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5 Overrated Things About Disneyland

5 Overrated Things About Disneyland

As someone that goes to Disney often people ask me what's overrated? I passed my 1000th visit on my pass long ago.

I am listing the five things at Disneyland not worthy of the hype. Remember this is my opinion. If you like something then carry on liking it.

So here are my top five overrated Disneyland items.

Churros. Yes, the churros are average. They’re not spectacular! Disneyland Churros are not different from the churros you get anywhere else. Except I’ve had a lot more cold and stale churros at Disneyland than anyplace else.


I prefer the Mickey Mouse pretzel or popcorn.

People wait in long lines for churros. Because Disney now sells flavored and themed churros. I tried the Lotso one! To try it, I stood in line for 10 minutes to get it and I never stand in any Disney line. I wanted to like that churro. The Lotso churro was overly sugary, and the flavor was too much.

Disney has nailed great flavored churros from what I hear. 

In the meantime I rather not recommend you get a churro and then you get a stale lukewarm churro. Disney has a lot of amazing treats superior to the churro.


Pixar Pier namely the Incredicoaster. Look Disney is great at re-theming. They have to be. If Disney want's to stay on top, they must keep up with trends. Re-theming can take an outdated in need of refurbishment land or area and make it new.

Let's be honest Pixar Pier is Paradise Pier with Pixar signs slapped up. I don’t get why they made a big deal and opened it when Jessie’s Critter Carousel isn’t even open yet.

Then there is the Incrediecoaster debacle. Many people felt the Incredicoaster theming during the ride wasn’t that great. The best part of the roller coaster was the ending. When you see the giant Jack Jack and Edna Mode. The theming on the roller coaster itself was barely there.

The games were disappointing. I mean all the games are the same games they had before. Some prizes are the same.

The only Pixar Pier offering I find refreshing and new is the Lamplight Lounge. Which I have mixed feelings about. The Imagineers nailed the theming. But the Lamplight Lounge is expensive, and the menu is lacking. So yes that is overrated too.

The bathroom behind the carousel could use a freshening up. Some sinks are terrible with water flow. An updated bathroom like the one in Adventureland would have been swell.

IMG_2955 2.JPG

MaxPasss I’ve got a Bee in my bonnet on this one. Disney needs to go back to the drawing board. Perhaps MaxPass should be offered for the pass holders only as a perk. Disneyland should implement a new improved service. Some think an upgrade will be costly. Let's be serious here. Even if its $25+ a head the ability to reserve a FastPass within the hour for any FastPass attraction is worth it.

As it stands MaxPass does not give you any advantages! You may wait a few or even several hours to get on the ride and then you can’t book any other reservations in the meantime! Unless you do not mind waiting and do not want to walk MaxPass sucks.

AfterlightImage 13.JPG

The Redhead on Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m not a fan of what they did with the ride many years ago which was making it PC. You cannot sanitize the past. That will not change it. I was a history major I have about 40 history units on my transcript so this is a huge pet peeve.

I prefer the offensive non PC version. You cannot learn from the past if it is sanitized.

AfterlightImage 12.JPG

Last but not least. Star Wars Land and everything that has to do with Star Wars Land.

A lot of us Disney Fans who are not Star Wars fans have been long suffering. Every year more Star Wars theming and Star Wars merchandise invades the park.

Here’s the problem Galaxies Edge is going to be small. Most important Star Wars Land has two rides! One perk of Star Wars land Disney is promoting is the Blue Milk! Blue Milk? Seriously Blue Milk. Two rides? One ride we have no info on!

Star Wars Land is a way to sell more Star Wars merchandise and tickets.

I don’t understand why they bothered? I mean why two rides?

For someone like me who is not a fan of Star Wars you could have reeled me in and made me a Star Wars enthusiast! Those rides should entice me and make me want to go over to the dark side (I'm punny)! The food offerings should make my mouth water. Blue Milk are you kidding me? Disney dropped the ball!

I mean with two rides and one of them we don’t even know anything about. I don’t care about Star Wars Land. I hope everyone hangs out over there and the rest the park is empty. We all know that will not happen. But one can only hope Obi Wan.

There more overrated Disneyland things. These however are so lame. I mean how hard is it serve fresh churros? Seriously Blue Milk? That one I cannot wrap my head around.

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