Disney Crowds Are Actually A Good Thing.

I went to Disneyland this week, and the park was way less crowded than usual. Which felt wonderful. It must have been a fluke. Walking down Main Street without bumping into anyone is amazing.

I went back a couple days later the crowd was so thick you couldn’t get through some spots on Main Street. Crowded days are like that. No one is at fault it’s a theme park. A tourist destination. Disneyland should be busy. People forget it’s not their second home or favorite place to hang out. Disneyland is a business, and if it’s not busy, that’s bad.

Disneyland is a business lets put that into perspective. Disney is the largest employer in Orange County. If it wasn’t for Disneyland Anaheim and most of Orange County wouldn’t be what it is.

Cast Members and those who work at the resort when attendance dips suffer. Is work more peaceful? No. They are working a second lousy part-time job or not working because they’re not getting as many shifts. It’s supply and demand, and when demand wanes, they cant to supply the workers with shifts.

Long ago working at Disneyland meant you joined this great union and had a great contract. The new Cast Members are part of a different union and on a separate contract. They don’t make as much money, and Disneyland assigns shifts based on seniority. 

I cannot name names. A Cast Member I know will wait for at least three cast members to leave to get seniority. These cast members have worked at Disney for a long time. One for 40 years, another for 15, and several over 10. To get full-time work these people have to go. If you transfer from one attraction or restaurant, you give up your seniority.

One of the most popular table service restaurants in Downtown Disney closes early when it’s too slow. Now most shops and restaurants can’t close early it’s against the corporate policy and if they could, they would. Operation costs can mean no profit for the day. Shops and restaurants pay employees when there are no customers. Businesses have to recoup their loss. The worst part is when a place closes early the employees lose a few hours wages.


Get mad when there are no fireworks? No parades? Sad when there’s no Mickey’s Magical Map? Well, they can’t afford to put on shows, have fireworks, or parades when it's slow for a reason. Attendance equals revenue. Shows, parades, and fireworks are expensive.


Fantasmic alone costs $30k. A whopping $60k a night. When I worked for big retail chains, we spent $60-100k for a month of payroll. Sixty grand for two Fantasmic performances are you kidding me? 

I cannot find a cost for Fireworks an 11-year-old post said 13 years ago it was $33k per show. 

If you love Disneyland and you have a great time when you’re here it’s because of the people who work at Disney. Without Cast Members Disneyland would be an empty place. 

If Disneyland were not busy, we would not be getting the expansion. Yes, those crowds paid for Star Wars Galaxy Edge. Crowds made that possible. 
There are families in Orange County who depend on Disneyland. It’s their job when business sucks they don’t get the hours. When they don’t get hours, their kids don’t get extra things like food or electricity.

That’s why I recommend tipping when you patronize Disney Resort Dining. Even if it’s a non-Disney restaurant on the property, tip. The staff doesn’t work for Disney they have no union. When it’s slow, it hurts them too. 

A lot people don’t know this. Hence why I am relaying this information. When you see a crowd at Disney remember crowds are good for everyone.

Your attitude impacts your experience. I bet the children who go to Disneyland do not mind the crowds because crowds don’t matter to kids. Being at Disneyland does. Be more like a child. Happy and grateful you are at Disney.

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