How To Earn Beauty VoxBoxes From Influenster By Raising Your Social Media Score

Influenster is a social networking site a step above the other ones. If you are a blogger or aspiring influencer, this site is amazing. Influenster scores you and the higher your score is, the more influential you are. The more influential you are, the more Voxboxes you get from them.

They call their promotional boxes Voxboxes. Most of them are beauty related, but Influenster has a box for everything, such as moms, kids, and even pets. A Voxbox can show up with one sample of Nyquil. They pack most boxes with sample sizes and one full-size product. Some beauty boxes feature high end full-size products.

You need to put your profile together; put up a picture and link all your social media. Your accounts need to be public. If you will not make your accounts public, you need to make a public one separate from your private one.

How to earn VoxBoxes from Influenster. #VoxBox #Influenster #BeautyBlogger #Blogger #Influencer

You need to get on Influenster and review products. You write up the products, and you give them stars. Reviews increase your chances of getting selected for a screening survey for a box. You are being considered for a box when they email you a survey.

The physical boxes are anything tangible. How they decide who gets one is analytical as they are looking for certain people. For some boxes, they are looking for moms. While other boxes are for a particular age range and sex, and some are skin type.

You need to have a substantial following. I received several screening surveys because I worked hard. I got my Instagram account up to over 3,000 followers, and I am over 5000 on Twitter.

Go on social media and find profiles similar to yours that are successful and research. Use the same hash tags, and post during the same time of day they are posting. You do not want you to copy them; be your authentic self, but learn from them.

When selling yourself as an influencer your authentic voice has to come through. You must be active on social media. If you want likes and followers, posting beautiful pictures is key.  

You need to keep your personal life separate from your influencer accounts. This is to maintain professionalism. You need a private life outside this, just for you. Your followers are here on Instagram to see beautiful pictures. They care but not that much. Over sharing is usually a bad idea.

Posts about your personal life is more appropriate on a personal Facebook page. If you're a mom blogger, that may not translate well on some social platforms. People want to see specific things. If you want to be a beauty influencer but post a picture of your kids, some people will unfollow you for that. If you want to mix niches, it may be harder to gain a following so be aware.

Twitter is succinct. Instagram is about pleasing others with beautiful images. You're supposed to keep things straightforward and clean.

You can promote on these sites. Remember that these places appeal to many teenagers and young adults.

Mothers that follow you because of your blog won't mind an assortment of photos and posts. People who support you for one or two specific reasons will. 

Are you going to going to work and tell your boss and all your co-workers that your husband is annoying you? Are you going to tell everyone your kid peed on the carpet? No. Keep it authentic, but don't tell everyone everything. Most people don't care, and you're scaring away potential followers who may love you, and not the kid stuff. Most parents who want a break do it on Instagram.

Please, do not feel bad if people dislike pictures of your kids. Read this.  

How to earn VoxBoxes from Influenster. #VoxBox #Influenster #BeautyBlogger #Blogger #Influencer

The bottom line is if you want to get beauty boxes you need to make changes. If you are a mom blogger, consider using your Instagram account to focus on beauty. Beauty is huge on Instagram. Running two accounts may be better than trying to make sure you please everyone.

When you apply for social media campaigns through influencer agencies, this can help. You can present a relevant account for the campaign to better your odds.

If you want promotional items related to beauty, and all you post are pictures of your kids, it will not happen. Sometimes mom bloggers with a large following are the exception.

Beauty companies want to give stuff away to people who attract people with money to spend on makeup. Many of the people who follow beauty influencers are teens and young women without kids. Moms count too. Remember makeup is for everyone.

Many young people left Facebook because Facebook used to be a parent free zone. Then everyone else invaded after Myspace waned. My Grandma has a Facebook account. She does not shop at Sephora.

You want young people with disposable income following you. If your posts are all about parenting, and they don't have kids, they won't follow you. There is also this to consider. So read up. I also suggest you read this about sharing kids pictures. This one is a great read. From the male perspective is a post by a father on sharing children's pictures.

Now let's move on.

Most good quality pictures use the right hash tags. Know of what hash tags are trending. Post at the right time of day. The time you post matters and will increase your reach. For me the middle of the night that works best.

Follow people who are following your competitors! Yes, I said that. Engage with people that like their posts and follow those who comment. Do not follow all their followers. Follow accounts you have things in common with. This means looking at hundreds if not thousands of profiles. Influencing is intense work.  Follow people whose accounts are like yours. You want followers who will like your pictures. You want followers who will interact with your account. You need active engagement. 

Watch your competition, you might be similar accounts, and you might be friends with them. You need to compete with them. Instagram and Twitter can be vicious. People will follow and unfollow in hopes of you noticing them and following them. People will block you for unfollowing them. You want real followers and genuine engagement. If you want people to notice you, help them find you.

If I like someone and they are active on social media, I want them to like me, so I must engage with them on social media. I will like their posts, and I will comment. Be authentic or you will fail.

I love my followers. They are the reason I take pictures, and they are why I write reviews. I want them to be happy. They give me a purpose. I will answer private messages. I will give them my tips. I look for people I like. I follow people who I would befriend in real life.

You could take part in promotional Facebook groups. Yet, the followers you get from that may unfollow. Follow loops and threads a lot of work. Another point the people who follow you from these may not engage with your account.

These groups help, but you're better off earning followers from effort on your part. These groups can help get you started and give you support, but cannot sustain you. You need authentic followers who like you for you.

Once you improve your social media score get a website or blog where you can put your Influenster badge. The more clicks your button gets, the more likely you are to get a box.

Add Influenster email addresses to your contacts, so they do not put your emails into the spam box. Fill out the screening surveys those are how you earn a box.

Stay on top of things go to the mall and get samples and makeup, and swatch makeup. If you can find a hygienic way of testing makeup, then test the makeup. Ask for samples, use the products, and test them out. Spray perfume and wear it for the rest the day and then write a review on it. It's hard to review things if you cannot afford them but you need not spend money to try certain things.

If you dislike something, tell the truth. Even if you the item came from the Voxbox or was given to you free somewhere else. Write negative reviews never be afraid to tell the truth but do not bash. If I am following a beauty blogger and they say they love everything, I sense they are full of crap, and I unfollow them. Not everything will work for you. If you want people to trust and listen to you honesty matters. Come forward when things are bad quality.

Influenster is user friendly. You log in check your account, and you make sure you check your messages (which they call snaps). Snaps are asking you if you have tried certain products. If you have used them, be honest. Review only things you have used. She what products are on the front page. Make a list go to Sephora or Ulta and test them out.

You can review something you do not own, at least as long as you test and use it. Make sure you try it for at least a week. If you want to get more high-end makeup boxes, you need to be on top of what is hot at Sephora. Sephora will give you samples of anything. Ask, you can review Drunk Elephant and not buy it because they will give you enough to try the product for a few days. I got lucky once and was given a trial size of a Fresh Mask. That mask lasted me for 8 uses.

Influenster only has so many boxes. Many people want them. Some want these boxes more than you. They will put in the effort it takes to get the box. Sometimes they want a 35-year-old woman with blond hair to test an item. If you put off the surveys and snaps you miss out.

Influenster does a lot virtual box boxes where you get nothing. Sometimes you get a coupon, but you are doing these for the chance to win a Mega Voxbox. I have won once.  The virtual voxboxes can be a lot of work, but it also helps you put more effort into using the website. Virtual Voxboxes will help you gauge if an influencer post will affect your social media. Some influencers lose followers when they post sponsored posts or post something different. 

Influenster may seem complicated and confusing, but is no harder than using Amazon is once you try it. The big deal is when you get the boxes. You want to unlock your Influenster badge for that box by promoting that item. It is crucial you disclose you received these items for free or as complimentary for testing.

Once you get a VoxBox keep up the good work. Social Media can be confusing. If your followers interact already stick to what you're doing. If you're struggling, try some of my tips.

I am sitting here right now typing this up wearing Emporio Armani perfume I received for free in my last VoxBox. I want you to earn these wonderful beauty boxes too.

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How to earn VoxBoxes from Influenster. #VoxBox #Influenster #BeautyBlogger #Blogger #Influencer