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Timesaving Cleaning Hacks

Timesaving Cleaning Hacks


It is the time of year where people are even busier than usual.  We have holiday shopping, preparation, and plans to contend with on top of whatever it is we usually do.

It is easy to get behind on housework. If you’re looking to find a way to cut down on your cleaning or save time here are some cleaning hacks that will make your life easier. 

It is a pain to clean your bathtub.  Refer to this post on the Pinterest miracle cleaner. Go down to your local store and pick up a scrubbing wand for dishes and fill it with the Pinterest Miracle Cleaner. Here is where the tip gets a little weird.  Keep the wand in the shower and scrub your shower when you’re about to get out of the shower. The hot water and the steam are going to loosen all the dirt and grime in your shower. So it is the best time to do it, and the solution is soap and vinegar, so it’s safe to clean your shower while you’re in your shower. Spray your shower and tub with vinegar daily to help prevent buildup as well. 

Rethink what you’re using to clean. I’ve said this before in another post you need to use a product that is safe on any surface in your house. It cuts down the clutter under your sink, and it speeds things up. You’re not going to have to go back-and-forth with a different cleanser. I recommend a cleaning product that does glass and multiple surfaces. I prefer Pledge multi-surface cleaner or Method Spray Cleaner.  Put your cleaning supplies in small basket or tote with a roll of paper towels or rags. Grab your cleaning products and go.

Add garbage bags to your cleaning tote or leave new ones in the bottom of the can. Bring another bag with you as you clean room to room. Then change out the bags and pick up trash and you will not have to come back again later.

Consider ditching the wet duster for a lambswool duster it is a lot faster. You won't have to spray and wipe. Dusters get the job done very quickly, and I would say alternate every other week between dry and wet dusting because wet dusting does get rid of more dust. Dry dusting is more about knocking it down which means the dust can settle back down after dusting.

I find I clean my kitchen easier and faster with pre-made cleaning wipes. You can make your own.  You can go to the dollar store and get a plastic tub to store them in. Cut a roll of paper towels in half remove the roll and pour your cleaning solution in or an all in one cleaner. I like to use the solution of equal parts vinegar, alcohol, and water and a few drops of essential oils.

Time yourself. Give yourself the most time in the worst room. It's about picking up not perfecting. Put toys or other clutter in baskets and save the sorting for when you have time. Spend less time in the smaller and cleaner rooms. Focus on picking stuff off the floor, making the bed (it does not have to be perfect), and wiping down counters or furniture. Decluttering surfaces fast is vital. 

Skip mopping. If you have a vacuum cleaner, bare floor mode will get that most of the dirt and dust on hard floors. It is faster than mopping, and since you should vacuum and clean floors last, you can go over the hard surfaces as you vacuum. You should clean the floors last because when you wipe surfaces your knocking dirt and dust to the ground. I recommend using a Swiffer sweeper pad before you mop anyways because it is fast, and it does pick up a lot of the door and the dust and the hairs that the vacuum or a broom can miss. It's faster than sweeping and mopping too. If the pad looks reasonably clean, then skip the mop that day.

Rethink what you are using and doing. Is vanity constantly cluttered? Use an all in one face cream like Olay Seven Signs, find a skincare product that does the work of a few. Makeup taking up too much room read this and toss the old makeup? Consider using the crockpot, making one skillet meals, or making casseroles to cut down on dishes. If the kid's toys are always on your living room floor consider getting a toy box or basket they can toss them into instead of leaving them on the floor that way the kids can keep them in the living room or take their toys back to their room and put them away themselves.

It's hard to keep up with everything I know it. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. If you think about not only the task at hand but all your unfinished tasks and how to accomplish them at the same time, you will likely come up with a few timesaving strategies. 

Hopefully, some of these suggestions help. 

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