Surviving Christmas On A Budget

Being broke during the holidays is hard. Most people struggle to figure out what they should do. When you have children being broke during the holidays can be especially stressful. 

The first thing you should do is evaluate your priorities. If you’re expected to give gifts at work that can complicate things. Tell your family and friends you are experiencing money issues.

You need to be honest and tell your loved ones if I spend too much on gifts I cannot pay my bills. I am sure they will understand. You can give small gifts on a budget.

Handmade gifts and baked good are some of the most thoughtful and best gifts to receive. They can also cost next to nothing to make.

Who does not love holiday cookies? Homemade cookies are great, but they’re expensive. Once you add eggs, milk, chocolate chips, flour, butter and sugar, it’s costly. Pre-made cookie dough is more cost effective. Especially when you use coupons. The dollar store or Walmart has cute cookie containers.

Christmas Crack is also inexpensive and makes a great gift. Candy is also easy to make. Peppermint Bark is slightly more expensive to make. Because the recipe calls for white chocolate. Most people love Peppermint Bark so this also makes an excellent homemade gift. The dollar store has many supplies for handmade gifts like bath salts.

I can make four coffee cup sleeves with one dollar socks. If you can find a dollar cup or can afford a five dollar gift card for coffee that is a nice added touch.

This post here has a dozen handmade gifts that are inexpensive and easy to make. I also wrote a post a few weeks ago on four easy and affordable crafts. You could use any photo you want for the modgepodge project. Book pages work well too. You can make skirts if you sew for under $3.

People forget that Pinterest is a massive search engine. If you search inexpensive handmade gifts, you will find thousands of pins.

Christmas is the time of year where you give what you can and what you offer does not require a tangible value. If someone expects a gift and knows you’re having financial difficulties, that’s rude. You’re doing the best you can and that is enough.

Gifts are given at will. The dictionary does not define a gift as a material possession. You can help someone clean their home or babysit.

If you worry about your kids not having presents to open do not lose hope. The dollar store sells toys. Children want something to open Christmas morning. Even if the gift comes from the dollar store, they will love it. Fingerhut and Ginny’s charge more, but you do not pay until after Christmas.

I found this list on Thrifty Frugal Mom with 50 gifts under $10. Amazon has a trade-in program. It would amaze you at how far twenty dollars can go. Trade in old books and DVD’s you do not use. Sending your items in to Amazon takes time though. Video games and consoles can get an instant payment. The Facebook marketplace is an excellent place to make money. It is safer to meet in public so remember this when buying and selling online.

I’ve known people who will get freebies from Craigslist clean them up or fix and sell them. If you can pick up an old sofa and clean the sofa up or some kid's toys and clean them up, you can make a little money quickly.

If you sell things, you won’t miss on eBay at a low price you may get money now. Paypal now offers an instant transfer for a quarter.

I know how hard it can be when you are broke, but you will get through it. What matters most is you take care of yourself and your kids. If this year is hard, remember it may not be next year.

Christmas is not about gifts. The holidays are about spending time with loved ones. You loved ones surly understand you’re going through. So remind yourself this situation is temporary.

Be easy on yourself and enjoy time with your loved ones. 

Read on to learn how to get your kids to bed early on Christmas Eve.

Surviving Christmas When You Are Broke