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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
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Deal or No Deal? Grove Collaborative.

Deal or No Deal? Grove Collaborative.


At night when my husband is sleeping, I'm still up working so; I watch YouTube videos. 

Cleaning videos are my favorite. Some of the cleaning vloggers are affiliates for Grove Collaborative, so they start cleaning and say "I love this Caldrea Counter Spray. It smells so good." as they display said cleanser. 

Now they don't tell you a lot about how the service operates, so I was hesitant to order from them. However, they keep promoting all these free cleaning products you receive with your first order.

I wanted to make things clear, so I placed an order. With my own money.  

Money is tight for my family my husband lost his job earlier this year. It got to the point where I was running out of cleaning products.

By making cleaning products can save you money. Many recipes call for ingredients. Like Borax, washing soda, or essential oil's and I'm out of all that stuff. I could go to the store and make cleaning products, but the ingredients would set me back about $20. Ordering from Grove Collaborative meant the products came ready to go and I got some free Myers cleaning products.

I am on a budget, and I didn't want to spend too much. With that said when you're on a budget and you like eco-friendly cleaning products or more natural cleaning products getting three Meyers products for free is tempting, and then they threw in a glass spray bottle so you can make your cleaning products and then two sponges it made it more appealing to order.

I looked into everything for you because there are some real problems with this website and I want to get out of the way first. 
I'm not going to tell you not to order from them I think the service is a good idea, but there are problems with it and let's get down to that.

First and foremost when you place your first order there's going to be a pop-up box right away it says to put your email address. When you do they automatically put the free things in your cart, they also add other items. I give them thumbs down for that because I didn't notice until check out. It takes you to the summary page, but I hit the back button because I had not even shopped yet. 

 Along with the freebies $25 worth of merch was added to my cart. 

Along with the freebies $25 worth of merch was added to my cart. 

By ordering you get a 60 day VIP trial membership. What they don't tell you is all the items that you put in your cart will be sent to you again next month this includes this month's freebies. They send you a message a week before, and you can pause it or delay it, but still, it would be nice to know that before I placed the order.

It's annoying I have to go back in a couple of weeks and cancel my subscription. It sucks because you have to buy a membership. It's usually about forty dollars per year, but it's on sale for about twenty. You get free shipping, but the membership fee is just a fancy way to get you to prepay for shipping. It is. 

I take issue with the prices. For example, the Method Sprays sell for $5.99-$9.99. They are having a sale, but still, Target has them regularly priced for less.

Grove Collaborative does price match.  But it's a hassle.  You have to wait until the items are in your cart and email them a link to every single thing that is on sale so they can adjust the price.  Why bother when there's Google Express, Target, and even Amazon Prime pantry who offer free shipping for purchasing a set amount or buying a few items you would likely buy anyway. With the caveat, I won't have to get a price adjustment because Method Spray is $2.99 -$5.99 every day. Method Granite cleaner is $5.99 at Target and $9.99 regular price at Grove Collaborative. 

If you like Method and use a few bottles a month that is a pain to get a few price adjustments. I could order from Target's website. I can pick it up at the store or have it shipped to me usually for free. 

The gist is you get $12 of Meyers products for free. You also get some sponges and a nice glass spray bottle. It's enticing if you're frugal and like free things. It's also enticing if you cannot afford these types of products because the shipping is complimentary during the trial and with the freebies, it is a pretty good deal. 

I usually buy Method, and it's three to four dollars for a bottle.  I can use it in the kitchen. I can use it in the bathroom. I can use on wood. I can use on glass. So for four dollars I get this convenience, and it lasts me a while

Bottom line is this is recurring service in you're going to have to visit the site periodically to prevent items from being be shipped. Things I can order from Target with less hassle. Yes they do have their line of products but I can get most of their stock somewhere else, and I don't have to pay a membership fee

Now if I got a free product or bonuses than the membership fee would not be that big of a deal. Once again the price offsets the cost of free shipping. So membership is a fancy way of getting you to pay up for the "free shipping." Most people are not going to need monthly shipments. Their Carbon Offset Shipping is pointless to me because of all of the paper and plastic in the box. Seriously.  

 They always seem to be out of Caldrea Spray.

They always seem to be out of Caldrea Spray.

I staked out this website for a couple of weeks because I wanted to place the order.  I tried to order Caldrea Countertop Spray, but they never had it in stock. It's supposed to smell fantastic but I can never get it in my cart, and they were out of Waterfall my favorite Method scent. I wanted Method Toilet cleaner, but they were out. It felt like they were out of most of the things I wanted.

I want to make it clear I'm not ragging on them. I truly wanted to love this because I love cleaning. I love natural products.

I get it costs money to ship. I do not understand why Grove Collaborative does not offer free shipping for purchases over a set amount. I do not want a subscription. I want to buy things when I want to. 

Pair that with the high prices and the packaging materials that are not eco-friendly at all I am just not happy.

It feels like with a few tweaks this can be an excellent service. The turnaround time for the order was impressive as were the first time order freebies, but that's no good enough to keep me coming back. 

I also hope they make sure any YouTubers they associated with are making it clear that it is a recurring service, so there are strings attached. I feel like a particular Youtuber has been promoting this without giving the pertinent details.

Until then I will pass. 

Update- If you enjoyed this post be sure to check out my speed cleaning tips. I do plan on trying to place another order. The website is still pretty unclear on the terms of service and the VIP program it takes 3 clicks to get an answer. Which I think is a little too much work for such important information. I did notice some changes. It does state that you will receive $35 worth of gifts a year. You still have to pay the $19.99. I'm still on the fence. I like the idea of this service and I am considering giving it another shot.

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