How To Ruin Mickey's Halloween Party

Want to know the easiest way to have a lousy time and Mickey’s Halloween party or Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party? Wear an amazing costume! Mickey’s Halloween party or MNSSHP is an amazing experience for grown-ups. Let’s face it adults cannot trick-or-treat. Most people would not have it. Disney provides a safe environment for adults to trick-or-treat with their kids. 

The tickets are not cheap. Many buy tickets online where the landing page tells you the rules. You assume people would read the costume guidelines. I learned the hard way most people either did not read them or did not know or care. The rules state you may dress as a character as long as you don’t pose for pictures or sign autographs. If you do not comply, Disney can ask you to leave.

Writing this post was hard. I do not want to sound preachy. Sometimes you have to own your truth. So many people are wearing amazing costumes this year. Excessive picture taking could lead to a ban on adult costumes. It is a possibility. Disney has a strict costume policy and rules.

I get it you perceive asking for one picture is harmless. Management and security cameras are always there. The other aspect of asking for pictures is you may bother or interrupt the other party. You do not know the other person and their story. You may be excited and see an awesome costume but forget that you may not be the first person to ask for a picture.

My Halloween Party tickets were for the day before my 39th birthday. My husband who works two jobs who I never see was with us. We were celebrating my birthday and having quality time as a family. On a side note I’m trying to ensure the year leading up to my 40th birthday involves a lot of personal growth for me. I never put myself first. I’ve spent 22 years putting others first. You need to put your own oxygen mask on first. This is the year, I do that. 

My low self-esteem makes life hard for me. I am also timid in real life and making eye contact is hard for me. The fear I will make other people mad if I say no overwhelms me. The fear of saying no holds power over you. If you act like you are a doormat like I often do telling someone no can be very stressful.

I was fearful to wear cute dresses or Mickey Mouse ears. Or dress up in a cute costume because I am overweight and I feel old. I dislike having my picture taken. I hate being the center of attention. Since Disney had rules about costumes and other people would dress up, I assumed I would blend in. I decided I worry too much. If I wear an amazing costume, no would notice or care. 


If you follow me on social media, you know I love Hocus Pocus. I wanted to dress as the Hocus Pocus characters with my family for years. Official Hocus Pocus costume’s licensed by Disney were not available two years ago. Before that if you wanted to dress as a Hocus Pocus character you either had to put together your own costume. Or buy one on Etsy that can get expensive. I ordered a Winifred Sanderson for me. And Billy Butcherson costume for my husband. Dressing as Winnie was a bucket list item for me. 

So imagine my shock when someone asked me for a picture. It caught me off guard. Since it is against the rules to pose for pictures, I said so. This happened at Royal Hall at the front of the line. I was with my husband and kids. I love Disneyland Cast Members I’m not trying to throw this guy under the bus. However, when I said I didn’t want to take the picture, the Cast Member manning the line said it’s ok I won’t tell. 

Now imagine you are in my position and you don’t want to take pictures with complete strangers. You don’t even want to take pictures with your own family. And then a complete stranger asked for your picture and you tell them it’s against the rules because it is. Then someone else in a position of power says I won’t tell. I seemed to be in the wrong although I was following the rules.

Even when they wanted a picture of me and my husband with them no one thought of my kids. Who will mind my kids? Do not ask parents to do anything that takes their attention away from their kids. That is not acceptable.

Perhaps it was because it was it the first party of the year and I was wearing Sanderson sister costume. I do not understand but every 10 or 15 minutes someone would shout at me. Winnifred. Hocus Pocus. The question where are your sisters grew tiresome. 

People came up behind me and touched me to get my attention. People asked me for pictures even though I was with my family. Let’s make this clear I wasn’t walking around by myself. Many who asked for pictures were alone. So I don’t know if that was a factor in them not taking into consideration I was a Mother with her family. When I was alone with my kids and trying to tend to their needs people, did not care. I am having a moment with my kids and someone interrupted us to ask for a picture. How is that not rude?

I lost count after my 10th encounter with people that night. After three hours I was so miserable I wanted to leave. I was watching my kids on Dumbo with my husband telling him I wanted to go home. A woman approached me from behind me shouting loudly. She was insistent we take a picture. At that moment my husband understood why I felt so upset. 

It was like no one thought about my feelings. We are strangers. I am at a costume party where the rules state I am to not pose for pictures with other guests. I’m with my family we’re spending time together. If you shout at me and then ask me for something do you think I will give it to you? If you like a costume give that person a smile or a thumbs up. Be courteous. You need not shout at a stranger in public. If you make a big deal about the adults costumes Disney will see. 

Some great costumes are being worn by Disney influencers and Disney YouTubers. They are stopping and they are posing for pictures and that’s a problem. Several Cast Members told me someone did meets and greets in a costume so they kept an eye out this year. I get it you’re excited someone has dressed as a character that never appears in the parks. Maybe their costume is fantastic and you think it is cool to take a picture with them. Consider two important points. First this person is having their own experience and asking them to pose with you could get them kicked out. You could also disturb them. 

Second if you think someone’s costume is amazing and you want a picture there are other people who had the same idea. If people ask the same person to have their pictures taken Disney will notice. There are managers all over the park. I saw them throughout the night. There’s also Security. And there’s also surveillance camera’s everywhere. 

If people don’t follow the rules, it goes both ways Disney can take away privileges. We’re not allowed to pose for pictures but think about it if you keep asking for them Disney will notice that. So say I love your costume and keep going. Don’t interrupt people at a ticketed event with a strict costume policy. 

The belief if someone is wearing a cool costume entitles you to take a picture is wrong. No one owes you anything because they are wearing a costume you like. The person may not want to pose for a picture. Disney does not sanction guests posing for pictures dressed as characters. You are likely not the only person to ask either. That behavior may get someone kicked out of the party or worse.

It would be a shame if Disney banned adults wearing costumes. Behavior like this would be the reason. I never understood why the policy was strict. Now I get it. I hope perhaps my experience will give you some perspective. 

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