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I Have had Enough Of The Grammar Police

I Have had Enough Of The Grammar Police

There is a dark side to blogging. Google blogging there are many articles on blogging. What you won’t find is advice on how to deal with criticism as a blogger.

A common sentiment is if you cannot handle criticism don't blog. We all will experience an insult that bothers us. Most of the time we ignore those negative remarks. 

It is okay not to not like a post but you are crossing a line when you insult someone. You call that person stupid when the insult is about grammar. The gist is the writer has poor comprehension skills. Seems like an assault on ones intelligence to me. 

Read this post by linguist Steven Pinker, if you're a grammar nut. He says breaking the rules is ok. 

The problem with nitpicking grammar is people don't speak that way in real life. English can be an awkward and challenging language. It's illogical to expect a blog that's sole purpose is to publish helpful and engaging content to read like a scholarly article. That is where one would expect perfect grammar.

Most blog posts reflect the authentic voice of the blogger. Unless YOU ARE, not YOUR a perfectionist, most people would bore if I tried having perfect grammar. 

Yes, blogs get trolled yet I find that when most people don’t agree with you on your blog, they close the page. Commenting on a blog is becoming a thing of the past because of social media. People share posts, and their friends read it and return to Facebook or wherever the link came from to analyze it. 

How I feel when I find a grammatical error after hitting publish.

How I feel when I find a grammatical error after hitting publish.

Let me make two things clear as a blogger, you should proofread your post which most of us do. I read each post many times. Here is the thing the grammar police may not realize that we used editing software. The writing style is not up to their persnickety standards.

I understand posts with bad grammar are difficult to understand or read. Write a letter. Submit your letter to Grammarly and Scribbens. Try After the Deadline and Word. These programs never agree on anything, including commas. Commas can be confusing. 

I have an auditory processing disorder and am dyslexic. Yet worked my ass off and maintained a 4.0-grade point average and always made Dean’s list. I’m Writing the way I learned it from my English Professors! Grammar trends change all the time like fashion.

I guess you sense my anger. I am pissed off, and I waited days before I said anything. See my dear sweet husband posted one of my links in a Disney Group on Facebook. As a new blogger I don’t have a large fan base. I don’t have many friends or family. Bloggers such as myself rely on the support of those around us who love us to help us promote our blog. I can’t go to every single Facebook Disney Group and post my links. It’s against the rules. When I am short on time or my traffic is slow sometimes my husband helps me. So he shared my link with a Disney Group to help promote my blog.

Now my husband's mother died the next day. So lessening his load, I checked his Facebook. We are trying to sell things on Facebook Marketplace. We need the money now, and if we ignore a message, then we won't sell anything. So neglecting Facebook notifications is not an option.

I saw the notification for his post in the Disney Group. Many disliked the post because I told people paying for extra service in the post were a waste of money. A remark on my grammar caught my eye. That remark had multiple replies. A group of women tagged each other in the post they were taking turns reading my post and bashing my grammar.

That was enough.

Say I posted a picture of myself in a bikini, and I said: "look at my new bathing suit." Then some random strangers talked about how fat and ugly I was. This is body shaming. Or trolling right? Perhaps both. People usually agree it’s not OK to body shame so why should my grammar be different your still INSULTING me. My grammar is not fucking perfect. Why is it not fucking perfect? I didn’t go to Harvard. I’m not a literary genius, and nobody cares that much.

If I am dropping the F-bomb multiple times that means I am pissed off. There are blogs and websites littered with pop-ups. You get rid of those and pop-under ads appear. They have 25 freaking ads in the sidebars! Or at least it seems as if they do. The content obscured by ads. Words bleed together because someone forgot to hit the space-bar. Transposed letters are commonplace. There are several misspellings. These are blogs that are making five figures a freaking month. Between ad revenue, sponsored posts, and affiliate sales! No one's commenting on their grammar. 

Little people like me. Well, we don't matter that much I guess.

I guarantee you take one of my posts and run them through an editor app like Grammarly it would show no critical errors or the software was wrong not me. There may be minor errors, but overall no significant glaring errors. It is the critics that find fault with my writing and say how horrible the grammar is. Then troll me over grammar. Get a goddamn life. 

I posted what happened in the Disney group. I briefly said others were slamming me in my favorite Business Facebook group, and the consensus was Grammar Police are assholes.

The grammar police can be inconsiderate people. Think about it they want to talk poop on someone for not using a comma or YOUR instead of YOU ARE, or YOU'RE! Who do they think they are? They are the ones sitting on their butts judging others. Saying this to a persons actualface means it's on. 


It takes courage to put yourself out there. Insulting strangers online takes cowardice.

There are people with real problems. Grammarphiles worry about run-on sentences and readability, please. It's important but not everything. It is a blog post on saving money at Disney Not the New Yorker. 

The perfect editing software for the average person doesn’t exist. Most bloggers use multiple programs to catch what the others missed. Many do not understand how many hours we spend working for free. 

I was getting paid for posts. How much longer do you think it will last if people in Disney Groups are bashing my grammar. My grammar is not bad compared to many other websites.

I resolved that I would stand up for myself. I do not read what people post about me. But once you interfere with my livelihood, I will not stand for it at all. Consider this you are not the only one reading it. If you're super nitpicky and know my content is not horrible shut up. Are missing commas was it worth scaring off readers. Would anyone stand in front of a coffee shop where they dislike the coffee warning people not to go in? Well, that's what you're doing when you bash someone on the internet. It is scaring away their potential readers.

Poor grammar signifies that either the person did not bother to edit their work, or the editing software overlooked something. You need to get over yourself.

It’s freaking ridiculous that I had to waste my time effort and energy on this.

When you insult me and make fun of me, it makes it so that anyone who sees that may feel influenced by what you are saying. Perhaps I suffer from a learning disability. Which I do. You cannot always know why the errors exist in anyone's blog post. 

You have nothing better to do. Take the time to consider that it might it’s just rude to call people out publically. 

The next time you feel concern over someone's grammar stop caring so much and get a life?

If you dislike my grammar, you are welcome to leave. 

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