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 Things We Should Be Cleaning But Don't.

Things We Should Be Cleaning But Don't.

The holidays are quickly approaching. I don’t know about you, but when holidays near, I get stressed out because I host Thanksgiving and I spend four days before Thanksgiving on my feet from the moment I wake up to the minute I go to bed at night cleaning and cooking. 

Last year before the holidays I realized I could’ve been cleaning these whole time. If I had been, I wouldn’t have to spend an entire day before Thanksgiving cleaning these. I realized after making sure these things were done daily or weekly that not only were they not that hard but they didn’t take as much time anymore because I got used to doing it, and it became a breeze.

These are things in your home you are likely not cleaning daily or weekly. If you are, I give you a virtual high five.


The first thing you’re not doing that you need to be doing once a week is using a telescopic duster. You can purchase one online from Amazon and get the longest one you can find. Weekly you should be dusting your baseboards. The ceilings clear any cobwebs, run it along the wall especially if you have crown molding.  Dust the tops of your valances or your blinds. Dust the ceiling fans. The high shelves and furniture you can’t reach. Dust any light fixtures and your vents. Dust your framed pictures. It used to take me half an hour now it takes me 5 minutes to do the whole house.

Now because I have this duster no dust accumulates and I don’t have to take Flonase anymore.  Just by dusting the hard to reach places once a week eliminates the need to get on a ladder or chair and try to do it with Windex and pledge a few times a year. 

Every day that you should be cleaning your cabinets and drawers in your kitchen and bathroom. You should be spraying the fronts of the cabinets and the drawers anywhere where you touch them, or things could splatter on them. Wiping them with Windex or kitchen cleaner takes me about 90 seconds to do the whole kitchen. Once a week I clean the entire door or drawer front and edges. 

Since I started doing this, I no longer have to get a bucket and sponge and scrub my cabinets a few times a year because they’re clean all the time now.  Last week my husband made a mess cooking, and he didn’t notice it. Because it was part of my daily clean up, I did not have to deal with trying to scrape off dried up cheese sauce weeks from now. 

Do not ignore your fridge and freezer and pantry.  I’m not saying you have to get in there and take everything out and wipe the shelves. What I’m saying is once a week use a wet paper towel wipe up any spills and crumbs because we don’t want to use anything harsher than water or vinegar in our fridge. 

Toss the expired foods and dump leftovers that are no good. Check the pantry and make sure you toss anything that expired or is empty. Kids love to put back cereal boxes with three cheerios left. Trust me this makes grocery shopping a lot easier, and when you’re preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas, this can help save your sanity when you come home with $300 worth of groceries. 

IMG_9564 2.JPG

Your sofa and upholstered furniture should be vacuumed once a week with the upholstery attachment. Get the arms, the cushions, and pillows. Vacuuming will help remove dirt. Fluff and rotate the cushions for even wear. Even leather sofas need weekly TLC from a soft cloth. Doing this will keep your couch looking cleaner and fluffier. 

Clean your floors last since you are knocking dust around while cleaning. I know it is hard to vacuum every day but just getting up the messes is not enough. Use of the crevice tools first and clean the corners and edges of the walls and get under the furniture if you can. Take your time and go in more than one direction. Vacuuming every day makes a huge difference in how your carpet looks. I know it is hard to do it every day trust me. If you have the time to vacuum daily then do it. At least aim for doing the whole house at least weekly and the high traffic area every day if you can. 

The foaming carpet sprays sold at stores can be a real game changer. They are meant to be sprayed on a freshly vacuumed floor and worked into the carpet with a damp mop. Once it dries vacuum again, your carpet will look so much cleaner, and it takes less time than steam cleaning. Foaming cleaner is also great for area rugs. 

If you have a child has asthma or allergies, or you suffer from asthma or allergies yourself these things can be a big difference in your quality of life. I had allergies and used to have several moderate to severe allergy attacks every week since I’ve incorporated these things into my cleaning routine I rarely have an allergy attack at home.

Besides the health benefits it makes preparing for guest or holidays so much helps stressful. These are things most of us do at least once or twice a year and takes us all day because we never do it and that specific thing is filthy. 

These tasks may not be realistic for all to do weekly or daily but need a cleaning more than we think. These things should not just be part of Spring cleaning or prepare for a special occasion or visit. They should be done to keep our homes healthy and to keep the things we have in excellent condition. 

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