Best Eye Makeup For Disney Parks

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I spent the last couple of years testing makeup I can wear anywhere. When you live in an area where it’s hot most of the year you need makeup that won’t run when you sweat.

I tested all makeup and primers at Disneyland in the heat. I discovered not all makeup will stay put. Even waterproof mascara will run. If advertised as waterproof remember that does not equate sweat proof. Waterproof cosmetics can clog your pores and I would not recommend daily use.

I lost count of how many mascaras and eye primers I tried. Many products that work well are expensive. I tried to include budget friendly items. Not everyone can afford expensive primers and mascaras.

These eye products stand up in the heat.


Two high-end mascaras both from Marc Jacobs are amazing. I would recommend O! mega lash and the Velvet Noir mascara they don’t budge. Use one for the first coat and the other for the second gives the illusion of wearing false lashes.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir pops up as an insider perk at Sephora often. Velvet Noir is one of my all times favorites the formula is amazing. Velvet Noir has not run in the heat.

O! mega lash give you gorgeous separated defined lashes. I like this mascara more than Velvet Noir.

Better than sex waterproof mascara is a good mascara. The Too Faced better than sex formula flakes and smudges. The waterproof formula is better. This looks better than the original. You can buy Better Than Sex Waterproof at Sephora in the travel size. The travel size lasts about the same time as the big tube if you do not use mascara every day.

Better Than Sex has a dupe called Lash Paradise by L’Oréal. I have seen mixed results with the original formula and the waterproof. Lash Paradise runs under my eyes. Many people cannot remove the waterproof formula with ease. So despite that I still recommend it. If a mascara is hard to remove, it won’t run.

The Eyeko Sport waterproof mascara and catch and crawl as the best no budget mascara. I ran the Pixie Dust Challenge wearing this. While I had flakes underneath my eye, the Eyeko held up. Other mascaras get runny from less sweat. If I can run a half marathon in it, you should be able to wear it with no issues. Please note this is difficult to remove.

I am in love with this mascara. I can’t believe it’s not waterproof mascara! Lancôme Defincils Definition Mascara does not budge in the heat. Defincils is my holy grail mascara. I will warn you I am trying a new mascara that may be better than this one.

Clinique lash power mascara is a tube mascara I tried while running. Lash Power works well in mild head and humidity. If water or sweat get on your lower lash line be aware, it will flake and run.

I am not the biggest fan of Lifted by Tarte which is sweat proof. One of the many reasons I hate Lifted is because the only color is black brown I’m not a fan of the lighter color mascaras. I want a dark black. This mascara will run, but Lifted holds up pretty well. If you’re working out, don’t use Lifted. Lifted’s formula has many natural ingredients and less likely option to melt off your face.

L’Oréal Paris double extends mascara primer and mascara is not my favorite. The formula works well and survives mild of sweating. Double Extends is less likely to give you, issues. Finding a drugstore mascara that stays put is hard.

I like Maybelline the mega Plush Volume Express waterproof which is inexpensive. Maybelline mascaras have a wet formula. I open them five or six days before I use them to let them dry out.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof is good. Lash Sensational waterproof lasts through my workouts at the gym. If you sweat hard, it will smear a little.

Clinique bottom lash mascara works wonders on the bottom lashes. Ideal for using those who are prone to raccoon eyes.

Eye Makeup Primers

Use a Mascara Primer to condition and protect your lashes. Especially if you wear waterproof mascara. If you use waterproof, this helps prevent damaging your lashes. Did you know Lancôme owns L’Oreal? Lancôme owns Urban Decay. So the Urban Decay Subversion Lash is the same as L’Oreal Voluminous lash primer. I would recommend going with the L’Oréal.

It’s hard to find an eye primer that will make your eye makeup water resistant. I have tried about 20 now. Nyx Proof It makes your shadow waterproof. The formula is sticky and can make blending hard. But it works better than the Laura Mercier waterproof primer. You can also apply this on your brows. The formula is stellar and holds up to sweat and mild splashing.

Too Faced makes a primer Shadow Insurance. Milani eyeshadow primer is a dupe. Eye primer prevents your concealer from creasing when used under the eyes. The formula does not make your shadow sweat proof but helps eye shadow stay on longer.

The Catrice Prime & Fine Waterproof Mattifying Powder is sweat proof. You could also try using that to set your shadow. I have yet to try it but I have heard it works.


Most of the long-wearing eyebrow products are high-end and expensive. But consider the NYX primer could help with any brow product.

The It brow power pencil in the universal color has not failed me when running. Miniature size is available for $12 if you’re on budget. Eyebrow pencils last forever and the formula is good.

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Whiz wears all day long. I top Brow Whiz with Benefits Gimmie Brow, which will run in the heat. I’ve lost half a brow, but the Brow Whiz stayed put. Brow Whiz is my Holy Grail brow product.

Makeup that lasts in heat and humidity is out there. Test your makeup in the heat before you leave for Disney. Primer makes a huge difference so does powdering the lids after priming. I always suggest starting with an inexpensive waterproof eye primer. See if keeps your eye shadow on when you sweat. Check back as I add more makeup to the list.

Tell me what eye products stand up to the heat. What should I try next?

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