10 Fun Facts About Vampirina

I have watched so many cartoons and kid shows over the last 22 years. As a parent, you will watch cartoons with your children. I am not the biggest cartoon fan so I research each show we watch together, that way I can find fun facts that will help keep me interested in the show.

Vampirina is the newest Disney Junior cartoon and she’s a hit. The reason she is an adorable little vampire who loves to sing and ends up in unique situations. I want to share 10 fun facts you might not know about Vampirina. 

1. Vampirina is based on the Vampirina Ballerina books by Anne Marie Pace. 

There are four books: 

Vampirina Ballerina

Vampirina Ballerina hosts a sleepover

 Vampirina at the beach

 Vampirinia in the snow

Disney stayed true to the original concept. But, Vampirina looks different in the books. 

2. Vampirina’s mother is Lorelai Gilmore. Who knew Lauren Graham could sing? I am hoping one day Milo Ventimiglia will lend his voice as a guest star. 

3. James Van Der Beek of Dawson’s Creek fame is Boris Hauntly, Vampiria’s father, and he also sings.
4. If Vampirina’s voice seems familiar to you, that’s because she’s voiced by Isabella Crovetti. You might recognize her voice because she is the voice of Shine on Shimmer and Shine!!!

5. Patti LuPone, a legendary actress, voices Nanpire! 

6. Donald Faison, who is most famous for his role of Turk on Scrubs or as a Murray in Clueless, voiced Dragos the Dancer. 

7. You can now meet Vampirina in person at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. She is even cuter in person. 

8. Chris Nee is best known as the creator of Doc McStuffins and creator of Vampirina. Nee has been working on children’s television show for 17 years. He started as a writer for Blues Clues. 

9. Brown Bag Films is the production company that produces Vampirina. Brown Bag Films produces shows for Nickelodeon and Disney. Octonauts and Nella the Princess Knight are two of their current Nickelodeon shows. They are also producing Watership Down for the BBC. 

10. Brian Stokes Mitchell, who voices Grandpop, was born on Halloween. He also voiced Donnie in the New Kids on the Block cartoon. Who would have guessed NKOTB did not do their own voices? Mitchell was also Trevor on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

I hope these facts were fun and surprising. Which one surprised you the most? 

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10 Fun Facts About Vampirina