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Winter Formal Dress Trends And Tips

Winter Formal Dress Trends And Tips

I used to work in Juniors Fashion. I’ve worked for companies such as Contempo Casuals/Wet Seal and Clothestime. Now, these retailers are a thing of the past, but once you work in the fashion industry, you learn information about clothing that will no matter how much time passes will remain relevant. If you’re looking to buy a  formal dress this year here is my advice.


Remember Winter Formal means every girl is a princess for the night.



Winter Formal is the dance where you should wear your most dramatic dress. Even a basic black dress can be dramatic with the right styling.

Most importantly Winter Formal is the time to be bold. If you want to wear a full gown with rhinestones go for it. Bling will be in and so will bare shoulders. Strapless and off the shoulder dresses will be very popular. Lace illusion details like the dresses pictured below will also be trendy. Crop top gowns that were all the rage for homecoming will still be on trend. The bigger and puffier the dress the better.



Look at all of the dresses in the widget. They are all so different. You can be on trend but still, stand out this year.

The first thing you need to think about is the dress going to be something that you will resell. If you’re going to resell it then you’re going have to take into consideration you’re probably going to lose a bit of your investment. You might not want to spend as much money on a dress in that case.

Know that if you’re considering keeping the piece and will be using it at a later time or if you’re passing it on later you have to take a lot of factors into consideration about the dress before purchasing it. The dress is an investment piece at this point.

For example, the two-piece crop top dresses or cut-outs are a favorite right now. However, they might not be popular a few years down the line. 

Purchasing a basic solid color dress that could be styled differently to meet a specific need ensures the piece will last you a long time. A classic black dress with pearls or a statement piece necklace can be a real showstopper. Colored shoes can add a pop of color. It can even be dressed down or up with the right belt or jacket. 

Formal dinners. College dances. Holidays. Parties. The possibilities are endless. Hence why some dresses are investment pieces. However, a formal ball gown may not be something you can wear again. While a classic black strapless dress can. You can reuse this dress for years to come and by styling properly has a different look each time you use it. 

You need to make sure you’re checking the quality of these dresses before you buy them. Check the return and exchange policy before ordering. Some dresses are final sale. 

I want to stress you should take a good look at it. You want to look inside of the garment be sure the seams to look clean. No loose threads. Check the darts because having one pop while dancing could make your dress lose the shape in the bust. My daughter has a Forever 21 dress that has lasted years. Price is not an indicator of quality. I have had expensive pieces from Nordstrom start to fall apart after one wearing. 

If there is beading or gemstones on the dress, you want to make sure that they’re not going to come off. If there’s lace inside the dress, you want to make sure that if it gets stretched a little bit, it’s not going to rip. Before you buy it try it on. Move around in it. Bend over, dance, jump, and pull up the skirt like you would if you were going to the restroom. You want to make sure you can move comfortably without anything falling apart. Importantly you want to be sure you can go to the bathroom. Some dresses require help. Not something you want to find out when you have to go to the bathroom bad. 

If you don’t know where to start with dress shopping and you don’t even know what is popular right now then go to a couple of websites that sell formalwear like Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.  Run a search for winter formal dresses instead of hitting relevance choose most popular. Go to Pinterest look at homecoming. winter formal, and prom boards for inspiration.

Money shouldn’t be a hindrance to finding a dress you can go to Forever 21 and buy a basic dress and style it for under $100, heck even $50.  You could wear a basic black dress and by styling your hair in a formal do and adding some shiny accessories it can look fancier than an expensive dress.

If you find a necklace that you like and say, it’s $100 try Googling the name of your jewelry and then add knockoff. You will be surprised by how many similar things you can find on eBay or Amazon.

By adding the perfect accessories and right shoes, even a potato sack can be formal. 


This type of statement piece can take any dress from basic to formal in a snap.

You can buy cheap shoes then buy some fancy looking earrings from Forever 21. You can cut the post off and glue them to the shoe to make them look elegant for less. You would be surprised at what you can find in the jewelry making department of Joann's or Michaels that can be added to your shoes or dress to make it dressy for less. There are always coupons for both store online and in the paper as well. 

You can buy cheap shoes and add bling. Not everyone can afford Manolo's.

If you just are having a hard time finding something that you like, and you’re not into fashion trends consider other alternatives. Take the pretty in Pink route and repurpose an old dress you found thrifting with some dye or by shortening it.   

You can buy a pattern and then have someone make the dress for you. 

If your dress is beaded or a ball gown you can overdo it fast. Less is more with the accessories. Styling is everything. Sometimes more important than the dress. Some dresses need nothing else added to them. Sometimes we put more thought into the dress than anything else and end up feeling like it needed a little something. Do not forget to make sure your accessories are thought out. 

Shoes like this can also spruce up a simple dress or be overkill for an elaborate one.

This dress is a real showpiece. Notice the styling. The shoes are not the best pick, but the model is not wearing any jewelry other than earrings.



Do not forget to purchase something to keep you warm. A matching jacket or capelet can make your dress stand out more and keep you warm. A shawl or wrap could work as well. It depends on the dress. Check the widget below for examples.


Lastly, do not let makeup scare you if you know nothing about it, it is optional. Go to Sephora and ask for help. They can do your homecoming makeup for you. Look up Youtube tutorials. If you cant, afford makeup look up Tatai, Emily Noel, Jessica Braun, and Zabrena on Youtube. They do a lot of videos on drugstore makeup. Some of the ninety-nine cent makeup by Wet and Wild and e.l.f. are amazing for the price. I will post some affiliate links that include some deals on great inexpensive cosmetics.

Winter Formal should be fun and buying a dress should be too. Hopefully, these tips will make shopping easier. 


PIctured below are some of my favorite dresses, shoes, and accessories. 





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