2018 Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure

I Love it when the Festival of Holidays starts. There’s so much food and entertainment to enjoy. The Festival of Holidays celebrates several holiday traditions from all over the world. Because I visit the festival several times a year, I would love to share how we enjoy the festival. So here are a few tips to help make your visit a lot easier this year.

Some think the Festival of Holidays is not kid friendly. Some believe Festival of Holidays its more like Food and Wine. Festival of Holidays is child friendly. Elena of Avalor has a meet and greet. Her grand arrival which is a musical show with singing and dancing is a do not miss. Disney Viva Navidad is also family friendly. The show is one of my most favorite shows. Viva Navidad’s music is lively, and the dancing is amazing.

The shows occur in a small area of California Adventure and is standing room only. If you plan on watching and enjoying the shows arrive early. You will have to wait.

If you get here earlier in the day, it helps Disneyland is a local hangout for many So Cal residents. If you can visit before school lets out or before Christmas break this can make your trip so much easier.

Disney offers activities for children like coloring and paper crafts. The craft area is a great place to take your children if they’re sick of walking around.

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The Festival Foods market Place lines can’t get long. I have heard of people waiting 15 minutes to get a cookie last year. The Mickey and Minnie cookies were one of the most desired food items.

I recommend getting the Sip and Savor Pass for $54. Which gives you a chance to sample the food added good value. Holiday Tasting Passport is available here. Alcoholic beverages are not included.

We love Santa at Redwood Creek Trail and the festival has more food booths in that area people overlook. Arrive early the line to see Santa can get long. Many of my friends waited an hour or longer in mid December.

The best tip I can give you is arrive early. The lines are shorter. Fewer people are in the parks early in the morning especially on weekdays. If you want to enjoy the Festival and take pictures arrive early in the day. You will have a better time.

The truth is it will get crowded. The closer we get to Christmas the bigger the crowds get. Because the Festival of Holidays offers more food than anything else you can break things up.

Arrive at California Adventure early in the day. Sample food and watch Elena of Avalor and Viva Navidad. Then return to try more food when you are hungry.

With twelve booths total there is plenty of food to try. So arrive early and experience what matters most to you first without long lines.


Then come back and enjoy the rest at your own pace. I find making sure you see the shows early makes a huge difference. As Christmas draws nearer, it can be harder to find a great viewing spot.

I hope these tips help. You can find here the official food guide here. Happy holidays.

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