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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

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Amazing Foundation And Concealer To Try Right Now.

Amazing Foundation And Concealer To Try Right Now.

I recently received a sample of Make Up Forever Ultra HD invisible cover foundation from Sephora in the Play Box. I was excited to try it. I have known about this foundation for quite some time now, and I was very hesitant to try it. The reason being I already had some Make Up Forever foundation, and it is something I would return if I could. 

I have combination skin, so I get oily in some spots, and I get dry in others. I also have rosacea, and I have enlarged pores and blackheads.  I have the hardest time finding a foundation because it sinks into my pores and looks spotty. Even with the proper skin care routine and priming with pore-filling primers, the foundation will still settle into my pores. I had tried the Make Up Forever invisible cover stick foundation at Sephora. I had a Sephora employee do my makeup with it, and it worked fine for her, but when I got home and tried to apply, it did not work out well for me.

The finish is too shiny for my taste. It breaks down quickly even with setting sprays and powders. I use it when I know I won't be out for long. It blends well and is easy to apply, it just does not work for me. Update I tried it with a liberal dose e.l.f.  Makeup Mist and Set Setting spray and it took longer to break down.

I have had success with L’Oreal Infallible pro-glow foundation. I think this is a beautiful foundation. I find that it works well with my combination skin; most people that use this have normal to dry skin. A moisturizing foundation like this usually makes oily skin looks pretty bad. I’ve had no issues the problem is I like more of a natural, not a glowy finish, so I have been trying to find something suitable to replace it. Even regular Infallible is just too matte for my skin, and I can’t use it if I want to look natural.

I’ve tried everything from Double Wear from Estee Lauder to Wet N Wild Photofocus foundation, and nothing works well for me.

I’ve heard a lot of people like using the Ultra HD foundation for a bridal foundation, which made me reconsider trying it. If something is considered bridal makeup its supposed to be good. Another reason why I decided to give it a try was that I did try some of the Make Up Forever concealers; Make Up Forever Full Cover Extreme Camaflouge cream is a lifesaver. I got one with yellow undertone by accident, and I’m grateful because I usually use yellow color correcting fluid for redness and this eliminates a step for my make up routine. It covers extremely well.

 I like to highlight my under eye area with Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer. Anything that’s heavy coverage creases on me and looks horrible as a highlighting concealer. This one’s a medium coverage; it has a natural finish and never never settles into fine lines.

I am not a fan of the applicator- it's a squeeze tube, which is not the best idea with a thinner formula. I have wasted so much of this product because a little squeeze pushes out too much. I wish they had a wand applicator for this one. 

Make Up Forever Invisible cover foundation was something I was excited to try but had low expectations. I honestly did not want to get my hopes up; I was pleasantly surprised the first time I applied it because I thought it looked OK. Overall it was easy to apply and covered well. It was matte but looked very natural. I came home after a long day outside, and the coverage was still there; it had not started to break down yet in my oily areas. 


The second application, I tried using a brush with a beauty blender to blend brush-strokes, and I found that worked even better.

The third application, I accidentally forgot to put on my pore filling primer that I think works best for me, which is No Pore Blem primer by Touch In Sol. No matter what, my foundation sinks into my pores making for a spotty face. I noticed that this foundation did not settle into my pores at all. That blew me away. If I continue using this, I can use any primer I want. 

Overall it looks natural, wears throughout the day, does not settle into my pores, and does not cling to any dry patches. Ultra HD is the first foundation I do not have to make work with additional products such as specific primers or skin care products.

So, if you’re questioning whether makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation is worth the price, I would recommend it. Make Up Forever concealers are also worth the price; I reach for these more than Shape Tape. I have no creasing; it wears well throughout the day even when it's hot outside. 

I daresay the Ultra HD Invisible Foundation may be holy grail worthy. 

Update: This is still my go to foundation. I used up the Invisible Cover Concealer. I will be buying another tube asap. 


Amazing Foundation To Try Right Now.
Amazing Foundation To Try Right Now.
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11 Fall Fashion Must Haves

11 Fall Fashion Must Haves