How To Make An Envelope Pillow

Everyone is buzzing about a Spring refresh. Which I think is amazing but can get expensive. A refresh can be as easy as a few new pillows and adding some new accent home decor. You can refresh your home on a tight budget if you are crafty.

Envelope pillows are easy to make and inexpensive. You can recover your pillows or make a cover and use a pillow from the craft store. JoAnn is always running a sale and Wal-Mart has good prices on fabric.


Even a beginner can sew an envelope pillow. What you need is your fabric and a pillow. Always wash your fabric before starting your project. That way the fabric will not bleed. Shrinking is also an issue. If you wash it after you sew and it shrinks the completed project may no longer fit on the pillow.

You must press your fabric so there are no wrinkles. Then you measure and cut. If your pillow is 14x14 cut a 15 inch square for the front. You will cut a second square for the back. Pay attention because you cut that in half! If you cut another 15 inches, the cover will not fit. Because you must allow 1/2 for each side of the flap to press and stitch. The seams will be 1/4 an inch. Plus one flap needs to overlap the other. Remember to make seam allowances.

This is where it can get complicated. Sewing requires a little math as you can see. If your finished project is larger than it should be that is an easy fix. One that is too small means using a seam ripper and getting more fabric. You could sew the hems on the flaps then pin the rest together where the seam will be and see if the pillow will fit. This is optional. 


Let's say you settle on cutting a 15 inch square and a 16.5 inch square. Take the 16.5 inch and cut it down the middle. Make sure if you are using a print the edges align. Using your sewing gauge measure 1/4 an inch on the vertical edge where the opening will be. Press the edge. Then fold it over 1/4 inch and press again. Then sew a straight stitch down the vertical hem. Repeat with the other flap.

The flaps must overlap.

The flaps must overlap.

Measure the edge 1/4 inch. Press. Then fold over 1/4 inch again. Press and sew.

Measure the edge 1/4 inch. Press. Then fold over 1/4 inch again. Press and sew.

Then here comes the tricky part. You lay the flaps face up how they should align. Make sure there is an overlap.  Get the other piece of fabric. Align it face down on top of the flaps. Then pin.

Excuse the sloppy work. I have a serger which I will be using later to finish the projec t.

Excuse the sloppy work. I have a serger which I will be using later to finish the project.

Use a straight stitch and sew all the way around. Use a zig zag stich if you want to prevent fraying or you do not have a serger on the edge. Clipping the corners with scissors will help ensure your corners look perfect.

Then turn your finished pillow right side out. There you go you have made your pillow cover.

Pillow too big? Measure how much. Then remove the cover and sew a new seam. I find that fixes the issue.

If you do not know how to sew check out The site answers a lot of questions and can help you learn to sew. 

Happy crafting everyone.

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