Disneyland Etiquette

I am at Disneyland so much I contemplated changing my address with the post office. I see and hear many things. Many people forget the second they step foot into the park is to mind their manners. I realize you are excited. You still need to practice basic etiquette which at Disney. 

Your experience depends on how those around you behave and on how you act. So Disney etiquette is crucial to having a great visit. These tips make your holiday and holiday of others better. 

1. Do not hog the photo opportunities. Photo Pass Photographers and Cast Members sometimes offer photo props. Please remember other people want to use them too. For example, you want a photo at the Mint Julep wall. Or a castle shot do not forget others want to take pictures. Let other guests pass you and please remember Disneyland is a theme park, not a portrait studio. 

Disneyland Etiquette. #Disneyland #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #Disney #Travel

2. Do not overstay your welcome. If you’re the only person in the line for the princess meet and greet at the Royal Hall. Or the only Guest on Main Street that wants to hang out with Goofy fine. To spend 5 minutes with a character when a line exists is rude. People ask characters to autograph many autograph books and shirts or other souvenirs. Afterwards pose for a group picture and individual pictures. When you have a large party that is rude. If parents want a quick pic of their child with Mickey and a family shot that may be ok. Remember other people are waiting. If you wonder if you are talking too long leave. 

Disneyland Etiquette. #Disneyland #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #Disney #Travel

3. Saving parade spots is rude. Annual Passholders are often guilty of this. Many will show up and sit on Main Street with a tablet or laptop and work and stick around for several hours. Families will park a grandparent on the street. People use backpacks, strollers, blankets, or towels to save spaces. People even take naps. That is crazy. There should be plenty of parade spots before the parades so stop doing this. Disney put the kibosh on this. They failed. 

Disneyland Etiquette. #Disneyland #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #Disney #Travel

4. Put the phone down. Holding up your phone during parades and fireworks will block the view of others. I feel iPad's don’t belong if you’re using them to take pictures. They are humongous and can obstruct others views. I’ve seen people videotape an entire ride holding an iPad up ruining the ride for everyone else. Cell phones apply to this too. If you want to take pictures during a parade stand up behind the front row. If you take pictures let others see. 

Believe it or not, this was a couple, and they did this during the entire parade. The view of several children and the elderly obscured.

Believe it or not, this was a couple, and they did this during the entire parade. The view of several children and the elderly obscured.

5. Be considerate on rides that take pictures. When you’re on a ride that takes pictures, think about it if you pose for photographs you may block other people. If you pose for the drops ask to sit in the back please. Ask the other party sitting with you if they mind if you pose. I get it's your memories but on rides that take pictures its other peoples memories too. When the people in front of me on Splash Mountain do a stupid pose, they may block my party. I don't want a picture of a random stranger dabbing. 

Disneyland Etiquette. #Disneyland #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #Disney #Travel

6. Everyone has to wait in line. Don't use my mom/spouse/kids/friends are waiting excuse to cut the line. I post line tips here. Everyone's time is valuable. 

7. Don’t argue with the Cast Members if you miss your FastPass cut off time. It's your wrong, not theirs. Unless the ride closed during your return time pardon the pun, let it go. 

Disneyland Etiquette. #Disneyland #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #Disney #Travel

8. Don’t monopolize the Cast Members time and be polite to them. I get you need to ask when Fantasmic is but they need not know your life story. When you over share you are making everyone else wait. If you are mad because the Popcorn Buckets sell out, don't lecture the Cast Members. If you have a problem, go to City Hall.

9. There are ducks all over Disneyland please be kind to them. Do not feed the ducks bread and popcorn which is bad for ducks. If your children chase them or throw things at the ducks stop them. Don't let children throw things at animals. 

10. No swearing kids are everywhere just refrain from swearing. 

11. Do not smoke or vape in areas that do not allow smoking. I am furious Disney allows smoking on Big Thunder Trail. Many unsuspecting guests must walk through smoke. If you must smoke wait long enough to find a smoking area. Smoke in designated areas only.

12. When you eat clean up the mess. Pick up after yourself Disneyland has garbage cans everywhere. This warrants no further explanation.

13. Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to where you are going. If you're pushing a stroller pay attention, please do not force your way through the crowds. When walking pay attention to where you are going. I have seen plenty of people walk into strollers and then blame the person pushing it. I have also seen parents not paying attention. Don't stop in the middle of the street or walkway either.

14. Do not scream on purpose. On the Haunted Mansion do not yell on the elevator. This is annoying and scares kids. Yelling on the rides is not cool. You're ruining the ride, scaring kids, and hurting people's ears. People scream on purpose to be annoying or funny. I am not saying you cannot scream. I am saying don't scream to be a jerk. 

15. Turn off the flash on your phone if you will take pictures on rides. To make wonderful memories being kind and considerate will help. What else should be on this list?

Disneyland Etiquette. #Disneyland #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #Disney #Travel
15 Rude Things That People Do At Disneyland. #Disneyland Etiquette. #Disneyland #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #Disney #Travel