Top 10 Family Halloween Movies

Last week I posted about the five not too scary Halloween movies you can enjoy with your teen. This week I am sharing the top five Halloween Movies the whole family can view together. Each title is a link that will take you to the parental guide on IMDb. These films are vintage and lack the visual effects that can make a movie frightening. The dated look adds to the charm. Many of these films you you may have seen as a child. So you will love them too.

Hocus Pocus was on last week's list too and for good reason, Hocus Pocus is a classic. Planned as a Disney Channel Original movie. It ended up being released in the theaters and I am forever grateful. This is one of the best family movies out there. This movie is spooky but not scary. It’s also hilarious. Bette Midler steals all the scenes as Winifred Sanderson because she is amazing. Bette said shooting Hocus Pocus was the most fun she ever had on a movie set. That Hocus Pocus was her favorite movie she’s ever made and I can’t blame her for it.

Mr Boogedy by Disney. I remember watching this as a kid and bought it when I found it on Amazon so my kids could see it too. The Movie follows the Davis family whose father sells novelty products. They move into a house haunted by the titular Mr. Boogedy. Mr Boogedy is one of the Sunday Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color movies. As a parent, you can rest assured its family friendly and filled with 80s goodness. Richard Masur from My Girl, IT, and The Thing stars as Mr Davis the father. David Faustino from Married With Children co-stars. Kristy Swanson the original Buffy also headlines this 1986 classic that is hard to find on DVD. You can find it on Amazon Prime Streaming.

The Worst Witch the classic 1986 version is magical. Mildred Hubble is played by Fairuza Balk. Tim Curry also stars as the Grand Wizzard. The Worst Witch special effects are laughable now. But I find it adds to the films charm. Tim Curry's music video for anything can happen on Halloween is amazing. The Worst Witch is fun and not scary at all. It also features the late and wonderful Charlotte Rae.

Halloweentown stars the late Debbie Reynolds and Kimberly J. Brown. This beloved family classic is wholesome and cheesy yet entertaining. It’s low budget (well for Disney at 4 million) and campy but still a fun movie. Halloweeentown is one of those films you think is cheesy yet you can’t turn Halloweentown off. Children love this movie. Since the Disney Channel shows this every Halloween most kids have seen this. So chances are your older kids will watch it for nostalgic reasons. Either way you cannot go wrong by picking this movie.

Last but not least, we have Casper. Cute and friendly this ghost won't scare most children. The 1995 classic stars Bill Pullman as Dr. Harvey a paranormal investigator. Dr Harvey who moves into Casper's mansion with his daughter. Christina Ricci plays his daughter Kat who befriends Casper. Casper also features a few great cameos. If you have not seen Casper yet, rent Casper soon.

Tower of Terror is another Wonderful World of Disney. This gem aired in 1997 and stars Kirsten Dunst and Steve Guttenberg. Guttenberg stars as Buzzy a tabloid journalist. With the help of his niece Anna, stumble across a story that may save his career.

Together they solve the mystery of what happened on Halloween 193. Five people disappeared from the Hollywood Tower Hotel elevator after lightening struck it. This included Sally Shine a child actress

Tower of Terror was a movie that tied in the famous Walt Disney World attraction. Party mystery part supernatural this movie is fun and spooky but never too scary. This is a great choice for families with older children.

The Addams Family is a classic. Anjelica Huston’s performance of Morticia Addams was delightful. This movie has an all-star cast with some amazing performances. I dislike modern adaptations of classic tv shows but the Addams Family is funny, well acted, and has a great plot.

This movie has some over the head risque jokes and dark humor but is not anything I would concern myself about. The Addams Family is kid friendly and adults will love it.

If you love Toy Story, then you will love Toy Story of Terror. The toys who are traveling with Bonnie and her mom end up at a motel. When the toys start to disappear, they need to figure out why.

This movie is not feature length. The running time is 22 minutes, but the movie is fun for all ages. It is also full of Disney/Pixar Easter Eggs which are always fun to look for. Many of the dvd’s feature a few Toy Story Toons which are great too!

Disney’s 2003 feature film The Haunted Mansion is underrated. Yes, this movie can be cheesy but it's still a good family movie. My main gripe is the cheesy storyline with Master Gracey. Eddie Murphy is funny in this film. His scenes with Madame Leota and the singing busts are worth the cheesiness.

The Haunted Mansion is kid friendly and follows the Evers family. Who is trying to get some quality time with workaholic dad Jim played by Eddie Murphy? Some humor is not in good taste but most kids will not get it. This is one of the few Halloween movies I can get everyone including my high schooler to watch together.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is an amazing movie! One of the best movies to get Spooky Season started. Freeform plays Harry Potter non-stop in October. Most of us know about Harry Potter and what the books and the films are about.

I love the books and I am also fond of the movies. The entire family can watch Harry Potter together. Harry Potter can be a little scary but it is also heartwarming and delightful. If you worry your child will feel scared show them a picture of Voldemort first. The reaction to picture lets you know if your child finds him scary. Many children aged 5-6 can watch the movie without feeling frightened.

These are my top 10 family friendly Halloween movies? Which one is your favorite? Check back next year as each year the list grows. Love the 80’s and horror? Check out my top 13 horror movies from the 80s

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