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Welcome to practicallyperfectmeg.com. My name is Megan. 

I am obsessed with Disneyland and visit weekly. I am also the proud mama of a cast member.

I know the best Disneyland Tips and reviews.  Since I practically live there. 

I run and have completed five marathons and thirty-half marathons.

I’m a Potterhead. I love zombies. I love Doctor Who. Horror is my favorite movie genre.

 I am a bibliophile. Reading is everything.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

I am a neat freak with a messy house. I am also totally obsessed with makeup.

Thank you for visiting.

When You Just Can't Or Do Not Want To Clean

When You Just Can't Or Do Not Want To Clean

I made a quick video to demonstrate that clearing/cleaning five items can make a difference even if your space is not that cluttered. I’m sorry the about the video being shaky. 

Quick five is a game I created when my kids were little. Kids love to help, so I thought this would be a good way to get them to clean up after themselves. 

Quick 5 means you pick five things and change them. It is not necessarily about clearing five items. It is about taking five minutes to transform your space, not making it perfect.

Many people with clean and tidy houses are unperfected; you will go into a room, and it needs dusting or vacuuming. Some people will seem to have such a neat home, but you could look closer and find that maybe the counters are a mess. Some people just have a closet where they hide everything.

Home organization and cleaning does not have to take over your life. Concepts like spending 10 to 20 minutes cleaning help some. For others, it is unpractical because some people just do not have that much time, or even the desire to clean. 

The quick five means if my living room needs tidying, I am going to clean it quickly. The couch is messy. I have a cluttered coffee table. The floor needs vacuuming; my kids left their stuff on the floor. A basket of is on the floor. These problems are easy to fix.

I use my Dust buster to clean crumbs off the couch fluff the pillows. The coffee table has storage, where I store clutter inside. The hamper goes to my bed for the laundry to be folded and sorted later. The kid’s stuff I put aside in a basket I can sort that mess later.  I vacuum. It takes about five minutes. I picked five things and changed them, and my room is clean again.

Before Spending about 90 seconds tidying up the sofa.

Before Spending about 90 seconds tidying up the sofa.

While its not perfect it looks so much better and less messy.   

While its not perfect it looks so much better and less messy. 


You do not have to vacuum or scrub dishes every day. Playing games that encourage kids to clean is a real time saver. Kids can dust, vacuum, or gather their things and put them in their room. Make it a contest, and give prizes if you want. The place does not have to look perfect. It is about getting stuff done when it would not otherwise. 

It can be as simple as purging five items from your junk drawer or even tossing five old things from the fridge. Applying the concept of tossing/cleaning, a few items in cluttered places can weed out the clutter painlessly. 

Perhaps this is not enough. Try cleaning for 30 minutes before bed so that it will stay cleaner. Once you get into the routine, things go by much faster. It used to take me 15 minutes to clean the bathroom. Currently, I am at three. 

Cleaning wipes are great for speed cleaning. Finding something to use on all or most surfaces helps a lot, as you can grab one cleaning product and go. 

Find a cleaning product that not only works but smells good. When I started using Method products cleaning was not as bad because I liked the smell. I like the multi-purpose pledge for most tasks, but not for the kitchen. I prefer the Method sprays. The Meyers Vinegar gel is excellent for glass stove tops, kitchen sinks, and bathrooms. Electrostatic cloths are good for dusting, as well as on the floor. Mr. Clean is good for anything.

Here are some cleaning tips:

Don't leave vitamins or medications out, so you do not forget to take them. Set the alarm on your phone. Exercise clothes and shoes as well. Yes, it reminds you, but it is still laying around. 

Use your phone to cut clutter. Don't save magazines, check their website and bookmark it, or save it to Pinterest. There are apps or functions already on your phone. Use those for shopping lists, reminders, and to save recipes, etc.

Make sure shoes come off when you come in, and if you do not have a closet by the door, set them in a decorative bin. 

Consider getting an ottoman, instead of a coffee table, that has hidden storage. Stash your magazines, remote control, or whatever else you need to in there. 

Toss your junk mail right away and sign up for online billing.
Place misplaced or unused items in a box. Wait a week, and if no one uses it, then give it away.

Do not allow anything in to stay in the sink. Make it a priority to rinse and put it in the dishwasher. 

Keep cleaning rags, paper towels, and bathroom cleaner under the sink. Wipe down quickly after getting ready in the morning or before bed. 

Keep a spray bottle of vinegar in the bathroom, and spray the shower quickly after bathing. It helps prevent buildup.

Put the hamper next to the shower. 

Remember the less you have, the cleaner it can look. Consider looking into minimalism. Less is more for some. 

It is okay to feel like you can never get it together. We have all been there at least once. Houses get messy. Having a tidy home will help you feel in control and less stressed. 

I suggest hiring someone to clean your house once if it is too hard. They do not usually organize, but they will get the most important work done. When calling a cleaning company is honest. Some cleaning companies can also help with clutter, or even send out a second maid, and you can get extra things done like having the laundry folded. Then you can focus on decluttering. 

Cleaning does not have to suck. You do not have to finish a room. Over the course of time, it will come together, and you will find it is easier to clean. 





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