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Welcome to practicallyperfectmeg.com. My name is Megan. 

I am obsessed with Disneyland and visit weekly. I am also the proud mama of a cast member.

I know the best Disneyland Tips and reviews.  Since I practically live there. 

I run and have completed five marathons and thirty-half marathons.

I’m a Potterhead. I love zombies. I love Doctor Who. Horror is my favorite movie genre.

 I am a bibliophile. Reading is everything.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

I am a neat freak with a messy house. I am also totally obsessed with makeup.

Thank you for visiting.

What You Need To Know. Last Minute Disneyland Half Marathon Tips.

What You Need To Know. Last Minute Disneyland Half Marathon Tips.

IMG_8447 2.JPG

The half marathon is almost here. You should be getting ready now. Time passes quickly. If this is your first half marathon or first Disneyland race, some of these tips may be helpful to you.

  •  First, test your costume. You never know what issues could pop up. Run in it before race day.
  •  If you buy shoes at the expo and plan on wearing them, break them in first. 
  • Pack your drop bag and waist pack now. I pack hand wipes, a phone charger, cord, travel sized sunscreen, and gels or snacks. Do not wait until the last-minute. You will most likely forget something.


  •  Bring a water bottle. It's going to be in the nineties. 
  •  Bring a charger for your phone. The camera will run down your battery.
  •  Plan to arrive early. The security checkpoint lines can get long. 
  • Use the bathroom before the race. If portable toilets are not your thing, use the bathroom in Downtown Disney by Starbucks and the Earl of Sandwich.
  • Bring cash some of the quick serve restaurants are open. You can get your coffee here.
IMG_8230 3.JPG
  • Bring a few Band-Aids, in case you get a blister. Waiting for a medical tent could make it worse.
  • Race day apply Vaseline, body glide, or Trislide all over your body to prevent chafing. Do not forget armpits.Men use it on your nipples. 
  • Put on Sunscreen in the corral. Seriously, after 90 minutes of sweating, it will be gone. Reapply at a water stop. Even when it's overcast UV rays can cause sunburn.
  • Bring shower wipes if you cannot shower. If you think you don't stink, do it as a courtesy to others. So many people go to the parks after without a shower, and it does not bother me personally, but sometimes, you just stink. 
IMG_8330 2.JPG

If you are afraid of being swept:

Many runners are afraid of the sweepers, but as long as you do not start at the very back of the last corral, you can stop worrying so much. 

Let us talk about the dreaded balloon ladies. I have done research, and they are all volunteers from the Jeff Galloway Running Program. They do not work for Disney. They are there to help you; they do not want you to fail. The Balloon Ladies waits until each runner has crossed the starting mat before starting and keep a strict 16-minute mile pace. If they pass you, it is possible that race officials will pick you up. 

So, if you run a fifteen-minute mile, do not stop for all the photo opportunities. Disney makes this easy for the slower runners. The balloon ladies are giving you a huge grace period. Plan, and have a great race, people!

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