Spending Christmas At Disneyland

I talk about the positive and negative sides of Disney. Yes, line hacks or restaurant reviews are helpful. But it’s also beneficial to be aware what’s going on in the parks. These issues can affect your experience if you’re not aware of what is going on.

Disneyland is my second home. I go to Disneyland twice a week and know Cast Members who work in the park. I am not doing myself any favors by writing these posts. Because of the things I write Disney will never invite me to an event or share one of my photos on social media.

It's Christmas and the way people are behaving is downright disheartening. Today I went online and people were complaining about Christmas at Disney, and the comments I read angered me.

Let me explain something to you my son is a Cast Member and my husband works at a restaurant on property. Half of my family was taking care of other families so they can enjoy their holiday and make memories.

Disney is one of the few theme parks that are open every single holiday. Knotts Berry Farm which is eight miles away closes on Christmas.

My husband and son didn’t get to spend Christmas Eve or Christmas day at home with the family. Because they were working.

My husband had a very unpleasant experience on Christmas Day. A few tables did not tip him. He worked on Thanksgiving and several tables did not tip him that day either.

Eight tables in a row left another server nothing! On a holiday which makes that worse.

I don’t care if you take part in the tipping system. Tipping is the norm. At fine dining establishments you can’t get hired unless you are an experienced server.

They hire no one off the street. Most servers have more experience waiting tables than you realize. That person needs excellent references even to get hired. Disneyland restaurants have a two year wait list. So the people working in those restaurants paid their dues.

A little-known fact is that servers must give a percentage their tips to other members of the staff. This includes bussers and runners. Some places the bartender and hostess get tipped out.

If you do not tip or do not leave enough, your server LOSES money waiting for you.

So when you're at Disney on a holiday consider this. All the cast members and all the people working in Downtown Disney spend the day away from their family.

When at Disneyland be courteous to the cast members, it affects your experience.

Rude people are using the resources of those helping them. When someone does not tip. Or is impolite and causes a scene, they take away the time and attention of the person helping them. Time, care, and energy that could be used in better serving those who appreciate them.

To treat a Cast Member or Downtown Disney employee like trash is downright childish.

The number of people I heard complaining online in my Disney groups made me mad. The sense of entitlement is maddening. No one is entitled to special treatment. You cannot be mean to other human beings because you are not getting what you want. Or because Disneyland is crowded.

Every single person at Disney this week should understand the Cast Members have to be there. So saying someone ruined your Christmas or vacation at Christmas is selfish.

They are there serving you who volunteered to be at Disneyland at Christmas. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year at Disney. Taking a Vacation at Christmas is your choice and a risky one at that. So do not take it out on others when the crowds impact your vacation.

It is also wrong to blame Disney's high cost for not tipping. Understand if you can’t afford a vacation plus the food those who wait on you are not responsible for that. Either use quick-service where you do not tip or go to the grocery store and buy your food.

When you go to Disneyland and expect magic remember:

A Disney vacation means waiting in lines. Crowds are a part of being at Disney during the holidays. Tipping at table service restaurants no matter where they are. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. It is a privilege to complain about being at Disney. Many people would feel grateful to be at Disney today but cannot afford to.

People complain but neglect they also hold responsibility for their experiences. They like to blame others when they do not get the Disney Magic one thinks they should receive. 

This has to stop. People who make poor choices like coming to Disneyland on one of the busiest days of the year. It's packed you cannot expect to walk onto rides. Do not expect to eat at a popular restaurant without waiting. It is everyone else's fault but their own. They spread the misery. Meanwhile, thousands of people visit when Disneyland is crowded with the right attitude. Those people have a blast.

Be prepared to wait when Disney is crowded. If you cannot be patient, stay home. The choices you make impacts others. Many do not consider that when booking a vacation at Christmas means. Those who serve them will not be with their family at Christmas.