7 Tips For When Mom Is Sick

Mothers never get a sick day. When you are the primary caretaker of the kids and household there is usually no one to step in so you can rest. When a mom does not get enough rest, she takes longer to recuperate. What is a mom supposed to do? Most of us keep momming no matter what! These hacks are a lifesaver when sick.

1. Take advantage of having groceries delivered. I know it can be expensive but most stores offer free delivery for the first order. Or a discount on delivery if you buy certain items. Some stores offer pick up service as well if you can drive.

Order plenty of orange juice and chicken soup for you. I order a few varieties of chicken soup to make that millionth bowl of soup less boring. Green tea with lemon and honey is a great option. Electrolyte water is another item I would consider stocking up on.

Order launchable’s, uncrustables, and plenty of convenience foods for the kids. Honestly, you need to stay off your feet as much as possible. A few days of eating these types of foods are ok. Most stores sell sliced fruits and veggies. Order those as well so the kids are getting their fruits and veggies.

Order enough tissues. I buy Lysol, Alcohol prep pads, Vitamin E softgels or rosehip oil, and nipple cream for breastfeeding. More on that in tip number two.


2. A runny nose can become red and raw fast. No matter what you put on it when you blow your nose it will come off. This is why I pierce a vitamin E soft gel and apply that to my nose. I then top it with nipple cream for breastfeeding moms. Lotions and oils transfer to tissue but nipple cream made of lanolin will stay on longer. Rosehip oil can soothe your nose too. The healing process after your nose stops running is much faster too.

3. Alcohol Prep pads are amazing for disinfecting items as you use them. Germs can live up to 24 hours. To prevent the spread of germs, I keep prep pads on hand to clean items after I use them to kill germs.


4. Skip cleaning. If you must spot clean only. Honestly, we clean and the next day the messes come back. Rest will not be detrimental. Consider asking children two and up to help. Small kids can put toys away. In fact most toddlers love to help. It never hurts to ask. 

5. Make the days lazy ones. If the kids do not have school declare that no one needs to get dressed. This makes less laundry to do later. A Netflix marathon with the kids can allow you to rest. Make sure you have space so you do not spread germs to the kids.


6. Spray common household surfaces with Lysol. Since Lysol kills viruses use it. I disinfect common surfaces at bedtime when I am sick and I am glad to report I have yet to make one kid sick. Remember, they can pass bugs around. Which means if they get sick you could get sick again too. Spray light switches, sink handles, and doorknobs.

7. Let go of guilt. Seriously. I have learned this the hard way. Don't worry about falling behind. Sometimes you need to rest. You can prolong your illness or make things worse if you overexert yourself. I rather spend a day cleaning up healthy than an extra week sick.

The kids will be ok. So what if they spend a few days watching TV and eating soup and launchable’s? You are still feeding them. Wearing the same pajamas and skipping a bath, is fine. It will bother you more than it bothers them.

Truth is being sick is never easy. Some tricks can help prevent you from making the rest of your family sick. Its worse being sick when the kids are too.

Try to take an easy. Remember the laundry can wait. Instacart will deliver groceries. That kids are resilient. A few days of watching TV and eating microwaved food for most kids is a real treat.

Being sick is hard enough. Caring for children while sick is the hardest thing you will do as a mom. Take shortcuts when you can. Remember you are better off resting. 

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7 Crucial Tips For When Mom Is Sick