You Are Never Too Young For Disneyland Or Disney World

As a Disney blogger, I read many Disney websites, blogs, and comments on Facebook. People ask why you are bringing your children to Disney? I hear they too young and they won’t remember. Or you’re wasting money. I often hear people say Disney is not a place for babies.

Disney can bring out the salty people. I sugarcoat nothing. They are too young sentiment on Disney articles, pages, and groups makes little sense. You are a grown adult who loves Disney but complains about babies and small children? At a theme park based on a cartoon character? 


I will direct you over to my cloth diapers at Disneyland post if you don’t think babies belong at Disneyland. The point is moot, and you will not win any arguments here. Walt Disney never would have built the baby care center if babies were not welcome. If babies did not belong his opening day speech would be different. He’d say “To all who come to this happy place that is twelve and up; welcome. Disneyland is your land.” Insert eye roll. 

Some people need to get over themselves. If you are reading this, and you want to take your little one to Disney, and someone is saying, but they won’t remember. Do yourself a favor unless the other parent opposes it tune them out. People who grouse about babies are hard to please, anyway. They are too young logic if applied to everything most children would lie in bed all day neglected. 

Why buy them a toy? They are too young to remember it. Why read them a book if they won’t remember. Any time you interact with them, they don’t enjoy your company? I mean why take kids to the latest kid's movie if they are too young to remember right? So what if they won’t remember! You will! 

Besides that, there are the pictures and the memories you made with your child that last forever. People overlook that babies and children have emotions the same as everyone else. Because someone can’t remember it doesn’t mean their feelings don’t matter.

Scientific American says, “every experience shapes the brain in meaningful ways.” Let that sink in. Babies need to experience life. Not to stay at home all day. I used to baby-sit a toddler who knew where everything was at Disneyland. By two she would not sit in her stroller at Disneyland. She knew she was going. 

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My son does not recall his first trip to Disneyland with his father and me, but we have those pictures. As your child grows, it is harder to remember when they were little. I cannot remember his sweet little voice anymore. When your children are small, cherish your time with them. A family trip anywhere including Disney helps you form memories that will not fade in time. 

In fact, I’d rather go to Disneyland with a baby or small child than I would go with an adult. Experiencing the joy of Disney with a child is heartwarming. When you are no longer with them, they will have the pictures. The memories may fade for them but those pictures will help them remember how much you loved and cared for them. 

Children regardless of age should experience the world and what it offers. If you are questioning bringing your child with you to Disney or on vacation, I urge you to take them with you.

I guarantee your baby will be fine. Memories are always worth making. No matter how young or old those that surround you are. Family vacations are about togetherness and spending time together.

Enjoy your children and take that vacation while you can. We never know what the future holds and you may not have the time or money later. 

Until next time happy travels. 

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