Why You Must Try FaceTory

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If you’ve ever subscribed to a beauty box, you know it can be a waste of money. Now if you get one or two great items in that box and you love them it’s worth it.

With some boxes like Birchbox or Sephora Play you get many small items. Sometimes you get sent the same things many times. Like the same color of lipstick. And you’re stuck with it.

You will not use up the lipstick in two weeks. Beauty Box items take up room and create clutter. That is why I never talk about any monthly beauty boxes.

Sheet masks are tiny and they’re easy to store. Many people use them nowadays. 

And if you’re feeling very lazy, this is the perfect way to take care of your skin. You put the mask on your face and you leave it there for 15-20 minutes and then take it off and toss the mask. 

Another issue is cost. Some of them are under $10 but like I said you get stuck with repeats and doubles. 

I like many people am on such a tight budget it squeaks. So if I buy anything it has to be dirt cheap. I need skin care products though every month because of my rosacea.

If you don’t have rosacea be grateful. It causes redness and forces you to take care of your skin. 

Moisturizing is the key to managing rosacea. Sheet masks can help a lot because they contain a serum that may otherwise evaporate. The sheet mask helps the serum stay on the face and penetrate the skin better.

It’s one reasons I love sheet masks so much. Because sheet masks are super moisturizing.

There are sheet masks to make your skin look brighter, help with acne, help dryness, minimize pores, and treat wrinkles. There are many types of sheet masks.

When you go to Ulta or Sephora, it’s roughly five dollars for one sheet mask. And you will use it once and then throw it away!

If you are like me, you can’t afford to do that!  

That’s why FaceTory is awesome they have one subscription for under $10 a month. The Forever Fresh box is four masks for $5.95  plus shipping $2.95. You get four sheet masks mailed to you a month. They usually total about $11-13 in value.

The Seven Luxe box is $15.95 you got a $28.50 value of 7 sheet masks. Shipping is $3.95 so for under $20 you get seven sheet masks. 

The Your Story box  is a personalized box and cost's $19.90 with shipping included. 

What I love is these are all wonderful and effective K- Beauty masks that deliver results. I need not leave my house to get them or even go online. It' a monthly subscription service. 

The best part is if I love a mask I can purchase it on FaceTory's website. You can also purchase past boxes if they are in stock.

I have yet to receive any disappointing boxes from FaceTory. Though with my subscription I get mine in an envelope so it fits in my mailbox. I tried subscriptions like Ipsy and Birchbox over the years and always felt let down and like I wasted money. 

Not anymore. I get something that is not only affordable but at a discount and I love everything I receive.

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