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Welcome my name is Megan. 

I am obsessed with Disneyland and visit weekly. I am also the proud mama of a cast member.

I know the best Disneyland Tips and reviews.  Since I practically live there. 

I run and have completed five marathons and thirty-half marathons.

I’m a Potterhead. I love zombies. I love Doctor Who. Horror is my favorite movie genre.

 I am a bibliophile. Reading is everything.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

I am a neat freak with a messy house. I am also totally obsessed with makeup.

Thank you for visiting.

Do Things Really Get Better With Age?

Do Things Really Get Better With Age?

I have spent the last several nights binging season five and six of Sex and the City. Which provoked the thought do we get better as we age?

Sex and the City to this day is an iconic show. 

I initially watched Sex and the City when I was in my early 20s. I watched it from the perspective of a young woman still figuring life out. For a long time, it was my favorite show. 

The show ended, and I moved on. Rewatching it as an adult who is Carrie and Charlottes age changes everything. How I perceived the characters and how I felt about their actions.

After all, it is a TV show, and not everything that happened to the characters is even realistic. 

I confess now I’m not a big fan of the first couple seasons. I think the show shined brightly in the last two seasons. There was a lot of significant character development that needed to take place to make the show more engaging.

Did you ever think how Carrie can afford Monolos and that apartment in that Brownstone? 

There was a lot of suspension of disbelief involved. That brings me to the conclusion that is why I did not cringe when some of the characters behaved in a manner I do find cringeworthy.

I imagine that many of us related to Charlotte when she met Harry, and he repulsed her. Charlotte was petty and downright hurtful.

My current impression of Harry is that he is probably one of the most romantic and charming characters on the show. 

I would not have thought that when I was younger. 

You also realize how toxic some of the relationships are. The show bungled the opportunity to deal with infidelity seriously. The characters who are mostly in their thirties act like they have no tact or life experience. 

If you can rewatch or re-read something, you loved when you were younger and then pinpoint all of the messed up things you missed when you were younger congratulations you have gotten better with age.

I was feeling pretty bad when I started re-watching Sex and the City. It was the end of the year, and I felt as if I had stagnated personally this year and rewatching this made me realize how much I had grown which is a huge accomplishment. 

I recommend if you ever feel as if you have not gotten better with age you revisit the past in some form. Be it a book, show, or chatting with old friends. You will find things do get better with age.

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