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Updated Review Character Dining At Ariel's Grotto

Updated Review Character Dining At Ariel's Grotto



Sad news on February 4, 2018, I just spoke with a Disney Dining cast member who told me it was announced today Ariels Grotto would not be reopening after all for a few weeks in April.

Out of all the Disneyland character dining experiences, Ariel's Grotto is the most sophisticated. If you're eating with older children and adults, this is the character meal to choose. Sadly your last chance to do so will be in April.

I urge you to call Disney Dining to book your table sixty days in advance. I am confident the restaurant will be booked if you wait too long.

Ariels Grotto is a character dining experience that features the princesses. You have two options, breakfast or lunch. I won't suggest breakfast because the food options are limited, especially in comparison to the buffets available in other restaurants. You have a few entrée options. If you have a fussy eater, this may pose a challenge. 

Bread and pastries come with breakfast. We felt that for the price we didn't get very much food, and we didn't get much of a variety either.

Lunch options are limited, but the entrée choices are delicious. I like the tri-tip, which is very tender and flavorful, and it does not need sauce. If you want cocktails, they are available here.

What's lovely about this experience is that the princesses come to your table while you're eating. If you bring your camera, you could take some great photographs. 

The lighting is terrible sometimes, and it’s hard to get a good picture. When dining outside, the light will be better, but unfortunately, you don't choose where you sit. 


  Dim lighting can make it hard to take good cell phone pictures.

Dim lighting can make it hard to take good cell phone pictures.

Food presentation is impressive here. Be warned if you have a fussy eater the hot dog is served on top of the mac and cheese and looks like an octopus. The pasta has no sauce. 

Ariel’s Grotto has one of the most stylish bathrooms in the park. The bathroom is a mermaid theme, stop by and take a look.

There are not many options when it comes to food if you have dietary restrictions call ahead to see if they can accommodate them. 

Dessert is three miniature desserts. There are three options for breakfast for the kids and four for lunch. For the adults, there are five for breakfast and lunch.

I've never had dinner there. At dinner, there are no princesses. There is a World of Color dining package that will you get priority seating.

The food is good at Ariel’s Grotto, and the atmosphere is similar to a fancy restaurant. It’s much calmer. You won't have to get up to get food so that you won't miss a character.

I would recommend coming if you never been here before. Character dining at Ariels Grotto eliminates the need to go to the Royal Hall and wait in line to meet princesses.

I give breakfast three out of five stars as it just isn't worth the price. The pastries were a nice touch but there is one of each pastry, the price is not worth it for a standard breakfast.

Lunch is four out of five stars. The table service makes it worth the price. 

As of January 8th of this year, Ariel’s Grotto closed. I reiterate it will reopen briefly in April. I highly recommend that you call Disney Dining and get a reservation as soon as possible. Disneyland resort does not offer any character dining with the princesses this is your last chance to have a breakfast or lunch with the princesses at Disneyland.  

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