Getting a Tattoo

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Tattoos are not as taboo as they used to be. Take Ink Master for example which has been running for ten seasons. They are self-expression. Tattoos do not have to have meaning. You can get a tattoo of a heart because you love hearts. Today many people have geek, Disney, and horror tattoos. You can get whatever you want.

Do not rush when getting a tattoo. If you were sick and needed surgery, you would not pick a cardiologist to do brain surgery. You would not hire the cheapest doctor either. Think about tattoos the same way. Find a tattoo artist who specializes in the tattoo you want and price should be no object. If you can't afford the tattoo don't get the tattoo until you can.

Most tattoo artists can tattoo everything that is a part of the trade. If you get a specific tattoo hire someone that does those normally and is a specialist in that niche. Disney tattoos are one of these tattoos, and I have seen terrible Disney tattoos. 

You should research your tattoo. That means going online and look at pictures of tattoos and saving them. I recommend using Pinterest to do this, and you can make that board private.

You may need to show reference art, so your artist will know what you want. It also helps you to get a good idea of what you like and what you don't. If the same artist or artists keep coming up in your search, then you should them. I always suggest you start with an email. Telling them what you want where you the location on your body where the tattoo goes and when you are available. 

Check the website of your artist if they are not local. Not all tattoo artists do conventions but many do, and you may be lucky enough to find they will be at a convention or shop near you. Many tattoo artists travel so it never hurts to ask.

This post is helpful. The post discusses emailing a tattoo artist. Remember  I said earlier you don’t want to go to anybody if you’re getting a tattoo. 

Also, realize your consultation will not take long. You will discuss the tattoo design, the process; the artist may even give you some instructions before arriving in like eating a large meal. 

Make sure you tell your artist about any medications you're talking or any conditions you may have. Check their portfolio if you dislike their work 100% or feel your personalities are not meshing now is the time to cancel. You should only get tattooed by someone you're comfortable with and think is talented. You can read a post full of great consultation tips here

When you go to your tattoo appointment, make sure beforehand to abstain from drinking or taking aspirin or ibuprofen. These thin your blood. Make sure you’re hydrated and after eating a good sized meal. Make sure you bathe beforehand, and your clothes are fresh. Take a bottle of water too. Check that you enough cash for the tattoo and the tip. Read these detailed tips for preparing to get a tattoo. 

 My experience of getting a Disney tattoo was great. The first thing I did was a search for a tattoo artist is in Southern California that specializes in Disney Tattoos or at least has done many great Disney tattoos. I narrowed it down to two different artists Peachy Tattoo and Miss Mae La Roux.

Both women are talented. Peachy will go on Maternity leave this week, and Miss Mae La Roux is in high demand. She books up fast. If you want a tattoo, you have to wait. 

A good tattoo artist will make sure you are comfortable and they will not make you sit in silence. They will talk to you make sure you are comfortable. 

Even a tattoo you don’t consider being substantial can take several hours. I cannot recall how long mine too but Peachy was great. She fun to talk to and easy going.

Your Tattoo artist will tell you how to care for your new tattoo. You may receive an aftercare instruction sheet. In my experience, you have to leave the wrapping on for a specific amount of time and then wash the tattoo with Dial Antibacterial Soap and apply Aquaphor.

I have over ten tattoos and getting my Tattoo by Peachy was awesome. This my first tattoo by a female artist and she is talented. Peachy is wonderful. She is a huge Disney fan and is such a sweet person. I cannot recommend her enough. 

Oliver Peck.

Oliver Peck.

I got a tattoo at Musink 2016 a tattoo convention in front of many people that's an experience I will not forget. Peachy made me comfortable even with a crowd. 

I caught the end of the Used concert and got to knock off a bucket list item which saw the Deftones perform live. I love Chino Marino's voice. The whole experience was terrific.

How to get an amazing tattoo! #tattoo #tattoos #museink #disneytattoo #disneytattoos #starwarstattoo

That was the best tattoo experience of my life. It could have been a very uncomfortable experience because I am shy. Peachy was a professional and knew how to meet her clients needs. 

My husband has a few Nerdy tattoos too. He prefers mash up Tattoos. One of his ended being featured by Nerdist. He gets tattooed by Brad Kinney at Dana Point tattoo

How to get an amazing tattoo! #tattoo #tattoos #museink #disneytattoo #disneytattoos #starwarstattoo
How to get an amazing tattoo! #tattoo #tattoos #museink #disneytattoo #disneytattoos #starwarstattoo

A critical aspect about aftercare is itching. During the healing process that tattoo will become very itchy. Do not scratch the tattoo pat or slap it. The itching can be worse than the tattoo itself. The itching is often worse than getting the tattoo.

Please make sure once your tattoo heals apply sunscreen when you go outside, or it will fade. You spent so much time and money so think of it as an investment and take care of it.

If you are a Cast Member or aspire to be one Disney does not allow tattoos. If you're considering getting one make sure you can hide it. You costume must cover it. Use caution and discretion.

Be thoughtful before getting inked and do your research and make sure you can handle stupid questions. Some people are ignorant and you will hear the occasional dumb or offensive questions. Get what you love and let no one else make you feel bad. 

The finished tattoo.

The finished tattoo.

How to get an amazing tattoo! #tattoo #tattoos #museink #disneytattoo #disneytattoos #starwarstattoo