Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster Review

This is a sponsored post for Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

This summer I have purchased toys that encourage my children to spend time outdoors. Any toy that my child can play with without my help is awesome. Most parents can understand how hard summer can be on parents and kids.

Kids are hot but don’t want to stay inside all day. Many miss their friends from school. As parents our kids are home all day and keeping them busy is hard. Sometimes visiting the local park is the only chance you will have to sit down and decompress for a few minutes.

I will play with my children at the park. However, we all know how wonderful it is to sit down and watch them play!

Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster Review. #Kidzlane #toys #toyreview

When I saw the Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster and learned I could review it I was ecstatic!

I love Kidzlane toys! Because they are bright, cheerful, fun, affordable, and many encourage independent play. Take the

Kidzlane Remote Control racing cars I reviewed for example. The cars can be played with alone or with other kids.

So my youngest will play with the cars with her siblings and friends. But can also play with the cars alone. Because I am a work at home mom, I need those types of toys. Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster can be played with independently or socially. In fact, this toy can attract a lot of attention at the park! If your child is trying to make new friends, this toy will help.

Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster Review. #Kidzlane #toys #toyreview #ad

When the Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster arrived it took 1 minute set it up. The battery compartment is secured with a small Philips Head screw. Which I love. I dislike it when my child can access the batteries. Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster also lights up. The lights are visible in daylight too!

We went to the local park and had a blast playing with the Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster! My youngest was having a ball as her dad used the Bubble Blaster so she could chase the bubbles. There a lot of bubbles! Many of them were big too! We wore her out for letting her chase bubbles. Then it was her turn to use the Bubble Blaster. She had no problems using it without help. In fact, I could sit down and rest while she played with the Bubble Blaster.

Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster Review. #Kidzlane #toys #toyreview

We used the entire bottle of bubble solution that came with the Bubble Blaster. She had that much fun with the Bubble Blaster. It’s easy for little hands to use. You fill the tray that comes with the bubble blaster and dip it. My daughter mastered this in seconds.

Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster Review. #Kidzlane #toys #toyreview

If you are looking for a toy that your child can use in the backyard or park without your help this is it! Th Kidzlane Bubble Blaster would also be great at the beach. When you are tired of being buried in the sand.

Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster Review. #Kidzlane #toys #toyreview

We also attracted a lot of attention. We were at the neighborhood park and the bubbles were catching everyone’s attention. Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster would make a great toy for an outdoor party too. The Bubble Blaster is a toy that a child can use to entertain themselves or play with other children. The Bubble Blaster is easy to use and is fun! I cannot recommend the Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster enough. We loved playing with it and will continue to enjoy it! Especially because it made bedtime easier that night! She tuckered out from chasing bubbles!

You can buy a Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster here. If you have questions, please comment below.

Kidzlane Light-Up Bubble Blaster Review. #Kidzlane #toys #toyreview #ad