Pinterest Miracle Bathtub Cleaner

Pinterest is an amazing website and a powerful search engine. A pin exists for everything. Some pins are disappointing while others are incredible. Pinterest pins will go viral and no one follows up on them. Sometimes you won't learn if they are worth your time.

I ran a search for bathtub cleaner the first pin to capture my attention was a miracle bathtub cleaner. People claim this melts the grime in your bathtub. The Miracle Cleaner was Dawn Dish Soap and vinegar. That sounds crazy right using dish soap in the bathtub? This is one of the most well known Pinterest recipes for homemade cleaner though.

Who would refuse cleanser that works hard so you don't have to scrub? After using this cleaner for years now I am passing on what I learned. The miracle cleaner is effective the only drawback is the odor which is very strong. Some people use the scented Dawn instead of the regular to help with that issue. I read mixed reviews on its performance. Many pins for this cleanser list different ratios. Remember Dawn is a concentrated product a little goes far. If you add too much rinsing becomes difficult with the suds.

The Miracle bathtub cleaner requires you to heat the vinegar before adding it to the Dawn. I am unsure why. Heating the vinegar softens up the food residue in your microwave. This has been a cleaning hack for years heating vinegar or water in the microwave before cleaning it. So I like to clean my microwave when I make my bathtub cleaner. When done heating let the vinegar cool a little so your plastic bottle doesn't melt. Once you heat the vinegar clean your microwave out. The vinegar softens up all the stuck on food which wipes away.

Spray. Wait. Wipe. No scrubbing.


Pinterest Miracle Cleaner performs on many types of surfaces. I have a stainless steel sink in my kitchen this cleans that better than store bought cleaner. One problem is the soap once you spray a place you cannot rinse it's a pain to clean it up. The sink is fine, the edges and faucet are not. These spaces are tougher to rinse without creating a mess.

I have applied this when cheese or other foods get stuck to the bottom of the kitchen sink. Dawn and Vinegar are fantastic at dissolving and grease so this makes a great kitchen cleaner. I keep this solution in a wand for getting stuck on food off of the plates.

I tested this on my glass stove top on burned on messes. It with shined but burn spots did not come off which surprises me considering it's Dawn and vinegar. When I add baking soda burnt food will come off.

The bathtub always looks awesome. This removes rust with a little scrubbing. Soap scum melts away the longer you let the cleaner penetrate the better. The only drawback is the smell.

At ninety-nine cents per bottle Dawn is cheap. Vinegar is at most dollar stores this is a cost effective cleaner.

I used this to remove food stains from the laundry. For grease stains this is effective.

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Pinterest Miracle cleaner is easy to make. I tried different ratios of Dawn to Vinegar as the Pinterest Recipe I got used way too much detergent. This works best for me.

Miracle Cleaner Recipe:

9oz of Concentrated Dawn

One and a half cups Vinegar

1.Heat the Vinegar in a microwave-safe measuring cup for two minutes. 

2. Pour the Dawn into a Spray Bottle. 

3. Add the Vinegar and replace the cap then swirl the ingredients. Do not shake.

I am unsure why the Vinegar requires heating, but the cleaner doesn't work if you don't.

The scent is rather overwhelming so I always use the bathroom fan or open a window. I like to keep this solution in a dishwashing wand. I keep it in the bath and scrub my tub when getting out of the shower from time to time. As the steam from the shower helps loosen up the grime making for a quick cleaning when I am short on time.

If your tub is in a bad shape, spray the miracle cleaner allow the cleaner to penetrate the scum for 15-20 minutes. Then add baking soda which acts as a gentle abrasive. The soap scum and grime will come off much easier. My mother tried this when she moved into an apartment with a pre-war bathtub that needed serious help. She tried bleaching first then several cleaners this was the only thing that worked.

I have found the Pinterest Miracle Cleaner is so inexpensive to make. I love that this product is multipurpose.

Rumor is generic Dawn works. What I find amusing is the Vinegar costs more than the detergent.

Cleansers should do the job for you. I wasted money on cleansers meant for soap scum that did not even work I no longer buy bathroom cleaner because of  Pinterest Miracle Cleaner. 

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Pinterest Miracle No Scrub Bathtub Cleaner. Pinterest Miracle Bathtub Cleaner. #cleaning #cleaninghacks #pinterestmiraclecleaner #cleaningtips #bathroom #bathtub