Is Drunk Elephant's Sephora Exclusive Big Reveal Kit Worth The Price?

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If you’re into skincare, you have probably heard of Drunk Elephant. Everyone raves about Drunk Elephant, the only catch is it’s expensive. What’s amazing about Drunk Elephant is this brand is full of great ingredients. Sephora has classified many of their products as clean. Sephora will give you samples if you ask. I know this because everyone kept talking about Babyfacial. 

I had samples made twice, and I saw a difference after the first use. With my sensitive skin I was surprised I could also leave it on for the full 20 minutes. This is rare for me with AHA and BHA treatment. If you have skin texture issues, this is for you. Many women have issues where their make up sits on top of their skin. Babyfacial will help. This product is amazing because it exfoliates.

If you’ve tried different skin care products, several primers, and foundations. A skin care routine with an alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acids can improve your skin texture! I didn’t want to buy this though it’s a hefty price tag it’s $80 for a bottle.

I was browsing Sephora and found you could get two full-sized Drunk Elephant Products. The Big Reveal Kit that is exclusive is a bargain. Let’s break down the math: 

A full size Babyfacial is $80.00 at this point this is already looking like a win right? 

A full size Lippie Balm is $18.00 so far we are at a $98.00 value. 

1 oz Jelly Cleanser which a 5 oz costs $34 which makes this a $6.80 value.

8ml of the B-Hydra that is $52 for 50 ml. At $1.04 a ml equals a $8.32 value. 

The Virgin Maula Oil is $72 for 30 ml. At 2.40 a ml the 8 milliliter bottle is worth $19.20. 

That makes the full value of this set $132.32 you save $44.32. For eight dollars more than a full-size product. You get two full-size products and then three trial sizes!

If you are a bargain shopper or you can’t justify spending $80 on a treatment guess what this might be a good option for you! Especially once Sephora gives out the VIB Rouge coupon. Remember Sephora will give VIB Rouges a $25 coupon valid 11/29-12/12! This means you can save $69 on Drunk Elephant products total!

What will you be using your VIB coupon on?

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Is The Drunk Elephant Big Reveal Kit Worth It? #sephora #christmasgift

This blog contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase.