush them with the back of a spoon or the rolling pin. You melt butter, mix, and press it into the pie pan. Mix things up and add Nilla wafers. There are tons of recipes on the web. 

-I hate waste but consider buying some recycled paper plates, recycled napkins, and some disposable recyclable or biodegradable cutlery. I know it’s so hard to serve food on a paper plate because it’s not attractive but even just by doing dessert on a paper plate you can cut down on your dishes.

-Don’t go to the grocery store on Sunday and don’t go on Wednesday. The weekend before a holiday the stores are crowded. Usually, the day before it’s crowded even worse. If you like using Amazon prime now or some kind of delivery service takes advantage of it. I suggest you check your fridge make sure you have not forgotten anything. There are fresh ingredients we usually need at the last minute. 

-Consider googling strange hacks for cooking there are some out there like you can put your potatoes in the rinse cycle of your dishwasher to wash them. 

-Use your crockpot to make mashed potatoes. No boiling. It saves a burner. Whats not to like.

-Opt for a simple breakfast like store-bought cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit. You will be doing enough cooking.

-Buying prepared food is ok. Make your stuffing and sides but consider purchasing a precooked Turkey. 

-Prep the night before. You can chop veggies and boil eggs the night before. I will use small containers or ziplock bags to combine spices for dishes too. 

-Dig out your gravy boat and platters and make sure they are clean. We only use ours once a year, and they can get dusty.

- Between starting the food and waiting for the guests arrive you sit down and relax for 15 minutes at least. Try to worry about anything or anyone else. I know that’s hard, but you're working hard and deserve a rest it will help you enjoy the day more to decompress. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips and they are helpful to you. What is your favorite Thanksgiving hack?               

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