Laundry Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Doing laundry sucks. Laundry is one thing I think many can agree on. Washing is not that hard to do as this is the 21st-century and we use washing machines. So why is laundry such an issue? Laundry does not fold itself. What can make this chore easier? 

Sort your laundry before you wash without trying. Get a divided hamper (Wal-Mart sells them cheap). The sorting bags are removable, so you can take the bag and dump it in the machine. Keep your favorite pre-treater in the hamper. Pre-treat stains right away to make getting the laundry started easier.

I sort my laundry like this: the towels, socks, and underwear go in one pile. The towels generate more friction, so your socks and underwear get squeaky clean. Wash sports uniforms with the towels so they get deep clean.

This is a huge no-no for most, but mix your clothes if you wash small loads. As long as you don’t wash dark colors or reds, and you use cold water, this should be okay. When you mix colors in the laundry, add vinegar or salt to the laundry to prevent bleeding.

Use vinegar instead of fabric softener because vinegar is a multi-tasking product. Vinegar is less expensive than fabric softener. Vinegar breaks down suds as vinegar softens laundry and is chemical free. If fading is a concern vinegar preserves the color in your clothing. Vinegar also helps keep your towels soft and fluffy. The vinegar order dissipates so do not worry about the odor. I keep a bottle with my detergent. If you have hard water, you will need to use more vinegar. I add vinegar to the wash and the fabric softener tray. 

Hand sanitizer is a great stain remover. Carry hand sanitizer with you for pre-treating stains when you are not at home. Rub sanitizer into the stain the hand sanitizer will evaporate. If you treat a stain when it happens the stain will not set.

Sorting and rolling socks is a time suck. Instead of sorting socks give each family member a mesh laundry bag. Have them put all their underwear and socks in the bag. You will not sort those after drying. You can return the bag to them, and each family member can sort their own socks and undies. Or just buy one type of sock for each family member no more sorting and guesswork. 

Laundry Tips to make you life easier. #laundry #cleaning #laundrytips #motherhood

Not everything needs washing after one use. Expert opinions on washing jeans vary. Some even say never to launder them. If there are no stains skip washing. Your family can wear the same pajamas for a few days. This will help reduce the amount of laundry you wash right away.

Consider buying quick dry towels which will dry on their own on the towel rack in a few hours. You can use these for a few days before washing.

Line dry because UV rays bleach stains, and dryer heat can set stains. Line drying saves stained clothing from the rag pile. Some stains take days to fade. The dryer sets stains. Stained clothing should not be dried in the drier. If you line dry, you will not have to wash the same stained item several times to remove a stain.

Consider buying extra socks and underpants and only doing laundry once a week so you do not run out of clean socks. Some people do laundry once a week and it works for them.

To make sure you fold the laundry dump clean laundry on your bed so you cannot avoid folding. Make it a rule you can not throw laundry on the floor, and you must fold laundry before bed. This works well for my family.

Skip fabric softener because fabric softener is a waste of money. If you use Borax or OxiClean, it softens the water, making for softer cleaner clothes. You avoid chemicals. You can use vinegar. Also, use dryer balls. Your laundry will wrinkle less, be static free, and dry quicker.

Try Wool Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets because they work better and dry your clothes faster. I love the Woolzies brand. I’ve had mine for years, and they still work. They help prevent wrinkles, static and reduce drying time.

I hope these tips are not only helpful but new to you. 

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Laundry Tips to make you life easier. #laundrytips #cleaningtips #laundry #tipsandtricks #cleaning #laundrytips #motherhood