Time Saving Cleaning Hacks

It's easy to fall behind on housework. I know I cannot do everything. Most people cannot, and that is ok. I would rather get behind on laundry than lose sleep. If you’re looking for a way to cut down on your cleaning or save time here are cleaning hacks to make your life easier.

Cleaning your bathtub can be a real pain. That is why I use the Pinterest miracle cleaner. A dish wand filled with the Pinterest Miracle Cleaner is the best cleaning hack ever. Keep the wand in the shower and scrub your shower when you’re about to get out of the shower. The hot water and the steam will loosen all the dirt and grime in your shower. The best time to clean your shower is after it has been used. The solution is soap and vinegar, so it’s safe to clean your shower while you’re in your shower. Spraying vinegar in the tub daily prevents buildup.

Rethink what you’re using to clean. I’ve said this before in another post you need to use a product safe on any surface in your house. Cutting back on cleaning products saves space and time. I recommend a cleaning product that works on multiple surfaces. I prefer Pledge multi-surface cleaner or Method Spray Cleaner. A basket or tote is perfect to carry cleaning supplies. A tote allows you to have what you need within arms reach.


Your cleaning tote should have garbage bags or leave new ones in the bottom of the can. This makes it easier to pick up trash and empty the garbage cans. I put a large bag in my tote and dump the garbage from each room in the larger bag as I go room to room.

Consider ditching the wet duster for a lambs wool duster which is a lot faster. Dusters get the job done fast. I would alternate every week between dry and wet dusting because wet dusting gets rid of more dust. Dry dusting is more about knocking the dust down which means the dust can settle back down after dusting.


I find I clean my kitchen easier and faster with pre-made cleaning wipes. Wipes make spot cleaning much quicker. You can create your own if you think they are too expensive. Go to the dollar store and got a plastic tub to store them in. Cut a roll of paper towels in half and removed the roll and add the cleaning solution. I like to use equal parts vinegar, alcohol, and water and a few drops of essential oils.

Begin in the dirtiest room and set a timer. Speed cleaning is about picking up not perfecting. Baskets are great for toys and clutter. You can stash them in the basket and sort them later. Obvious messes and picking stuff off the floor should be your priority. Quickly make the beds. A multi-surface cleaner is great for wiping down counters and furniture. 

If you want you living room to look cleaner fast fluff, the pillows on the sofa and clear the coffee table. Vacuum high-traffic areas when you're in a hurry is better than not vacuuming at all. Pick what matters most. If unexpected company is coming by they won't be taking a bath or going into your bedroom. Clean only what people will see. 

Skip mopping instead use the vacuum cleaner, bare floor mode will get that most of the dirt and dust on hard floors. The vacuum is faster than mopping. Since vacuuming and cleaning the floors should be last, you can go over the hard surfaces as you vacuum. You should clean the floors last. When you wipe surfaces, you are knocking dirt and dust to the ground. I recommend using a Swiffer sweeper pad before you mop. A Swiffer is fast and removes hair and dust the broom may not. It's faster than sweeping and mopping too. If the pad looks clean, then skip the mop that day.

Rethink what you are using and doing. Is the bathroom vanity cluttered? If you pick up and move everything on the bathroom counter cleaning takes forever. Storage bins from the dollar store are great for organizing the items on the vanity. If you can stash them in drawers or under the sink.


To cut down on dishes use a Crockpot, make one skillet meals, or make casseroles. Pots, pans, and serving dishes occupy most of the space in my sink and dishwasher. I find by using a trivet and eating from the pan cuts down on dishes. In my house, we struggle to keep up with the dishes, so we must cut down on what we use.

If the kid's toys are always on your living room floor, consider getting a toy box or basket. The kids can toss them into instead of leaving them on the floor. A basket is easier for kids to transport toys to their room and put them away themselves. Ottomans and storage cubes double as extra seating are great for stashing clutter. It hides the clutter and is functional.

It's hard to keep up with everything. Remember you do not have to clean your entire house every day. Spot cleaning can be a huge time saver and improves your homes cleanliness

I hope these suggestions help. 

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What To Clean After You Have Been Sick.

So what are you supposed to do this time of year to prevent getting sick? What should you do once you get sick to avoid spreading germs around?

Everyone gets sick and spreads germs at some point. We all like to think we are clean, and practice good habits, and I’m not saying you don’t, but we also are human. Sometimes we do gross stuff, and we don’t realize we're doing it.

If you have kids, they will get sick this year because they go to school and things get passed around. So the whole family needs to practice good hand washing skills. Teach kids do not put fingers in the eyes, nose, or mouth at all. If they do make sure they’re clean first and wash them after you do.

Carry hand sanitizer or disposable hand wipes use these when you can't wash your hands. Another thing we need to teach your kids is to cough and sneeze into their elbow.

That’s all you can do to prevent getting sick. Even if you get the flu shot, you can still get sick with something else.

I like to keep these things in my house this time year.

  • Disinfecting sprays like Lysol or Seventh Generation

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Denture tablets

  • Rubbing alcohol 70% or rubbing alcohol pads

  • Disinfecting cleaning wipes

  • Pledge multi-surface antibacterial everyday cleaner


Isolate the sick family members to prevent the spread of illness.

Disinfect these surfaces once a day with disinfecting wipes or spray. To help prevent the spread of germs. I prefer rubbing alcohol pads for most.

  • Phones

  • remote controls

  • keyboard and mouse

  • doorknobs

  • toilet handle

  • sink handles

  • fridge and freezer door handles

Make sure whoever is taking care of the sick washes their hands after caring for the sick.

As the mother and caretaker in my family, I also follow these steps when I am sick too. I am enjoying the new Seventh Generation Disinfecting Spray.

Seventh Generation came out with the disinfecting spray I love. I spray toilets, door handles, and other surfaces that are harder to clean.

Old towels are great if your kids will camp out on the couch while sick. Lay down old towels and put a sheet on top. If they end up throwing up or are sneezing a lot, you won’t worry about the couch getting dirty. This works for beds too. The same goes for the pillow. If you're sweating from a fever, you will not have to change the sheets in the morning.

Until whoever is sick is on the mend, don't worry about cleaning that much. I would focus more on keeping the common household surfaces disinfected. Since many brands have wipes and sprays that is easy. 

Once everyone is better, it's time to clean everything.

Denture cleaner sounds weird but its antibacterial and can clean a lot of things fast and easy. Your kids when they get sick they will touch toys and water bottles that can’t go in the dishwasher. You can soak toys in denture cleaner. You can put kids toys in a bowl of cold water and then drop in some denture tablets, and it will kill germs.

If your kids been sick a lot consider that their toys may be part of the problem. Legos or other hard plastic toys can get nasty. I put Legos or action figures in a mesh bag and put them on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Rubbing alcohol is my disinfectant of choice. Lysol spray is also an excellent disinfectant. Sprays can kill germs quick just be sure the room is ventilated. 

Once someone has been sick, you need to clean every surface in your home. That's the reason I recommend the Pledge multi-surface spray you can use it anywhere. Once someone in your house has been sick, wipe the house down once they are doing better.

I recommend getting all the linens off the beds all the towels they have used and washing them in hot water. When you dry the laundry put it on the highest heat setting.

Kids can help clean up. Make sure they wear protective gloves and then give them some wipes.

Lysol has a spray for fabrics. I prefer to wash what I can.

You also need to air out your house because the air is stuffy after a few days of staying in. Do this while cleaning because the cleaning products can smell strong.

Do not forget the car. Use disinfecting wipes and wipe the steering wheel, knobs, and door handles.

I also disinfect the toothbrushes. I put them in a cup of hydrogen peroxide for at least ten minutes and rinse before using.

Some experts also recommend changing your air filters.

The gist is once a bug has affected anyone in your home it's time to clean house once they are well. If the whole family get's sick, you still need to clean. You can get sick again.

I hope this advice will help you stay healthy.