Book Review: How To Walk Away By Katherine Center

Preface let me say this. If you will only read one book, this summer read this one!

If you are not familiar with my taste in books, I do not read bestsellers. My tastes gravitate towards mystery books. I came across an opportunity to apply for an advanced reader copy of How To Walk Away. When I read the synopsis for How to Walk Away what surprised me is, I wanted to read it.

I cannot review the book without giving away some plot elements. I tried to stay as spoiler free as possible.

How to Walk Away is a first-person point of view novel. The protagonist is Margaret Jacobson. She is a twenty something woman who just graduated from Business School. Margaret goes from having the best day of her life to the worst day of her life in an instant.

This book follows Margaret as she suffers a series of devastating losses. Margaret's fiancee is Chip and correct me if I am wrong but Chip is a jerk. The plot is predictable and I am okay with that. I predicted the plot outcome of many characters. You could sense where things would go upon each characters introduction. Tropes also make the plot easier to figure out. Despite this, the book is fantastic.

So much so I cried several times while reading How to Walk Away. Margaret finds that her life has changed overnight. There is little she can do about it in her current state. Margarets has lost everything she worked hard to gain. The unwanted arrival of her estranged sister Kit adds to her plight. Her overbearing mother was already enough for Margaret. Amid her personal crisis Margaret learns a devastating family secret.

The Jacobson family drama is often front and center. More so than Margarets own crisis which Margaret finds this be a blessing as she needs a distraction.

A few characters are unlikable throughout the book. These people cause Margaret more pain. The character who is a central part of this sub plots behavior causes Margaret to give up hope.

Margaret must work with Ian whose indifference to her is a hinderance. I cannot tell you much more about Ian without giving away the novel. Some would classify Ian as the dynamic character. It may seem he is the antagonist to some. Now remember a character can have more than one role.

I felt that Ian and Margarets relationship at a certain point things went forward a little fast please note Im not saying romance or friendship here. A relationship can be anything. I would have enjoyed more development. Considering the dynamics changed so fast I was a little taken aback.

The gist is Margaret must adapt to her new reality. We follow her on her journey to rebuild her life. Yet, Margarets motivation to change is a red flag and you know she is setting herself up for failure. This setback causes her to make a rather alarming choice.

Margaret pulls herself together and finds a purpose. With a goal and focus Margaret is present in her life again. Then can she seek the one thing she is missing and we see conflict resolution.

This book is about things we win and lose or in this books case in reverse order. It is possible for anyone to sympathize with the protagonist Margaret. Though you may not have experienced what she did, we all have lost something dear to us.

This book is a tear jerker because one character is cruel. This person says terrible hurtful things. I cried because of that. Despite the tears the novel is hard to put down.

I found myself immersed in it and could lose an hour or two. This book is what we need to read sometimes. How to Walk Away is easy to read and engaging. This novel is the right balance of drama and characters you can relate to.

I rated this book five stars on Goodreads because I could not put it down. This book provided me with a well needed distraction from reality.

I received advanced reader copy of How to Walk Away by Katherine Center. I would like to thank She Knows Media and St Martins Press for sending me the book.

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How to Walk Away was the best book I have read in a long time. If you need a good cry or just want to immerse yourself in a book How To Walk Away is a great choice. #HowToWalkAway #KatherineCenter #Book #HowToWalkAwayBook #BookReview