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Will runDisney Events Return To Disneyland

Will runDisney Events Return To Disneyland

  A few readers sent me this screengrab that has been floating around facebook. I checked a few groups and people are claiming they were at the expo and this is true.

A few readers sent me this screengrab that has been floating around facebook. I checked a few groups and people are claiming they were at the expo and this is true.

This year at the Walt Disney World Marathon expo, the VP of runDisney said running events would return to the Disneyland Resort. What he left out is when. Most runners know little about runDisney or how they operate. Disneyland's running events were postponed due to construction of Star Wars Land. The new construction in Downtown Disney may also play a role. Since runDisney is tight-lipped so little is known.

People think Disneyland calls all the shots at the running events. This is not true; runDisney is a company in Florida. Disneyland is a theme park run in California. We have a huge population, hence a lot of runners. Disneyland and runDisney are not the same. Both are owned by Disney, but are run separately. Many people do not realize runDisney rents Disneyland for races, so Disneyland has little to do with actual runDisney events. Have you ever rented a venue for a party or wedding? You are paying for the venue but you do not run it. The concept applies here. Disneyland lets runDisney use their theme park and will even have their staff work the event but they are not in charge.

Even if the Anaheim races did not sell out that does not mean runDisney events lose Disneyland money. RunDisney will never give us the details. I don't name drop or use the excuse that an anonymous source said something to get more clicks. The info I share comes from research and from talking with Disney. I will even call runDisney to ask questions. My husband works in Downtown Disney and my child is a Cast Member so I hear a lot. The bottom line is runDisney races help keep Disneyland is busy.

Perhaps the pass holders who are locals are most of the runners signing up for the races. I have news; that is how most road races work. Even if runDisney events at Disneyland cater to locals that is a moot point. Remember that runDisney and Disneyland are not the same company. Heck, Star Wars took place around the slower time in January. These races help keep Disneyland busy. Super Heroes took place right before the Christmas busy season, right when attendance goes down.

Star Wars Land will open Summer 2019. I can imagine runDisney bringing back the half marathon weekend in September 2019. Since Star Wars Land opens in the summer. Now remember, this is speculation. It is possible the hotel construction can delay this further, but all they need is a new staging area. 

When Tinkerbell was pushed back to May on Mothers day weekend, many runners stopped signing up. I would not be surprised if Tinkerbell was moved back to January and Star Wars Half Marathon moved to May.

Since Pixarfest is a big draw runDisney would be smart to add a Pixar themed race, or perhaps runDisney should replace the struggling Super Heroes with Pixar. That is my two cents though. I also wish a holiday themed 5k would be added.

Now I am keeping the rest of my original runDisney Disneyland Race tips post as is. I am confident the races will return in 2019. After Galaxies Edge opens at Disneyland, runDisney would be remiss not to return. Yes, runDisney experienced a slump in sales but Star Wars Land should help remedy that.

Now if you're considering a Disneyland race, no one will tell you these things. The course has hills; if someone says the course is flat, they are a liar. Parts of the course will be ugly; you do not run through Disneyland the entire time. Bottlenecks will happen on the course. Many people will be weaving. Lots of runners are raising their hands to signal they will walk. Run hills as part of your training to be prepared. Do a 10k at home that sells out so you can get practice passing. If you do the Half in September, the weather can be hot and humid. Two out of three Disneyland half marathons I did were boiling.

Keep reading for Disneyland race tips; you should pin this for when runDisney announces Disneyland events later next year. Since Disneyland is so much smaller than Disney World, these are tips you must read.

Click here if you are here because you are afraid of being swept at Disneyland or WDW by Balloon Ladies.

Expo Tips: 

  • Be sure you carry your ID and cash.

  • There are lines at the expo so wait til mid afternoon to go. People line up and wait for the expo to open.

  • Attend opening day of the expo this is the least crowded day.

  • eBay sellers line up to snatch up merchandise. If you want something, get it. Do not wait the merchandise may sell out. Most merchandise does not sell out. It happens, though.

  • Parking is $24. If you spend $20 at any Downtown Disney merchant, kiosks, or restaurant parking is free for 2 hours.

  • Carb load at Naples or any table service restaurant and you get 4 hours of parking.

  • Mickey and Friends parking is $20. No matter what park here if you are spending the day at the resort.

  • Most hotels have shuttles to the Resort. Or you could take the bus to save money on parking. Most buses drop you off at the opposite side of Downtown Disney it's about a ten-minute walk.

  • You can swap your shirt for another size at the expo. There is a booth for that.

  The course is not flat. Saying this course is flat is a lie.

The course is not flat. Saying this course is flat is a lie.

Race Day: 

  • You can drive if you live in LA just leave early.

  • Arrive at Mickey and friends before 4 am. Parking is not free (I had to present my pass at Tinkerbell.) so bring cash.

  • If staying at a local hotel take the shuttles. You can also take the bus check at the expo at the Transportation booth you may need a shuttle pass.

  • Everyone has to be screened at a security checkpoint to get into the race area. The line gets long so arrive early.

  • Some Downtown Disney restaurants will be open. You can get Coffee.

  • Get into your chute early the chutes fill up fast and it is hard to push forward.

  • It can get cold in the morning but warm up after sunrise. You could bring an old mylar race blanket to stay warm in the early morning.

  • All the bathrooms in parks are available during a race. Go to the bathroom before you leave Disneyland if possible. Most the restrooms after Disneyland are portable toilets. • The course is narrow and bottlenecked at points. We are a lot Smaller than WDW.

  • The Santa Ana River Trail leading to Angel Stadium can suck. That part of the course is uphill at some points and ugly.

  • Clif Bar gives shots and gels at Angel stadium.

  • The Powerade is always blue. Bring your own if you dislike blue Powerade.

Post Race:

• Traffic can get bad leaving from Mickey and Friends. I recommend you relax in Downtown Disney or the Parks if you can to avoid traffic.
• There are restrooms in Downtown Disney where you can freshen up and change.
•  Plenty of runners go to Disneyland post race without showering.I do not judge. Do not feel bad if you have nowhere to shower.
• Tangaroa Terrace is quick and has a minimal wait time for a fast and hearty breakfast.
• The coffee shop at the Disneyland Hotel is also a good place to grab a quick bite to eat. 
• White Water Snacks in the Grand Californian is also a good place to eat and usually, there are no lines.
• Flo’s Café also serves an excellent breakfast.

I hope I left nothing out other Disney bloggers will give you the usual details about costumes and whatnot. My intent was to touch upon things that happen that most people do not mention. I hope that this information is helpful. Please ask if you have questions.

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