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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

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Do you want to Save 25 % at Sally Beauty?

Do you want to Save 25 % at Sally Beauty?

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**


I was the outside sales representative for Sally Beauty a long time ago. Which meant I worked in the store but also worked with Salons. I would help them place large orders and deliver to them. During my time there I learned what some of the most expensive and hottest salons used. Surprise it was Ion hair products from Sally. 

When I received an email from Sally beauty supply saying that because I’m an affiliate, they are giving me a code to for 25% off $50 purchase I was excited. The code is valid on June 4th. But now that’s $12.50. So if you dye your hair or have been waiting to buy a nice hair iron this coupon may be helpful.


This is a great opportunity to try products you might not otherwise. I will recommend to you five items at Sally beauty supply you should try. 

Ion bond repair therapy nourishing conditioner is awesome. It will restore moisture to your hair after dying it. Many of my salons used it for conditioning treatments. If you use a flatiron or a blow dryer daily you should try this too.


I love the OPI nail lacquer there’s a reason this nail polish is well loved its wonderful. The pigmentation is phenomenal, and the polish lasts for a long time and it doesn’t chip.


My next choice will be the Face Secrets ultra wedges with vitamin E. I don’t always want to wear a full face of make up and I don’t always want to wet my beauty blender and then I have to wash it afterwards. This is why I keep cosmetic wedges on hand for days when I want to apply a concealer under my eyes. I also like having these in my make up bag because if your concealer creases you can fix it with the wedge. 


One reason I love Sally is you can get Queen Helene items here. There was a time where I could walk in almost any drugstore and find a Queen Helene item but now it’s downright frustrating because most of my stores don't carry it. They make great face masks and the mint julep mask is one of the best things you can use when you’re breaking out. It will help clear out your pores and dry up your pimples. I use it as a spot treatment for my pimples.


I will be buying a cabinet door hair dryer holder. I like to write about cleaning and organization because it’s important and a product like this can free up a lot of your space under your bathroom sink. 

Sally Beauty is a great place to pick up a lot of hair and skin care products, makeup, and salon quality items. The prices are good at Sally Beauty. They also run some amazing sales. If you have not shopped at Sally Beauty, check them out. 


Here are some discount codes for you:

This code is valid 06/04/201/-06-07/2018

Take 20% off $50 purchases with code 888176.

This one is valid until 06/30

Stock Up and Save! Buy 2 Get 1 Free: Hair Care, Hair Color, Nails & Travel

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