No I Am Not Crazy I Just Don't Like Star Wars

If you follow me on social media, this post may surprise you I don’t like Star Wars. I  told the truth. I dislike pretending I like something I do not.

On Twitter and Instagram, I post about Disneyland. Star Wars this part of the Disney Empire now. Empire get it? If you say you dislike Star Wars people act like you are crazy. Many people dislike Star Wars.

The real reason I post is my husband is a huge Star Wars fan. He has A Yoda, BB-8, and an Ewok tattoo. That is hardcore. He likes Star Wars, so I share Star Wars posts for him and my followers.

Because I don't like Star Wars that does not mean I have to bash Star Wars. People say nasty things to people that dislike Star Wars. Immature and rude people say spiteful things to someone because they dislike a film franchise.

I am sick of the entire franchise. Not because I prefer Star Trek either. I prefer Star Trek and I also love The Orville. Science Fiction is not the issue. I rather enjoy Science Fiction.

I don’t like Star Wars because I grew outgrew the films. As a kid I watched all the Star Wars movies several times over with my father. Star Wars aired on television a few times a year, and when I was a kid, not everyone had several TVs in the house. You viewed what everyone else did.

When I met my husband, I don’t recall having detailed Star Wars conversations. Yet he knew I was familiar Star Wars. He was aware I have seen the movies many times, and that I had a neutral outlook about Star Wars. 

When the craptastical prequel movies arrived, my kids played videos so many times I wanted to vomit. The prequels were bad. They did not add to the franchise. Jar Jar Binks need I say more?

My aversion to Star Wars developed over a decade. My husband and I had debated the Luke and Leia kiss. He denied that kiss ever happened. We jested in good fun over that.

Life would be simpler if I liked Star Wars. When you live with a diehard fan, and you hate the stuff they love most it sucks.

The Force Awakens is a stand-alone film.  If you haven't seen the old movies, you can keep up with the new episodes. I can’t even muster interest. If I don't see The Force Awakens how am I supposed to even understand The Last Jedi.

I tried to give A New Hope a second chance. My husband bribed me with guacamole, and I wanted to watch it. I spent most of the movie bored to the point I could not even pay attention. I also thought many scenes were cheesy, so I laughed a few times, and my family did not share in my amusement.


There’s only so many times they can jump in the Millennium Falcon and blow crap up. Then have someone turns evil and betray everyone. The same tropes occur again and again. I don’t find it to be entertaining at all. 

Come on the Land Cruisers are so cheesy it's funny.

Come on the Land Cruisers are so cheesy it's funny.

The last movie I saw was Ghostbusters. Solo: A Star Wars Story will not be my first movie in over a year and a half even if my husband loves Star Wars. I can support him and not watch the films. 

I'm just over Star Wars. People keep asking me questions about Star Wars Galaxies Edge too and while it's nice for the fans, I'm not too enthused over it. I loved Big Thunder Ranch. While I dislike Star Wars, I won't rag on the movie or the land. I have better things to think about. I don't dwell on these things often. 

I'm sorry this  is  funny.

I'm sorry this is funny.

Star Wars comes up though. Being a Disney blogger, having a family that works at Disneyland, and having an avid fan for a spouse. I tire of getting the third degree when people realize I am not into Star Wars. So yes, you can be a nerd, a Disney blogger, the spouse of a Star Wars fan and not like Star Wars. And that is ok. 

You should not have to justify disliking something or finding fault with something just because everyone else thinks it is good. Star Wars included. 

On a side note, I love Chewbacca. If Disney shot a Wookie movie, I would be first in line. Not liking Star Wars should be that big of a deal. Live long and prosper everyone. Erm I mean may the force be with you. 

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