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Winter Fashion Trends

Winter Fashion Trends

Fashion for winter it’s a little complicated. For one, some major fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle are apparently not on the same page on a few big things. Also while a piece may be fashionable and couture on the runway, it just may be ugly in the real world.  Many items that come down the runway are there for show, and most women would not be caught dead in it. Wearing some pieces can leave people wondering what you were smoking before you left the house.

Not everything in Vogue is something practical. For most women whats hot on the runway is nothing of consequence. 

What I saw has me a little worried. Funky Grandma Chic is featured in a few magazines. Vintage silhouettes will be on trend as well. What is alarming is that the horrendous wide-leg pants of the 70s popped up in a few places. Some of what I saw was just not going to catch on. Or at least I hope.

Here is a link to my fall fashion post. I think most of what I featured will still pass for fashionable this winter. 

Gray plaid is going to be everywhere. Mostly as office wear. Trousers and sports coats.

That's ok because I think that regular plaid is still fashionable. I have seen some great plaid dusters to keep plaid from becoming a stale trend. I have also seen some plaid with patchwork elbows; I am not a fan of that.

Supposedly the 80s will be coming back. I do not know what to make of that because truthfully what people think as the 80's fashion is not true. We mostly wore jeans and t-shirts. So I think jean jackets with matching jeans will be trendy. 

Sweaters are in as always. Oversized turtlenecks, cardigans, dusters, cutout and even strappy sweaters.

Thankfully polka dots are making a comeback.  

Coats that will be the most popular will be waist length puffy jackets, wrap coats, denim. 

Stick with the skinny jeans, and layering pieces that pair well with sweaters, dusters, cardigans, and wrap coats.

Boots will still be in style. Lace-up boots, booties, rain boots, slouchy boots, and knee and thigh high boots. 

I do not think that strappy tops will be going anywhere. They make great layering pieces.

Tights are still on trend. Especially glittery tights. 

I also think leather totes (real or fake) will be the bag of choice this winter.

I believe that you should not have to spend a lot of money on quality clothing. Shopping with Wish is risky because sometimes the sizing, or quality is way off but that is always an option. I saw some cute boots that were well reviewed for $20 or less. Wal-Mart is stepping up their game as well. I feel Target has reasonable prices too, but the prices are not that great considering its Target. 

Wear what you love. It's also pretty early in the Winter season to tell what will be trendy so don't go all out yet.

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