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― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

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My Favorite Thanksgiving Decor

My Favorite Thanksgiving Decor

I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving this year has flown by so fast.

I love Thanksgiving. I feel like there’s hardly anything ever sold the stores for it. It’s like Thanksgiving items are an afterthought there is perhaps half an aisle next to the Christmas stuff in the store. 

It’s hard to find anything that’s tasteful looking. I live in a small town I’ve discovered decorations, but they’re very childish. I mean they are meant for children. While the stuff is cute, I want something stylish.

Honestly, wish I could just go to Williams and Sonoma and buy everything.

I scoured the Internet and here is a list of some of my favorite Thanksgiving Decor that I have found. 


I love this pillow so much. 

I can't get enough of these Williams Sonoma plates. 

I love this garland. The wreath is expensive but it is gorgeous. I also like the inexpensive pumpkins that can be used as filler. 

This servingware and cookware are all so pretty. I want it all!  

These would look great on any table. 

I just love pumpkins. They are simple and and stylish. 

For the hostess or host. 

A little something extra for the guests. 

I picked out so many things because I am a little obsessed. These are beautiful. 

This is it I swear lol. Some little extra touches. 

I love all of these items so much. I wish I could buy it all. 


Are you hosting this Thanksgiving or Christmas? I wrote how I get ready for the holidays with less stress.  I have provided free printables on how to get prepared week by week. Its easier than spending days cleaning. Read it here.

What To Do After You Have Been Sick.

What To Do After You Have Been Sick.

The ***K It Diet. I won't Worry About Weight Gain During the Holidays

The ***K It Diet. I won't Worry About Weight Gain During the Holidays