Why I Love These Beautiful Studex Earrings

This post is powered by BrandBacker. Thank you BrandBacker. I am allergic to a lot of metals. My allergies to metal make wearing earrings hard. Several of my ear piercings closed up because I cannot tolerate any earrings in them. I wasted a lot of money on earring for sensitive ears.

I can go to any retailer that sells jewelry and go to the section that says sensitive ears. Whatever I end up buying no matter how much I pay for precious metals or stainless steel my ears turn red. If I leave them in and this is a TMI warning, I get a black discharge from the piercing which is an allergic reaction. The posts will have black spots where it looks as if the metal eroded from the post. That is not something I want in my body even my ears. 

I got lucky I had already let a few piercings close up. I had an allergic reaction to every earrings I tried and thought it is time to give up. I was planning on taking out of my earrings. By sheer luck and thanks to BrandBacker Studex gave me some earrings to review earrings for free. 

I did not know Studex made regular earrings. I was familiar with their piercing studs. When the PR package showed up the contents blew me away. They sent me two pairs of earrings and one bottle of cleansing lotion! The generosity was a surprise I expected a single pair of earrings. For someone with several ear piercings receiving two pairs of earrings is a real blessing. 

Before trying the Studex I removed my earrings, and the process was bad. I wore earrings I bought from a department store. I had problems with the earrings backs falling off and then losing these earings. So I used the little plastic backing is on the card before the metal backing. Each plastic one got stuck. I still have one earring I cannot remove and may to go to the doctor to get the back cut off. 

The redness is from my old earrings. They were terrible.

The redness is from my old earrings. They were terrible.


It was nasty even the nice sensitive earrings I had been wearing turned my ears black. The cleansing lotion from Studex (it's more of a liquid) cleansed the piercings and did not sting. Many of us use peroxide or alcohol. That stings and burns the cleansing lotion did not. It cleaned up the piercing well. 


The earrings were sterile and sealed like surgical equipment. I did not need to sterilize them. Any earrings I put in make my ears bright red and itchy. Sometimes I must remove them after a few hours. I put the Studex in the bottom two piercings on each ear. There was no itching or redness. Happily there is no discharge. 

There is redness and severe irritation in the piercings I am not wearing Studex earrings in. Affordable stainless steel or sensitive earrings are scarce. I expected the Studex earrings to be expensive I thought it would be $20 for one pair. But the pair I got was $11.50 on Amazon.com! I will replace the other earrings and I will buy Studex earrings.

I wasted so much time online looking on jewelry websites and in jewelry stores. It is frustrating when you have metal allergies and Amazon had what I needed all along.

Studex earrings have made me happy. I cannot tell you how miserable it had been inserting new earrings and I cannot wait until I buy more and I can throw these terrible sensitive earrings I am allergic to away.

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