My Holy Grail Foundation?

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Make Up Forever Ultra HD invisible cover foundation is a beloved foundation. Sephora had recommended it many times when using Sephora + Pantone Color IQ.  In the past I was also told to use the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation and hated it. I was color matched in my local Sephora and it looked great in the store. However, once I left the foundation disappears from your face and breaks down right away. Yet your face is greasy. 

This experience left me hesitant to try their foundation ever again. I kept hearing Make Up Forever Ultra HD invisible cover foundation is phenomenal. This foundation was being recommend a lot. I could not find a foundation that worked for me. 

I want a foundation that looks like it’s my real skin. Even regular Infallible is too matte for my skin, and I can’t use Infallible if I want to appear natural. I also have issues with foundation sitting in my pores even with a fifty dollar primer. There are literally foundation polka dots on my face. Because I have combo skin, I get oily on my cheeks and nose. The rest of my face is patchy. I’ve tried everything from Double Wear from Estee Lauder to Wet N Wild Photofocus foundation. Nothing works well for me.

I got a sample of Make Up Forever Ultra HD invisible cover foundation in my Play box. I caved in because of the Make Up Forever concealers. Make Up Forever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage cream is amazing. Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer is my holy grail concealer. The concealer has a natural finish and never never settles into fine lines. Neither formula creases nor settles into lines. The concealers restored my faith in the brand. Everyone kept telling me to try this since it landed on my doorstep. I took that as a sign. Since I had such success with the concealers, I tried the foundation.

My expectations for Make Up Forever Ultra HD invisible cover foundation were low. I did not want to raise my hopes; it surprised me the first time I applied it because I thought it looked OK. The foundation blended like a dream and covered well. The formula is matte but looks natural. After several hours the wear amazed me. Invisible Cover did not break down in my oily areas.

The second application, I tried using a brush with a beauty blender to blend brush-strokes. I found that worked even better. The coverage is better with this method. The coverage is medium to full, and this method gives more of a full coverage.

The third application, I forgot to put on my pore filling primer. This foundation did not settle into my pores at all. Which blew me away. I can use any primer I want. The Invisible Cover Foundation looks natural. The formula wears throughout the day and does not settle into my pores. Ultra HD is a foundation I did not need to make work. Until then I was forced to extra products and primers.

So, if you’re questioning whether Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation is worth the price? Yes, this foundation is worth every penny. If you have combination skin or large pores, this foundation does not emphasize it at all. If you have combination dry and oily skin, this will make you look amazing.  Overall, it surprised me how well this wore. Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation stays on for several hours and does not break down. Best of all you get great coverage that is natural. You will not look like a mannequin. 

I have also noticed Sephora often offers Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation trial size as a gift with purchase with the right code. So check your favorite coupon code site if you are curious. Sephora can also provide you with a small sample if you ask in store. Have you tried Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation? What were your impressions?

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