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Welcome to practicallyperfectmeg.com. My name is Megan. 

I am obsessed with Disneyland and visit weekly. I am also the proud mama of a cast member.

I know the best Disneyland Tips and reviews.  Since I practically live there. 

I run and have completed five marathons and thirty-half marathons.

I’m a Potterhead. I love zombies. I love Doctor Who. Horror is my favorite movie genre.

 I am a bibliophile. Reading is everything.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

I am a neat freak with a messy house. I am also totally obsessed with makeup.

Thank you for visiting.

Pinterest Fail or Sucess? Miracle Bathtub Cleaner.

Pinterest Fail or Sucess? Miracle Bathtub Cleaner.

Pinterest is one of those websites where you can find a lot of useful tips to apply to everyday life. There is a pin for everything. 

Pinterest does come with a lot of fails. Some pins work. Some pins go viral and then you never hear anyone follow up on them. Sometimes you do not know if they even work.

One of the first pins to catch my attention was the miracle bathtub cleaner that people were claiming melts grime in your bathtub. The main component is Dawn Dishsoap.

Many pins have different recipes. Remember Dawn is a concentrated product a little goes a long way. If you add too much, it's harder to rinse. 


At the time it had been living in the same apartment for nearly 11 years. When I moved in it was not the nicest place. I am a neat freak, but that tub needed help. Nothing I tried helped.

I was excited to give it a shot in my bathroom. Surprisingly it works very well. The only drawback is its smell. It can be overwhelming. Some people do use the scented Dawn instead of the regular to help get around the smell. I have heard mixed reviews on its effectiveness.

I have considered adding essential oil. I just have not gotten around to trying that. If you have tried adding essential oils, please let me know in the comment section how that has worked for you. 

Surprisingly I'm kind of annoyed about having to heat the vinegar, but as a bonus, it softens up the food residue in your microwave. When it's done heating I take it out to cool down, so my plastic bottle doesn't melt.  I dip a wet paper towel in the vinegar and wipe out the microwave. Pretty much everything comes off.

It is hard to see but there is popcorn grease on the door it came right off.

It does work well on many types of surfaces. I have a stainless steel sink in my kitchen. It's one of the only things that cleans it well. The only problem is it's soap so once you apply it to an area that you cannot easily rinse it's a pain to clean it up. The sink is fine but the edges and faucet not so much. 

This works better than stainless steel cleaner.

This works better than stainless steel cleaner.

I tried it on my glass stove top, and it didn't help very much. It shined but burn spots did not come off which surprises me considering that it's Dawn and vinegar.

The bathtub always looks amazing. It's removed rust with no scrubbing. Soap scum practically melts off. The longer you let it sit, the better. The only downside is the smell.

It's very cost effective. The nine-ounce bottle is usually ninety-nine cents, and vinegar is very inexpensive. 

I have also used this to remove food stains from the laundry. 

After I moved, I stopped using this. I was happy to try this again because I need to use a bathtub cleaner that is going to do most of the work for me. 

I highly recommend trying this.

Miracle Cleaner Recipe:
9oz of Concentrated Dawn
11/2 Cups Vinegar

Heat the Vinegar in a microwave safe glass or dish for two minutes.
Pour the Dawn into a Spray Bottle. Add the Vinegar and replace the cap. Swirl the ingredients. I am not sure why the Vinegar needs to be heated, but it doesn't work as well in my opinion if you don't. 


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