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 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Rumors

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Rumors

I am tired of hearing the rumors surrounding the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. 

The registration for most Disney races opens early. In 2016 I ran the 10K. This year I ran the Pixie Dust Challenge for charity. Between the years 2016- 2017 something changed.

Here are facts to think about. Disneyland and runDisney are owned by Disney. Yet are not the same company. Disneyland can be rented for private events. That is how runDisney gains access to Disneyland. Many think runDisney events hurt Disneyland. That there are too many locals showing up.

Walt Disney World running events are very lucrative for runDisney who does well. Most runDisney events at Disneyland occur during slumps in attendance. These races raise attendance. Races bring more business to Downtown Disney. Locals or not all races would not exist without local attendance. If more locals signed up for runDisney events, then these rumors would be for naught. 

I am nobody important. I will not gain from being honest and blunt. Some Bloggers say things to get traffic, which equals ad revenue. Rumors are good click bait. 

This years Tinker Bell was a disaster. Please Google what happened. Some are using this year's failures to fuel rumors.

With in mind do you think this company that dropped the ball has it together? Word is East Coast and West Coast runDisney operations are not run by the same people either. I cannot find information to confirm that.

Because the website has not updated since the event and no race dates are coming out of it means nothing.

Disneyland is a hectic place right now. There is the construction for Star Wars land. That could interfere with the course. At some point, they have to plan the course and get it certified.

People also said they will get rid of Super Heroes. It’s happening. They were wrong. November is closer than May.

Every time someone shares a link about Tinker Bell a website is getting clicks. It’s likely they're getting paid for every click because these websites have ad space and ad revenue. 

They also claim to have sources and are treating it as a rumor. That sounds credible. At some point, this must stop. You can analyze the response I posted when I emailed runDisney and asked if Tinker Bell is happening. 

Part of the course is in the middle of a new 14-acre expansion to the park. They're trying to figure out the course so they can work on getting the permits they need.

I avoid my running groups because of people saying they are canceling Tink. Asking when is the light side opening? People are getting worked up, and it’s a perfect opportunity for some to capitalize on that.

Some say the half marathon race will be eliminated and runDisney will keep the other races. Until Disney says anything, these are rumors. Disney is not doing themselves any favors being so tight lipped though. Until Disney releases a statement, my fellow runner's let's chill.


As you all know by now due to the construction of Star Wars Land and the new hotel runDisney events at Disneyland have been suspended. RunDisney will be back after construction. 


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