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When my home is messy, I cannot function. I try not to let messes bother me so I'm not as obsessive as Danny Tanner. I understand him though on the inside I am neat freak like Danny Tanner. Yet my lifestyle and kids make it impossible to obsess over a little mess. The time and commitment needed to keep a spotless home are something I lack. If I do not speed clean every day, my home looks like a tornado went though the living room.

Image from cleanfreak.com

Image from cleanfreak.com

You can never clean your kitchen or bathroom in five minutes or fewer without the proper tools. Multitasking products can save a lot of time. 

Keep your spaces as clear as possible as clutter will make speed cleaning impossible. When you clean you must move items and put them back to clean under them which is a waste of time. Picking up clutter can take too long. You’re better off tidying your spaces daily. Which means not spending half of Saturday cleaning. 

Remove items not in use from counters seldom used appliances should go into the pantry. I use a cute basket on the vanity in the bathroom that stores items I use daily so the counter looks less cluttered. This also makes wiping up faster and easier. Cut a few corners sometimes to get things done quicker. You do not have to wipe under everything daily. 

Get a cleaner that can tackle every surface in your home. A multipurpose cleaner is faster. Takes up less space under the sink, and means you use one product to clean the house. Instead of paper towels use a flat cloth diaper. A flat diaper is faster, more absorbent, and huge. The less time you spend getting a clean paper towel faster you finish. This is also the Eco and wallet friendly choice.

You do not need a cabinet full of cleaners. Just get a multi surface cleaner.

You do not need a cabinet full of cleaners. Just get a multi surface cleaner.

Wet dust every other week while this method is the most effective it takes too long. I recommend that you buy a lambs wool duster. They are wonderful and help you dust fast. Because my spaces are clutter free, I can dust the living room and bedroom in 2 minutes. Wet Dusting takes me ten minutes. 

Do not dust hard to get places use compressed air dusters sold in the electronics department. If you do this a few times a month, the dust bunnies won't accumulate. 

Dusting can't get any easier or faster than this.

Dusting can't get any easier or faster than this.

Clean your entire shower or tub once a week this includes cleaning the walls, sides, and ledges. Twice a week spray the tub with a cleaner that will remove most of the grime without scouring. This in between cleaning will make sure that the tub stays clean and disinfected. While you clean the rest of the bathroom.

In the bathroom start with the mirror with an all-purpose cleaner and then wipe the counter and sink. Spot clean the cabinets and baseboards if they need it. I save the toilet for last and wipe the toilet down. This shouldn’t take long in homes with small bathrooms I take about 3 minutes. Depending on what bathtub cleaner you picked wipe it out or rinse it. I know someone who will spray bleach based cleaner in the tub twice a week and rinse.

Scrub the toilet bowl weekly you do not need to clean it more than that. Then use drop-in tablets the toilet bowl so it will stay clean longer and smell better. The cheap toilet bowl cleaning tabs with borax work great there is no need to buy fancy ones. 

In the bedrooms make the beds. Beds should be made fast not well.  Get rid of cups, plates, and trash. If you have time dust and vacuum. The bedroom usually only needs dusting and vacuuming once a week.

Vacuum once a day go around furniture, don't worry about moving furniture. If time is an issue vacuum under the coffee table and similar furniture only once or twice a week. Shortcuts like this won't show and saves you time.

Don't waste your time filling a bucket with water to mop. A Swiffer can get the floors clean in minutes.

Don't waste your time filling a bucket with water to mop. A Swiffer can get the floors clean in minutes.

Stop sweeping the floors that takes too long. You miss stuff no matter what. Use the bare floor mode on the vacuum, or use a Swiffer. In the middle of the week run a wet floor pad over the floors to prevent any spills or residue from building up. Mop with the mop you feel works best and cleans the most once a week. 

Getting a basket you can store the food that ends up on the kitchen counter.  The kitchen will appear neater, and you won't need to move a lot of food when cleaning. Use a multi-surface cleaner and wipe the cabinets and drawers where handled the most. Then wipe out the sink. Do the counters last in case any crumbs or dust were knocked loose while cleaning the cabinets.

Laundry and clutter should always be last on your list. That's the mistake many people make: they address the chaos and neglect the rest. 

Don’t overlook the main living space. Give the couch a quick fluff, and tidy the surfaces if you have time return misplaced items to where they belong.

Baskets and furniture like an ottoman with storage should be your new best friends. Really it is not a big deal at the end of the day to stash the toys or whatever clutter will be used again tomorrow. It will make the room look cleaner.

By taking care of something every day it keeps it from turning into a giant mess you must clean later.  Hang tight if you hate cleaning or are trying to keep up. Cut corners and cut yourself some slack try cleaning daily but set a time limit. After a week you will realize how much easier life is after you start speed cleaning.

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