Why I am waiting to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

I know so many of you are excited and cannot wait to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. My husband is a die-hard fan and my kid will work there so we need to go. However, we will not visit Star Wars Land when it opens. We are waiting to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

I want you to go to YouTube and watch vlogs on opening day of Pandora or Toy Story Land. Fans that can work the system still wait in long lines. Some waited hours to enter the land. I can still remember the lines for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. The lines were a 3-4 hour wait. For months, the usual wait was 2+ hours. That was for one re-themed ride. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will be worse.

That is why my recommendation is to hold off on visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Disneyland is so much smaller than Walt Disney World. If you are a local or a pass holder, you can see Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge from the parking garage. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is not that big.

Disneyland is a local hangout. I fear that most of July both parks will be at or near capacity daily. Some passes only allow admission to Disney California Adventure. I expect even Disney California Adventure will be busy. Those with no blackout dates on their pass will visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Crowds or not.

Disneyland will probably limit the number of people allowed into Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. You will probably stand in a line just to enter. If you leave the land, you will not be getting back in.

Take into consideration people will take advantage of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. People will buy up the merchandise and resell it on eBay. They will resell it on eBay for twice what they paid or more. The eBay sellers contribute to the crowding and longer wait times.

Especially with merchandise lines. That’s one reason I’m waiting. I know my husband will want memorabilia. I could not imagine waiting in line to get into Star Wars Galaxies Edge. Only to find the popcorn bucket he wanted sold out. I’d rather wait.

Many people think Disney will not restock certain items. Therefore, they wait in the lines and make crowding worse. Most items that Disney sells out of returns to stock. Oogie Boogie and the Little Green Man popcorn buckets are good examples of this.

If you decide it’s worth it to get a Star Wars merchandise and skip the rides, you will wait too. At Disneyland people will wait. I knew people who waited an hour more for popcorn buckets.

That is what you will contend with. People who do not care if they wait hours. There will be a lot. Going to Disneyland in July altogether is a bad idea.

I am waiting for them to release the dates of Mickey’s Halloween Party. Then I will buy tickets for that instead. Disneyland closes to public for the party. I will take advantage of that. The first party is mid to late September. I can wait. During, the party the longest wait to go on a ride if you get a FastPass is an hour, maybe. You will not wait in long lines.

How are you supposed to enjoy Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge if it is hot and crowded? Do not forget it is in the 90s to 100’s most summer days here in Southern California. There are two rides. Do you think you will get a Fast Pass for all two and ride them that easily?

People forget that Radiator Springs Racers is a great example of this. FastPasses are gone by noon most days. Unless you make rope drop, it is a miracle to get a FastPass in the afternoon.

I have MaxPass and I have never once seen Radiator Springs Racers come up. My friends who use it say the same. Unless you get there early, forget about it. I always tell my readers if you want to go on this ride make rope drop. Get in line right away ride it. Then get a FastPass and go again.

I use Single Rider. I never make rope drop. Sleeping in is a perk of paying for a pass. I cannot imagine coming here on vacation and having to get up early on my vacation to go on one ride. It is unknown if there will be a single rider line or a FastPass for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge rides. The rumors I have heard are stupid. Like Disney will charge extra for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge FastPasses. I do not believe it but who knows.

Many say I will visit during the off-season. Disneyland doesn’t have one anymore. During a slow day Disneyland is still busy. Especially compared to five years ago. If you check Mouse Waits, it says the park is at 65+ percent capacity. On a slow day. 

I want my family to enjoy their first visit to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. I want them to take pictures without having to wait in long lines. Or have strangers in the pictures. I do not want them to be hot and bored and wait in long lines for rides. Just to make it though one line. Then do it all over again.

To have an amazing visit to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge it is best to wait. Let Disney work out any glitches. Die-hard fans who visit no matter what will be there the first few months. It will be so crowded I cannot even fathom having fun.

Let those die-hard fans and pass holders tire themselves out. I know Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will always be busy. By waiting a few months the quality of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will improve.

I guarantee you the wait times will go down. It will not be a hundred degrees outside. You will have much more fun. That is why we are waiting. Our first visit will be during Mickey’s Halloween Party and I expect it will be amazing.


A friend of mine recently joked Disney must have read your post. Because Disneyland is not hosting Mickey’s Halloween Party this year. Instead, they are hosting a new party called Oogie Boogie Bash. Oogie Boogie Bash is held at Disney California Adventure. 

Disneyland is requiring reservations until June 23 to enter Star Wars Land. The public can make free reservations starting May second. If you book a Disneyland hotel room, you can make reservations now. 

Are you waiting to visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge too? Let me know in the comments. 

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