Free Cleaning Schedules For Busy Moms

Housework is a constant struggle for most adults. If you’ve had a baby or you’re going though a tough time it may be harder. Sometimes we just don’t like cleaning.

On Facebook I am a member of a few cleaning groups. At least three times a week I hear the same question. “I’m going through something right now and I can’t keep my house clean. Where do I start?”

Everyone goes through stuff. We’re all busy. Things happen. Your house will get messy sometimes which is normal. A lot of moms same struggle with housework. Houses get messy.

I can clean for three hours straight and turn around and the messes are back. My kids are always making messes. That is why I’ve come up with three different cleaning schedules. Which could work for any mom? Depending on your cleaning style one of these should work for you.

Make sure you stop buying several cleaning products. Go to the store and buy a Method cleaner that can clean all surfaces in your home. There are Method cleaners that can be used on granite, glass, and wood.

Use cleaning wipes if possible. Dry dust. Take all the short cuts you can. Use a Swiffer Sweeper instead of a regular mop. I find that little short cuts such as using a Swiffer is much faster than a mop and bucket.

Consistency is key. If you stick with a routine, you will get faster. Part of the issue with cleaning is it can be time consuming. The trick is to clean fast and regularly.

The less cleaning products you use the less switching out you have to do. If you get one product that can clean everything you spray and wipe.

So if you’re struggling to find a cleaning routine number one thing you need to simplify it. All you need is:

  • Paper towels or cleaning rags

  • An all-in-one cleaner like Method All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Lambswool or Swiffer duster

  • A Swiffer sweeper. Pads. Wet and dry.

  • My no scrub Pinterest miracle bathroom cleaner

  • Toilet bowl cleaner

You don’t need a cabinet full of cleaning products. 

Stop thinking you must clean the entire room in one session. Especially if you’ve gotten behind. Tackle all you can in the shortest amount of time. Keep coming back every day or every few days until it’s clean. 

If you hate cleaning or struggle with cleaning the I hate cleaning plan is for you. The plan breaks down every room in the house and assigns 3-4 tasks. Some days you do laundry.

Most of these tasks take less than 15 minutes. For example clean the living room for 15 minutes. Your priority is to dry dust and fluff the couch. Clean up whatever clutter is lying around and set aside in a bin. Sort the clutter later.

In the kitchen wiping the counters in the cabinets may seem like a lot of work. If you start the top and work your way down even in a big kitchen, this takes minutes. 

A time blocking cleaning schedule you clean daily for a set time in each room. This is a combo of time blocking and speed cleaning. Do what you can in each room. You will discover you can clean fast.

Five minutes is a lot of time. You can wipe the mirrors, toilet, and, counters in the bathroom. Even change out the dirty towels for clean ones.

You will clean each room daily. Do not worry if you cannot finish each room. There is always tomorrow. After a few weeks of sticking to the schedule, your house will look amazing.

I use the day and night schedule. You could alternate. You can do the day routine. Then the night routine the next.

Many moms prefer to split up the cleaning. Many moms choose a day and night cleaning routine. You need to find what works best for you.

I split things up to stay on top of chores. In my house we clean kitchen at night because that we can tackle all the dishes. Dinner is our messiest meal too, so it makes sense for us.

Most nights if I can I use the Swiffer Sweeper and using the dry pad then the wet pad. Which takes less than five minutes to do my house and I live in a three-bedroom.

A cleaning schedule can work for you if you’re struggling right now. Make it easy. Use the supplies I suggested and do what you can.

If motivation is an issue, try listening to an audiobook on your phone and listen to that as you clean. Or listen to your favorite music. This makes cleaning much less boring.

Cleaning can suck. A messy house can make you feel bad. I know. The trick is find a system that works for you. You can download the cleaning plans here. If you have questions ask below.

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